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Amazing Style With Animal Print Dresses
You may have often seen some of your favorite celebrities dressed in animal prints and looking gorgeous as well. But sometimes when you try wearing an animal print dress yourself it often raises a doubt in your mind as to whether you will be able to carry off the look. It can be a tricky affair wearing an animal print dress and carrying it off with equal élan.
Always remember that animal prints are a huge fashion trend and they will forever rule the fashion roosts. You just have to know how to dress right in animal prints and accessorize it well so that you look glamorous and trendy in this season’s best animal print dresses.

Know Which Animal Print Is In Style

Animal prints vary in their shape and style. The cheetah print or the leopard print has mostly been a favorite with celebrities and they have flaunted it in their dresses or bags and shoes and even accessories. Every season comes with a new trend in animal prints but the focus always remains on the leopard and the cheetah prints.

They are bold, big and look great when accessorized well. The zebra print is also a good option to go with if you do not feel too comfortable with the daring leopard prints. The zebra print can be easily sobered down to suit your style and personality and make you look great as well.

You must know which event is the right one for you to wear an animal print dress to. The animal print dress is definitely not meant for an office party or a formal party with your clients and business associates.
It is more suited for rather glamorous occasions where the focus is on fashion and style. However even for a formal party you can alternately opt for a great pair of shoes with animal prints or opt for an elegant animal printed clutch bag to go with your formal dress.

The animal print dress is an ideal option for an evening cocktail party and if you wear the dress the right way you will be able to make a great fashion statement. If you are confident about carrying off animal prints then you can opt for a gorgeous halter neck full length dress that will accentuate your figure and your love for this pattern as well.

You can be even more daring by wearing a side slit dress to make yourself look gorgeous in your dress. If you want to look young and trendy then you can opt for a more fun cut to suit your style. Go short on the length and purchase a knee length dress in a leopard or cheetah print.
Dress In Style With Animal Print Dresses

Keep the basics simple. A nice and straight neckline along with strappy shoulders will look great with this style of the dress. If you have a gorgeous figure and well sculpted legs than nothing can help you flaunt them better than a great animal print dress.

If you want a pretty dress to wear at a prom or for a great evening party at a friend’s place then you can opt for a zebra print dress. It does not have to be too bold but it can be subtle as well. Choose a nice flowy material so that you look feminine in your animal print dress.

Go for a maxi style dress in a light chiffon material and the white and black stripes will blend in wonderfully well. If you do not want a complete animal print dress then go for something that blends the soft and the bold together.

A partial use of animal patterns in a soft color like pink and mauve is an ideal option for people who want to keep it safe yet trendy. Thus it is important that you know what the occasion is and how your personality is before you zero in on any dress with animal prints.

Tips To Carry Off Animal Prints Well

It is a fact that it takes a little more than your regular confidence to carry off a dress with animal prints. What should you remember before you slip into one? How to accessorize and when to know that you are going over board? Find out all the rules before you own an expensive animal prints dress.

Keep It Easy On The Accessories

An animal print dress is a huge statement of its own. The pattern and the style of animal print dresses are such that it can easily over power any accessory no matter how gorgeous it is. The rule is that you should never go for a top to bottom matching spree with your animal print dress. It is the biggest fashion faux that you can commit. So keep it simple.
Dress In Style With Animal Print Dresses

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If you are wearing a leopard or a cheetah print then wear an elegant pair of black heels to compliment the loud color tone of the dress. If it a long dress then you can add a black belt around your waist to break the monotony of the outfit. A simple clutch in a monotone is the ideal accessory for a gorgeous animal prints dress. You can also opt for earthy and pastel monotones in your accessories to keep the look from going too wild.

Be Confident With The Way You Carry Yourself

You cannot carry a great animal print dress successfully if you are uncomfortable in it. You must remember that you have to appear confident and smart in an animal print dress. This pattern is for women who are not scared to do their thing their way.
So you have to have that fearless attitude about you. Be confident and move with grace and elegance. Do not fidget with your dress when you are a party. However if you still do not feel comfortable in a full animal print dress then you can simple opt for animal printed accessories to go with a well cut dress.

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