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Perfect Hairstyles For The Summer

Ponytails That Look Great

Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can never go wrong with a pony tail in summer. Even celebs are creating new trends by adding sleek ponytails to their fashion statements. You can choose between the different types of ponytails to suit your style.
summer hairstyles
The low ponytail can make you look flirty and girly and it also leaves a lot of room for experimentation. If you are going out for a casual day out it can look great if you tie a loose side ponytail to make you look flirty and feminine. You can curl your hair lightly to make your look all the more interesting and textured. The high ponytail is not only good for the gym but is also looks great otherwise as well. In the summer when you don’t want your hair to play around your neck the perfect way to keep it away is by tying it into a smart ponytail. If you have curly hair the high pony will help accentuate your gorgeous curls. You can deliberately keep a few strands loose just to give yourself a careless look that looks feminine as well. Ponytails can look right for an evening party as well. Simply blow dry your hair and tie it into a back brushed ponytail. Apply a little amount of serum to add the necessary shine and you will have a sleek look perfect for the evening.

The Bob Is Back.

Summer is synonymous with bob cuts and short length hair that looks fun and girly. A god bob cut can take years away from you. So when should you have a bob cut? If you have a slim face with soft contours then a bob cut will suit your face.
summer hairstyles

However if you are on the heavier side the short bob will not suit you rather you should go for something that has volume and will take the attention away from a heavy chin. The hottest bob is where you play with varied lengths. It adds texture to your hair and the short length is perfect for the summer. You can go for the very trendy bob style with longer cut in the front and shorter cut at the back. This hairstyle is fun and trendy and gives your face a very modern appeal. You can add wisps or long bangs to it to add softness to your face. Bangs go very well with the bob cut and makes you look glamorous. The bob is a symbol for independent and upright women. It speaks a lot about your personality and the hint of rebelliousness in you. Soft and less edgy bobs are great for woman in their middle ages as it helps take ages off your face.

The Layered Hairstyle.

Just like there are evergreen fashion statements, you can also never go wrong with a layered hairstyle if you have texture and volume in your hair. Who can forget the gorgeous layered hairstyles that Jennifer Aniston sported in FRIENDS. They have been a rage ever since.
summer hairstyles

If you have a heart shaped face a layered hairstyle frames your face well. So check the shape of your face before zeroing in on the kind of layers you want. Even in summer the medium to long layers look great. You can style it easily and leave it open when you are out partying. You just have to maintain the volume of your hair so that it does not fall flat. Use a diffuser to give volume and texture to your hair and spritz on some shine serum and you will rock the look. Along with Aniston, even Sarah Jessica parker also prefers long layered hairstyles as they make one look feminine and girly.

Fringes For All Ages.

The fringes always had a little girl image associated with it. But as all trends go and come back the fringe fashion is back with a bang. And this time it comes with new vigor. The fringes are now not meant for school girls and teenagers alone. You can sport the fringe at any age. The fringe is great at camouflaging a broad forehead and gives you a young and fresh look.

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However fringes look good on straight hair then on curly hair.  If you want to add some character to your hair then you can curl the rest of your hair loosely and just keep the fringes dead straight. It is the perfect hairdo for a hot summer’s day with friends. Go wild on figuring out what fringe suits you. You can choose long fringes that go down almost up to your eyes or short and cute fringes that you team with a smart and rounded bob cut. It helps give you a sweet and girly appeal. If straight and over the forehead fringes are not your style then you can opt for side swept bangs that are a favorite with most celebs. Bangs are super hot and ideal for women who are strict followers of fashion. Bangs look great on all face types and often help hide a heavy face.

Crops Fit For The Summer

Crops have always been a hit with the summer season. But do not go for the very boring and very masculine crop cut hair. If you have a heavy face then you must not get a short crop done. A crop suits very chiseled faces and woman with a strong bone structure.
summer hairstyles

Textured crops are hot this season so talk to your hair stylist about it. Get short layers on curly and wavy hair as it does not make you look too edgy rather the texture lends a softness to your face.

This is a great hairstyle for a long or oval face or for women with a larger chin .There’s a reason this hairstyle works on most women, it’s neat and clean and stylish as well as sexy.

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