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How to Stop Snoring & Drooling

Stop Snoring & Drooling Snoring and drooling are unintentional, bothersome and in some cases embarrassing. There are physiological reasons for snoring and drooling, as well as solutions. Snoring may be caused by excessive tissue in your nose or throat, or the position of your tongue. Drooling may be caused by an excessive flow from the salivary glands or poor muscle tone. Conservative treatments may help or cure these problems. If all else fails, surgery is an option.


Things You'll Need:

  • Blocks to elevate your bed
  • Tennis ball
  • Continuous positive airway pressure mask and equipment
  • Dental appliance
  • Medication to inhibit the parasympathetic system   

    How to Stop Snoring

  1. Step 1
    Place blocks under the head of your bed to raise your head higher. Sleeping on your side may help. If you consistently roll onto your back, sew a tennis ball into the back of a T-shirt to keep you from doing so.

  2. Step 2
    Limit your consumption of alcohol and clear your nasal passages before going to sleep. Keeping your nasal airway open may prevent you from opening your mouth to breath while you sleep.

  3. Step 3
    Use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask if you have sleep apnea. Snoring is common with sleep apnea and wearing the mask will ensure that you are getting enough oxygen, eliminating the need for you to breath through your mouth.

  4. Step 4
    Use a dental device, similar to a mouth guard, that adjusts your jaw and tongue to keep your airway open.

    How to Stop Drooling

  5. Step 1
    Take a medication that your doctor can prescribe that inhibits the parasympathetic system that is part of the autonomic system that controls saliva production. Three medications that may help are glycopyrrolate, trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride and benztropine mesylate.

  6. Step 2
    Have an injection of botulinum toxin A into the parotid gland. The injection is given under anesthesia and lasts as long as eight months.

  7. Step 3
    Try biofeedback and hypnotherapy if you don't want to take medications or are looking for a less-invasion solution. Speech therapy may help children who drool.
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Vegetarian Recipe - Moroccan chickpea soup


Vegetarian Recipe


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 medium onion , chopped
  • 2 celery sticks, chopped
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 600ml hot vegetable stock
  • 400g can chopped plum tomatoes with garlic
  • 400g can chickpeas , rinsed and drained
  • 100g frozen broad beans
  • zest and juice ½ lemon
  • large handful coriander or parsley and flatbread, to serve
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Tuna steaks with chunky avocado salsa


  • 2 tuna steaks , oiled and seasoned
  • 2 tomatoes , chopped
  • 1 avocado , chopped
  • 1/2 red onion , finely chopped
  • 1 chilli , deseeded and finely chopped
  • 1 lime , 1/2 juiced, 1/2 wedges
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 handfuls rocket 

Choose a Tuna :
As tuna are oily, they go off quickly, so need to be very fresh. When buying tuna steaks, look for those that have been trimmed neatly, with firm, dense red or dark red flesh and a meaty aroma.
Avoid those with strong discolouration around the bone, or which have a dull, brownish cast. Thicker-cut steaks will stay juicier during the cooking process.
Among the best types of tuna are bluefin (which is particularly highly prized and also endangered, so think carefully before you buy), yellowfin, and albacore. Bonito, which falls into a category somewhere between tuna and mackerel, but which is generally classed as a tuna, is also highly sought-after.
Tuna is also available tinned. Albacore is one of the best types sold this way. Skipjack (which, like bonito, is a somewhere between tuna and mackerel, but classed as a tuna) is the most commonly tinned variety. Tinned tuna is available packed in water, brine, vegetable oil or olive oil (with the last being the best).
While it's important to make sure that your tinned tuna is marked as 'dolphin friendly' (which means that it was caught by line rather than by net, in which dolphins and other marine life can become tangled up) or even 'bird friendly' (unless tuna fishing lines are tagged with coloured 'scare tapes', birds fail to spot them and can become trapped), it's equally as important to see whether the tuna is bluefin, yellowfin, albacore or skipjack. 

Prepare Tuna :
Tuna steaks should not be washed before cooking - just pat them dry with some kitchen paper. Tinned tuna should be drained before use.

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How to Choose a Wedding Dress


Things You'll Need:

  • Wedding Gowns 
• Step 1
Cut out pictures from bridal and fashion magazines, shop online and look at old family photos to zero in on your preferred style.
• Step 2
Ask friends and family for references on dressmakers and designers if you are having the dress made
• Step 3
Bring a friend whose opinion you trust to shop with you at bridal stores. Include your mother if appropriate.
• Step 4
Bring shoes with the same size heel you expect to wear at the wedding.
• Step 5
Look through gowns on the rack and attend trunk shows. You could save a lot of money.
• Step 6
Try on a variety of dresses.
• Step 7
Discuss alteration charges with the salon, once you choose your dress.
• Step 8
Allow six months for dressmaking, if the dress is being made for you.
• Step 9
Be ready to pay about 50 percent of the cost of the dress as a deposit.
• Step 10
Take home a fabric swatch to match with your shoes, veil and accessories

