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How To Dressing Right For Your Body Type

For the petite, elfin look:

This body type comes in a small, compact package and makes the owner look dainty and waif like. For this body type, you should choose clothes which will give you height and also at the same time, enhance the elfin look in you. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans go best for this type of figure which could be teamed with high-necked blouses and tops.
dress for body type

You should choose soft materials like chintz and silk instead of stiff and hard materials. A Chinese-collared blouse with dainty floral prints will make you look tall and cute at the same time.


Avoid too long blouses and materials in dark color or big prints. Platform heels and pants are definitely not your thing. You should also stay away from cowl necked blouses.

For the curvy well-endowed look:

Your body-type is blessed with a hour-glass figure with well-endowed curves. This body type luckily does not need much effort and most of the outfits look well in them. You should choose well-fitting tailored shirts which are not too loose or tight, blouses with small, medium prints in cowl, scoop or V-necks.
dress for body type

You can wear slim or A-line skirts and team them with high heels and a satin top. You should wear something which enhances your curve s without giving the too-exposed look.


Stay away from over-sized prints and round or t-shirt necklines. Avoid any material or cuts which will make your front look bulky like turtle-necks. Accessorize your look with trendy, long neck-pieces.

For the structured, boyish look:

This body-type is usually the straight, structured type with very minimal or non-existent curves. Your body type should be made to look a little girlish for which you will need to adorn frills, laces and ruffles. You don’t have to be dressed in an overtly girly manner, but should team up your jeans and skirts with some curvaceous, nicely cut design which will add glamour and curves to your shape.
dress for body type

You can wear tops and blouses with boat necks and sweetheart necklines. A long floral skirt and a blouse with cap or puff sleeves will go well for this body type. You should also concentrate on wearing more bright colors like pink, red and purple instead of going for the dull greys and pastels.


Avoid collared t-shirts and dull colors which will make you look even more boyish. Turtle-necks and boat-shaped neckline goes really well with this type o figure. Accessorize with a nice clutch and dainty pieces on the neck and ears to finish the look.

For the pear shaped look:

This body type is accentuated with a heavy bottom and a proportionate upper body. Your body type needs clothes which will minimize the heavy-bottomed look and give you a well-structured appearance. You should bring attention to your upper body so wear blouses with deep necklines.
dress for body type

You can also go for blouses with detailed work on the neckline with fabrics like crepe and satin. You should wear long blouses to cover your waist and partial hips and draw attention away from your bottom. You can wear blouses or tunics with flared bottoms and team them up with jeans. The off-shoulder look also goes well with your body-type and can help to accentuate your upper body.


You should not wear short tops and T-shirts and also stay away from blouses with details on the waistline. Avoid wearing a wide belt as this will draw more attention towards your bottom.

For the big busted:

This is quite similar to the curvaceous body type but instead of an hour-glass figure, this is more of a top-heavy look with a less-endowed bottom. You should wear tops which will flatter your heavy bust, without making you look too bulky.

Blouses with deep v-necks, a mock-wrap neck teamed with medium flared trousers or A-line skirt works well. You can wear fabrics like satin, silk and crepe and also use long neckpieces to give you a less-heavy look. Well-tailored and empire line blouses go well with this look.


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You should try blouses with details on the waist and avoid necklines like the keyhole, boat-neck and high-necks. You should avoid wearing any kind of high-necked blouses like the turtle-necks. However, the cowl shaped necks work well for the big busted.
If you have a good figure but bulky legs, you should avoid wearing shorts and mini-skirts. Tall-legs can be accentuated with penciled jeans and short skirts. A flat chested girl should try a falling style of top where the neck of the blouse falls in layers to give a more heavy-chested look. Someone with bulky arms should never wear an off-shoulder or one-shoulder top.

Dressing right comes with a lot of experience and trial-and-errors. You should give yourself time to decide what looks good and you and then stick with the pattern in different styles and fabrics.

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