Tips & Warnings
  • Avoid taking too many friends shopping with you. They might never agree on the same dress, and you might end up confused and frustrated.
  • Expect to pay $1,500 to $5,000-plus for a dress from a designer.
  • Alterations on a store-bought dress usually run about $200.
  • If the dress is being made, give the salon a wedding date that is two weeks before the actual wedding. This trick will ensure that the dress will be ready in plenty of time.
  • When asked to make a deposit on a dress, inquire about deposit refunds. Most deposits are not refundable.
  • Avoid being talked into buying a dress that costs more than you can afford.
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Cara Memikat Cowok or Cewek


1.Dekati Sebagai Teman Biasa
Yakin dech,dia gak akan langsung pasang wajah "serem’ bila kamu pasang target dia sebagai teman.Anggap dia teman biasa seperti yang lainnya.Iya,jangan menganggap dia lebih istimewa dari yang lain.


2.Masuk Lewat Hobinya
Sudah jadi teman biasa,tapi nggak juga punya bahan pembicaraan yang asyik?Cari tau hobi dan kesukaannya.Misalnya,dia gila membaca apa saja.Coba kamu bawa buku yang kataknya lagi dia suka.Pasti dia akan tertarik dan…dia pasti yang cerewet,tanya ini,tanya itu.


3.Jangan Perlihatkan Perasaanmu
Hmmm….meskipun kamu lagi suka banget sama dia,jangan sekali-kali kamu perlihatkan,kalau kamu suka.Tunjukan bahwa ada teman yang lain lebih penting dari dia(bukan pacar loh).Meki kamu deg-degan deket dia,jangan gugup yah.


4.Biarkan Dia Aman
Maksudnya begini,biarkan dia berpikir bahwakamu berteman,benar-benar murni berteman.Nggak ada maksud lain.Untuk sementara,hatinya ngerasa aman,karena "rasa" dia gak terganggu.


5.Kenal Lebih Dekat
Kamu bisa cari tahu,kenapa dia bersikap angkuh dan nggak butuh "seseorang" yang istimewa di hatinya.Caranya,kamubisa cerita terbuka tentang masa lalu dunia percintaanmu.Kamu bisa bisa juga ceritakan,isu yang berkembang di luar tentang dirinya.Pasti dia akan kaget dan mengemukakan alasannya mengapa bersikap seperti itu.


6.Kenalkan Seseorang
Kenalkan dia pada seseorang yang lebih segalanya dari dia.kalau kamu cewek,teman cowok dan sebaliknya.Kamu bilang saja teman.Perlihatkan kalau temanmu ini kayaknya suka sama kamu dan kamu gak menanggapinya.Pasti dia akan penasaran dan mulai membuka persoalan tentang "hati"


7.Teman Yang Bisa Diandalkan
Tunjukan padanya,kalau kamu adalah teman yang bisa diandalkan dan ringan tangan.Pasti dia gak ragu minta pertolonganmu.Buntutnya dia akan dekat sama kamu.Biasakan,kamu selalu ada.Hmm….sekali kamu gak ada,dia mulai kehilangan dech.


8.SMS Mesra
Meski terbiasa kirim-kiriman SMS,coba sesekali kamu selingi dengan SMS mesra.Lihat reaksi dan jawabannya.Kalau gak ada balasan alaias dicuekin,kayaknya mesti kamu persiapkan hati.Tapi kalau berbalas ok,jangan sampai geer.Tenang saja dulu.Jangan buru-buru.Siapa tahu dia hanya bingung dan nggak ingin kamu kecewa.


9.Nggak Perlu Nembak
Nah,kalau kamu sudah mendapat ‘angin’ dari dia,kamu bisa juga nyrempet pembicaraan soal hati.Kamu bilang saja ngerasa cocok bila bareng sama dia.kamu juga merasa nyaman bila ada dia.Nggak perlu nembak,Tinggal lihat reaksi dia.


10.Ya, tidak atau,,,,,,,
Hasil akhir dari setiap "penakhlukan"bisa positif bisa negatif.Selama proses penakhlukan sebenernya juga bisa dilihat sih.Nah,bila ada respon dan dia marasakan hal sama seperti yang kamu rasakan,tahu donk selnjutnya,,,,Nah,kalaupun hasilnya negatif alias dia gak punya rasa yang sama,janagn down juga.Tetaplah jadi teman atau bahkan sahabatnya.Sssst jangan salah,Tuhan sangat mudah membolak balikan hati manuasia.

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How to Quit Facebook

Maybe your affinity for Facebook began with a simple desire to keep in touch with your friends, or make new ones online. Or perhaps you were just bored. But now Facebook is the thorn in your side, and possibly a bone fade addiction. If you're finding it difficult to spend an hour of your waking life without checking or thinking about Facebook, you may be looking for a way out. This is it.


  1. Admit you might have an addiction to Facebook. and keep track of what you actually do on Facebook. After every Facebook session, ask yourself: "What did I just accomplish by checking Facebook?" Odds are, you're probably just logging in to see if you've been poked, or for updates of when your friends change their profile image, write a new note, add a new song to their favorite music, and do other little things that you can really live without knowing. But those might be the little things that keep you on a very short leash. At first you're confirming a new friend, and next thing you know, you've spent an hour looking at all the new people you're connected to. Recording your Facebook activities can help you realize how much time you actually spend getting nothing constructive done.

  2. Define your goals on Facebook. Make a list of what you really want from it. Why did you originally sign up? So you could remember friends' birthdays? Find and keep old friends? Meet people with similar interests? Whatever your goals may be on Facebook, you need to make sure that you devote your time there to accomplishing those goals, instead of going off track with activities that get you nowhere. If you have no goals (i.e. if you signed up just because you had nothing better to do), skip the next step.

  3. Make and follow a Facebook schedule. After each Facebook goal, write down how much time and at what frequency you'll need to be on Facebook to achieve that goal. Then write down the total number of hours, per week, that you should be spending on Facebook. If it seems like too much time, adjust your activity times accordingly. Following this schedule might bring your Facebook addiction under control without requiring you to quit altogether. Some examples:

    • Stay in touch with college friends - Check every other day, spend no more than 15 minutes responding to messages only from college friends. (1 hour per week)
    • Maintain my group - Check every morning and evening for 10 minutes each, only to remove any spam or junk. Note to self: do not respond to posts, comments or messages during this time. (2 hours, 20 minutes per week)
    • Keep my group interesting - Spend 30 minutes every other day reading all of the comments and responding. (2 hours per week)
    • Finding new friends - Browse profiles for 30 minutes, twice a week. (1 hour per week)
    • Total maximum time I plan to spend on Facebook: 6 hours, 20 minutes.

  4. Think of other things you could be doing with your time spent on Facebook. If you find yourself spending, say, 10 hours a week on Facebook, make a list of all the other things you could accomplish in that time. You could:

    • pick up a part time job and invest that money in stocks
    • teach a child how to throw a football
    • get fit
    • get a girlfriend
    • build a gas scooter or an adobe wall
    • clean your room
    • calculate the center of gravity
    • volunteer
    • Read a book
    • teach yourself a new language
    • make a papasan chair cushion

  5. Block the time you spend on Facebook using parental controls. Use such controls as EzInternetTimer or TimeUpKidz.

  6. Goodbye, Facebook account
    Leave Facebook. If you've created a schedule and couldn't stick to it, or if you've decided that any time spent on Facebook is wasted, then you may need to quit cold turkey. This is a last resort, and is easier said than done. There are two options here. You can deactivate your account or delete your account:

    • Deactivate your facebook Account - this lets you take a breather without losing the information; or
    • Permanently delete your Facebook account - this is the real end, everything will go!
    • If you've started any groups, transfer admin rights to someone you trust.
    • Clear every last bit of information from your profile. Don't forget to remove your photo!
    • Send an email to your Facebook contacts explaining your decision to leave. Include your current contact information so they can get in touch with you without Facebook.

  7. Find alternatives to using Facebook. If you've gotten into the habit of using Facebook messages instead of email, update your email address book so you can get in touch with your friends next week and continue your correspondence outside of Facebook.

  8. Turn your profile into a pile of useless data! This is another way to "delete" a Facebook account, and you might have fun doing it. When you wake up the next day, your profile is gone. For good. Amen.

    • Delete all your "friends" - unless you want to show the World you're quitting for good.
    • Change the profile’s name - you can do that. Be sure to choose something really lousy.
    • Fill it up with offensive content - texts, dubious pics and all.
    • State clearly that Facebook employees are just a bunch of - beep - beep - beep - fill in the beeps with the most politically incorrect insults.
    • Invite lots of randomly picked people to become your “friends”.

  9. Find a Facebook substitute. A lot of people get addicted to Facebook because they check it when there's nothing else to do, like in between classes, or during a lunch break; then the curiosity spills over into time that should be spent doing other things, like studying or working. You need to find something to do during those little windows of time in order to prevent relapse. There are several ways to give yourself a "Facebook patch":

    • Stay away from the computer as much as you can. For many of us, getting in front of a monitor is a default activity. Try to find other things to do that'll keep you away from the computer and therefore, Facebook. Keep a notebook. Meditate. Finger weave. Learn to do impressive tricks with a tech deck. Call your friends on the phone or do something fun with them in person. Anything that you can do anywhere and for short periods of time is good.
    • If you're at a computer during critical relapse times, find another website to log onto and read instead of Facebook. Yes, you may get addicted to that instead, so try to find something that's actually a constructive pursuit, like checking news websites, learning a new word each day, sharpening your mental skills by solving a sudoku, practicing that foreign language you decided to learn, or contributing to the How-to Manual Anyone Can Edit.
    10. Buy a new "Game" like Iphone, Wi-i, PS 2, Black Berry, Ipad, Itouch or you can buy new electronic product

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    Virginity and First-Time Sex: Ready or Not?


    Virginity and First-Time Sex: Ready or Not?

    Sometimes it seems like "everyone" your age is having sex. Forget It! What other people do doesn't matter. Only you can answer the question: Is this the right time for me?

    Asking questions of yourself and your partner, talking to people with experience, getting prepared and understanding what the first time might be like can help you decide whether you are ready for sex. What won't help you is making the choice while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or pressure from a partner or peers.
    • Question Yourself
    • Talk With Your Partner
    • Talk to Others

    Question Yourself

    What are your own attitudes toward sex, and what do you really know? Getting to the heart of that answer can be harder than it seems. Figure out how you feel first, even before you talk to your partner. As a guide, run through the following questions and write down your responses.
    • What do you know about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
    • What do you know about pregnancy?
    • Do you know how to lower the chance of pregnancy and STIs?
    • Can you and your partner talk openly about sex, and prevention of pregnancy, STIs and HIV?
    • How does having sex fit in with your personal values?
    • How does sex fit in with the values of your culture, family and religion?
    • Do you trust and respect your partner?
    • Does your partner trust and respect you?
    • Do you or your partner feel pressured about sex?
    • What will you and your partner do if sex results in pregnancy and/or disease?
    If you don't know much about pregnancy and STIs, and don't know how to prevent them, you aren't ready.

    If you can't talk with your partner about pregnancy, birth control and/or STI protection, trust, respect, your likes and your dislikes, you aren't ready. If you and your partner are not sure about how you like to be touched and your likes and dislikes, you aren't ready.

    Having sex for the first time can be a wonderful experience, but only when you are ready.

    Talk With Your Partner

    Once you know your own mind, you need to be able to discuss sex -- and whether or not to have it -- openly and confidently with your partner. Both of you must feel this is the right time to introduce sex into your relationship and reach that decision without any pressure. And you must be able to agree on issues such as birth control and STI prevention.

    Talk with your partner about the following areas.

    Feelings About Sex

          Sample questions:
    • Do you and your partner both want to have sex?
    • Do you both feel ready and prepared to have sex?
    • How will having sex affect your relationship?
    • How will having sex affect your values?
    • Do you feel any pressure or concerns about sex?
    Sexual History

    Talking about sexual history is difficult for many people -- but it's very important. You and your partner need trust each other in order to be honest about sexual history. Be open and truthful with your partner, and express your need for the same from him or her. Be supportive if your partner has had an STI and take the time to better understand his or her situation.

    Sample questions:
    • Have you and your partner had previous partners? If so, was protection from STIs used?
    • If you or your partner has had sex, have you been tested for STIs? If so when? (Please note that HIV may take up to six months to show up in a blood sample. Genital warts may take up to eight months to be detectable. Read the STI section for more information.
    • Have you or your partner had a STI? If so, which one and what was the treatment?
    Possible Consequences
    Only abstinence is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs. You and your partner need to discuss what you will do in case of pregnancy or STI transmission. You also need to discuss how having sex will affect your relationship.

    Sample questions:
    • What if you or your partner becomes pregnant?
    • What if you or your partner acquires an STI?
    • What if you break up?
    What do you hope for during and after the big event? You or your partner may have opposite wishes for the first time -- from just getting it over with to making love. Make sure you are on the same page. Also discuss what you expect afterwards: Do you want to be held? Do you want sex to continue in your relationship? Do you want an exclusive relationship?

    Sample questions:
    • Do you and your partner expect to continue having sex with each other?
    • What do you want sex to be like?
    • Do you and your partner want to have sex exclusively with each other (be monogamous)?
    • What if one of you has sex with another person?
    • Do you or your partner expect marriage or a lifetime commitment?
    • Are you and/or your partner in love?
    There are many ways to reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs, and finding the method that fits you best is like finding a good pair of jeans. Some people prefer condoms (the best protection for penis-to-anus or penis-to-vagina protection), while others prefer other protection methods. Talk with your partner about your choices.

    Oral Sex: Many overlook the fact that it is possible to get a STI from oral sex. Don't forget to talk about protection and oral sex.

    Sample questions:
    • Is there a birth control and/or STI protection method that you prefer?
    • How do you feel about using condoms?
    • How important to you is STI protection?
    • How important to you is pregnancy protection?
    • Do you know how to use the method you plan to use?
    • Can you show each other or explain to each other how it works?
    • Who will pay for the birth control/STI prevention method?
    • Will you help each other use the method?
    The Right to Stop During Sex
    It is not uncommon for one partner to want to stop having sex during the first time, perhaps from pain, nerves, or insecurity. If you or your partner needs to stop, you have the right to do so even if you are in the middle of having sex. You both need to be prepared ahead of time. Discuss it, and discuss not blaming each other or feeling guilty if one of you wants to stop. Watch for your partner's body language during sex. If your partner looks uncomfortable, ask about it.

    Sample questions:
    • How will you feel if you need to stop during sex?
    • Would you be open to discussing what happened?

    Talk to Others

    The decision over whether to have sex or not is ultimately up to you and your partner. However, it's a big decision -- and it's helpful for many to seek out the advice or others to help them in this choice. Here are a few sources you might want to ask:
    • Parents/guardians
    • Older sister(s) or brother(s)
    • Older friends
    • Priest, rabbi or pastor
    • Close relative or neighbor
    • Doctor
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    10 Tips for Holiday Travel


    With the global economy in crisis and both travelers and airlines feeling the pinch, it may not seem like 2010 will be the cheeriest of holiday travel seasons. Airlines have cut flights, raised fares and added a surge of surcharges for everything from checked bags to phone bookings. Meanwhile, many travelers are postponing or canceling their holiday plans to save money.

    But for travelers still planning to visit Grandma's for Thanksgiving or spend Christmas weekend in Paris, the news isn't all bad. There are still deals to be found, provided you shop carefully and plan ahead. Check out our 10 tips for holiday travel and find some joy this holiday season.

    Avoid peak travel dates
    At Thanksgiving, Wednesday is the critical outbound "avoid" day as a rule. Traveling on Thanksgiving day proper is often a breeze and more affordable; there are often cut-rate airfare deals on Thanksgiving day. 

    On the return, Friday morning isn't bad at all, with each successive day getting a little busier, more difficult and more expensive through Sunday evening. The bottom line: If you are looking for a deal, you won't find one on the peak travel days. Travel off-peak whenever possible.
    Christmas and New Year's Day fall on Thursdays this year, which means that the same advice for Thanksgiving will apply to both of these holidays — fly on the holiday itself if possible, and avoid Sunday evening at the end of the long weekend.

    Book early

    Haven't booked your holiday travel yet? It's time to stop waiting and start booking. Fares are only rising as Thanksgiving approaches, so those who hold out in hopes of a late-breaking sale are likely to get left out in the cold or pay a very steep price for their procrastination. The same goes for the Christmas holiday; book sooner rather than later, particularly if you require very specific travel dates or times. With the current state of the airline industry, it is never too early to book your holiday travel flights.
    While many of the best deals are probably already gone, keep an eye on our Holiday Deals section for any last-minute bargains. Be prepared to be flexible with dates and flight times.

    Shop around
    Whether you're using booking sites like Travelocity, bid or auction sites such as Priceline, aggregator sites or our very own Bargain Box, comparison shopping has never been easier than it is right now. During peak travel season, casting the net as wide as possible will help you understand all of your options.
    For many travelers, price isn't the only or even the most important factor, especially during the holidays. Thoughtful, deliberate use of the "search adjacent days or airports" features found on many Web sites may also surrender greatly improved fares and travel times.
    Know your airports

     Checking alternate airports is a pretty standard tactic, but at this time of year it can really make a difference. At no time can the alternate airport gambit pay off better than during the holiday crush. You can score on almost every front — parking, rental cars, traffic to and from, nearby hotels — and save both time and money.

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    10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

    Why do men cheat? Here are the top 10 reasons why men cheat.

    Why men cheat on women is an age-old question. The reasons why men cheat on women can be varied. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why both married and unmarried men cheat.

    Sometimes men's reasons for cheating don’t even involve you and it’s simply an ego-based decision. Other times, reasons why men cheat can involve you and your relationship, or lack thereof.  So why do some men cheat in relationships? Almost all men know that cheating is wrong, yet many they still do it. Men will blame their reasons for cheating on their genes and their necessity to reproduce. However, aren’t we suppose to be further evolved than a chimp? Shouldn’t we be able to control our bodies through our minds and conscious decisions? Aparrently not always.

    Here are the top 10 reasons why men cheat.

    1. Because they had the option. The old saying “men are only as faithful as their options” can sometimes ring true. Men don’t get offered sex as often as women so when the opportunity does arise, it can be very difficult for them to turn it down.

    2. It boosts their ego. Sometimes men don’t feel like they are attractive to the opposite sex any more and when a woman shows some interest, not only does a man react, he may allow her to stroke his ego and more. There’s nothing like the thrill of the chase to men on the hunt. When they are finally rewarded for their efforts, their egos swell even larger.

    3. You grow apart. Maybe the two of you didn’t have as much in common as you thought. He’s met a woman who has more in common with him who loves football or plays golf. He may check out if he is compatible with her under the sheets also.

    4. You argue a lot. Men will sometimes cheat to get away from an overly critical or argumentative partner. Who wants to be around someone who is constantly on them about something.

    5. They have fallen out of love. Sometimes men become so comfortable in a relationship, they don’t know how to get out. They may be staying in the relationship because of children or financial reasons. However, they feel like they are missing out on love and may seek it out elsewhere. In their mind, this is as close to win-win as they can get.

    6. Your sex life sucks. If a man has a disinterested partner or isn’t getting enough sex to fulfill him, there is a good chance he will have an affair. Just because you have a husband or boyfriend, does not mean you can stop trying. It takes a little bit of effort to keep your sex life from getting boring and non-existent. Some men cheat because they want to try new sexual things that their current partner will not try.

    7. To get revenge. A man will sometimes cheat if he finds out his partner was cheating on him. How else is he supposed to heal those hurt feelings of his but through good old fashioned sex?

    8. It’s new, different and exciting. Some men get tired of having steak for dinner every night and want to try a hamburger. The same goes for sex with a woman. That’s why men don’t necessarily always cheat with women who are more attractive than their partners.

    9. To see if they can get away with it. If a man has the attitude of “what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her,” he may cheat to see if he is sneaky and smart enough to get away with it. However, with all the advancement in surveillance spy ware, getting caught has now become easier than ever.

    10. Because you have allowed it in the past. If you have forgiven a cheating man a couple of times, they are more than likely going to cheat again because they already know if they plead enough, you will forgive them. Reasons why men cheat can be more complex than the above list or even be a combination of a few different reasons. Nevertheless, no reason is good enough reason to lie and be dishonest. After all, Karma can be a bitch
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    40 Things Every Woman Must Know About Men, Love, Sex and Relationships


    Most women learn about men, love, sex and relationships the hard way. They walk down the highly traveled, worn out path of emotional scars, broken hearts, abuse, confusion, anger and sleepless nights. When it comes to learning the hard way, you can get to know a great deal about men, love, sex and relationships, but most women who have traveled that path will tell you, “The price is too high and the consequences and lingering effects are way to painful!” Smart women understand this irrefutable truth.

    They know there is an easier less complicated way to obtain the vital information they need to know about the opposite sex. Ladies, these 40 nuggets of wisdom and sage advice will help set you on the right path to finding and experiencing true love. Share these life-saving truths with every woman you know. They will forever thank you!
    1. There are two types of males: Dishonorable males and honorable men. Don’t date or marry until you know how to tell the difference between the two! The woman in the mirror will graciously thank you.

    2. Honorable men are protectors. They will guard your heart, protect your emotions, defend your honor and stand as champions for your spiritual, mental and physical well-being; choose an honorable man and choose life!
    3. You are not a car; if you meet a man who wants to test drive your physical body, emotions and feelings, point him to a car dealership, bid him adieu and don’t look back!

    4. This is a true saying: “The soul of a woman is fragile.” Please note: dishonorable males refuse to respect this crucial truth. They will toy with a woman’s emotions without any semblance of concern or compassion. Therefore YOU must guard your heart from these cold-hearted males with all diligence.
    5. Good men need to be treated like good men, dishonorable males, need to be let go and left alone!
    6. OK ladies; you’ve met this great guy, but he’s got a child or children for which he does not take care of, provide for or see to. Follow these instructions to the letter: urgently send him back to the mother(s) of his child(ren) and don’t look back. Don’t make the same mistake the mother(s) of his child(ren) did!
    7. Dishonorable males treat sex as a sport, females as trophies and children they sire as wastepaper. Never allow yourself to become their next score, mantle piece or sperm repository.

    8. Women who hold grudges, seek vengeance, cling to bitterness and are unwilling to forgive, unwittingly break their own hearts!

    9. Choose the wrong mate and you might as well have laid next to a boa constrictor or grabbed the ears of a raging mad pit bull. A smart woman learns how to choose her mate wisely!

    10. Heed the sage advice of some caring brothers and honorable men. If he doesn’t fit - don’t force him, just relax and let him go. Destiny is on your side… TRUE LOVE will find you!
    11. Momma’s boys belong with only one type of woman; their moms! Ladies, these mothers and their sons will never cut their grotesque umbilical cord. Therefore, for your sake, leave them alone and just let them trot home to their mommies.

    12. Self-love: if you don’t have it, pull yourself off the market. Make no mistake about it, if you don’t love yourself, NO MAN can ever love you… no matter how great a man he is.

    13. Don’t judge ALL men by one man’s actions; unless you want ALL men to judge you based on the acts of amoral women.

    14. Most women learn how to choose a mate the hard way; they go through a gut wrenching string of emotionally detached males, jerks, pimps, thugs and players. Don’t become one of those heart broken and bitter women! Learn how to properly choose a mate before it’s too late! The woman in the mirror will graciously thank you.

    15. You wondering, “If I move in with him, is he going to marry me?” Answer: “Not likely!” Don’t believe it, take these two critical tests: (a). Ask any honorable man! And, (b). Examine the ever-growing list of disillusioned women who are begrudgingly waiting for their non-committal live-in lovers to pop the big question.

    16. Do you keep attracting men who are dogs? Check the scent you’re putting out. Men who are dogs are attracted by scent!

    17. You are not a man! Therefore, you will never be: a role model for men, a father figure, a man’s mentor or a man’s coach. If a man has lacked proper male leadership in his life, kindly send him on his way. Know for a certainty; he is not prepared for the responsibilities that come with love, sex, relationship and marriage.

    18. If you don’t know what a misogynistic man is, take this time to check your dictionary. For your sake, sanity and safety, avoid these treacherous males at all costs.

    19. Don’t ever delude yourself! Your beauty, fine body, sexual prowess, cooking skills, femininity and vibrant personality will never be enough to change a man, NEVER!

    20. If your potential mate does such things as: promises to call you but doesn’t, makes dates and breaks them, shows up late or plays games with your emotions; take notes ladies... those are clear cut warning signs that he DOES NOT value you, he DOES NOT love you and he DOES NOT care about you!

    21. Angry, bitter, hostile, combative, unforgiving single women, become: angry, bitter, hostile and combative, unforgiving wives.

    22. A fundamental understanding and respect of the male ego is a must for all women who want a vibrant and healthy love; DO NOT obtain this crucial information from dishonorable males or from angry bitter women.

    23. If you choose to be with dishonorable males, pimps, players, thugs, ballers and shot callers, you have absolutely no right to complain when they torch your emotions, abuse you, leave you pregnant and alone, jeopardize your safety and otherwise harm or hurt you. Remember, you have freedom of choice and you chose to be with them!

    24. When a man is trying to find himself, kindly bid him adieu… PERMANENTLY! He can find you, but can’t find himself? He shouldn’t be looking for love… he should be searching for the map to Mastering Manhood!

    25. OK; he wants or is demanding sex but you are not his wife. Write this down: There is no need to wonder, debate or contemplate: he DOES NOT honor or respect you!

    26. Spoiled women are like spoiled milk, spoiled meat, spoiled fruit spoiled bread and spoiled brats. Get the picture? Don’t become a spoiled woman!
    27. Expecting a dishonorable male to do the honorable thing is like expecting piranhas not to devour you if you make the mistake of diving into their water.

    28. You’ve asked these questions, “Why doesn’t he call me more often? Why doesn’t he pursue me more diligently and why doesn’t he show me that he loves me?” Answer; he’s not into you! If you don’t let him go and move on with your life, you will allow him to hinder or block your true love from finding you!

    29. All men ARE NOT dogs! Don’t believe, repeat or perpetuate that rampant lie! You will hamper your ability to see and discern the good men who cross your path!
    30. Some males like to hit women. It gives them a sense of power and control. If you give yourself to one of these abusive males, most assuredly you will become a punching bag and a floor mat. It is critical that you learn how to detect and avoid these cretins!
    31. Promiscuous immoral women are not worthy of an honorable man. They never have been and they never will be.
    32. Never allow emotionally embittered women to influence you concerning the male gender. If you do, their hatred and unforgiveness will become yours. Soon you will find yourself suspicious, indignant and angry at all men.

    33. You were not designed, built or destined for abuse, whether: emotionally, physically or financially. If he is an abuser, there is no need to deliberate… he IS NOT the one; leave him now!

    34. Some women live their lives vicariously through the women on “Girlfriends, Sex In The City and Desperate Housewives.” Don’t become one of these women. If you do, you will make a literal mess of your life, emotions, physical body and well-being.
    35. When a man truly loves you, he will honor and respect you. If he doesn't… don’t deceive yourself and don’t allow him to defraud you; he DOES NOT love OR care about you!

    36. Everyone has skeletons in their closet? Wrong! Not everyone has skeletons in their closet. Don’t start putting any in yours!

    37. There is a vast difference between sex and love. Most men know the difference and you had better learn it fast! If you fail or refuse to do so, you are surely headed for relationship or marital crash and burn.
    38. Don’t deceive yourself, once you have sex with a man who is not your husband… he may never admit it, but he has lost a degree of respect for you. Don’t believe it? Ask any honorable man or virtuous woman.

    39. The dismal cycle of breaking up and making up only works out in the romance novels, television shows and movies. If you are riding that emotional roller coaster get off right now! Your heart, mind and soul will forever thank you.

    40. Nothing is more beautiful, captivating, attractive and sensual than a woman with a gentle and peaceable spirit!
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    Wednesday, 9 June 2010

    Happy Love Quotes For Lovers

    I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand.
    So now I leave you without a sound except my heart shattering as it hits the ground
    Love is like an eternal flame,
    Once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.

    Love isn't blind, it just only sees what matters.
    Love is a moment that lasts forever...
    You will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love.
    If a tear fell from my eyes, everytime i wished you were with me
    I would have a puddle of fallen wishes at my feet.
    Through the wind I hear your voice, in the clouds I see your name.
    Living life without you just wouldnt be the same
    If you love someone more than anything,
    Then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart.
    If i had a single flower for everytime i thought of you i could walk forever in my garden.
    When i saw you i was afraid to talk to you...
    when i talked to you i was afraid to hold you...
    When i hold you i was afraid to love you
    Now that i love you im afraid to lose you.
    Telling someone you love them comes from the heart
    The place that made you love them from the start.
    True love never leaves the heart, so if you dont love me now, you didnt love me then.
    It is impossible to fall out of love, love is such a powerful emotion,
    That once it envelops you, it does not depart.
    True love is eternal.
    If you think you were once in love but fell out of it, than it wasent love you were in
    I ran up the door,shut the stairs,said my pj's and put on my prayers.
    I turned off the bed and hopped into the light, all because you kissed me goodnight.
    No Boy Is Worth Fightig For, And If You Have To Fight To Get Him,
    Than You're Better Off Without Him.
    The Hardest Thing In Life Isn't Finding The One You Luv,
    Its Making The One You Luv...Luv you Back.
    A Cute Guy Can Open Up My Eyes, A Smart Guy Can Open Up My Mind,
    But Only A Sweet Guy Can Open My Heart.
    I Cry For The Times That You Were Almost Mine,
    I Cry For The Memories I've Left Behind,
    I Cry For The Pain, The Lost, The Old, the New..
    I Now Cry For The Times I Thought I Had You
    I don't know weather to smile cause you're happier with her or cry cause you're not mine.
    Everyday we tell ourselves we're better off without each other,
    B ut then every morning I wake up and realize
    I love you more then the day before.
    I want to be happy because hes happy
    But how can I be happy knowing im not the one making him smile.
    Sticks and stones may break my bones and tear my skin apart,
    But nothing hurts me more than you,
    Because you broke my heart.
    It takes 3 seconds to say 'I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it.
    Love is friendship, friendship is love.
    If love fails, friendship should remain.
    For friendship is the foundation of love.
    Let your heart guide you...but listen closely because it whispers.
    You make me smile for no reason whatsoever,
    Y ou make me laugh at the unfunniest things,
    B ut most of all, you make me love you...
    W hen I shouldn't be loving you.
    You will know when you really love someone
    When you want him to be happy even if his happiness means you are not a part of it.
    Don't be too good i will miss you.
    Don't be too caring, I might like you.
    Don't be too sweet, I might fall.
    It's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all...
    And all for love, and nothing for reward.
    A complete need should not exist...
    love, life in common with loved ones?
    what we love intensely or for a long time
    we are likely to bring within the citadel,
    and to assert as part of oneself.
    A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.
    A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every woman ought to know.
    A kiss can beautify souls hearts and thoughts.
    A kiss can beautify souls hearts and thoughts.
    A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
    A kiss? the renunciation of the heart when one is no longer alone.
    A lawful kiss is never worth a stolen one.
    A lover fears all that he believes.
    A lover without indescretion is no lover at all.
    A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.
    A meeting between two beings
    who complete one another,
    who are made for
    each other, borders already,
    in my opinion, on a miracle.
    A part of us remains where ever we have been.
    A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me
    together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in
    A pity beyond all telling
    Is hid in the heart of love.

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    Sunday, 6 June 2010

    Designers Spin Spidey-Worthy Webs From Packing Tape

    Astounding cocoons made only of tape float in mid-air, capable supporting more than your average tree house.

    Packing tape has gotten MacGyver out of many a jam, but he never managed to make an entire home out of the stuff. So he could probably learn something from Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen. The team uses nothing but packing tape to create huge, self-supporting cocoons that visitors could climb inside and explore.
    Installed three times in the past year, the next deployment will be next week from June 9–13 at DMY Berlin's International Design Fair, which is now in its 8th year.
    The installations, which look like the work of horrifyingly large arachnids, grew in scale and scope as the year progressed, first deployed inside a small Croatian gallery, then an abandoned attic during October’s Vienna Design Week.
    At the last installation inside Odeon, a former stock exchange building in Vienna, the group used nearly 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of tape. “The installation is based on an idea for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars,” explains For Use’s Christoph Katzler. “The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a recording of the choreography.” Watch below to see how it was done.

    The installation’s over-the-top theatricality comes easily to the collective, who design sets as well as furniture for the likes of Moroso and Element. In September, they’ll create a tape installation in a public space in the center of Frankfurt, and a five-star design hotel on the Croatian coast is forthcoming.

    Source :
    READ MORE - Designers Spin Spidey-Worthy Webs From Packing Tape
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