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Five Relationship Mistakes

Sometimes finding a relationship you know will last forever feels impossible. When you're struggling in love or have had your heart broken, what else makes a successful relationship? Learn the five critical mistakes that may be keeping you from a greater love life.

Mistake #1: You Jump to Conclusions
While compatibility is revealed in Vedic Astrology and is very important, it's simply not enough. Why? Because you can be wildly compatible with a man who isn't a nice man. He may be an addict, an abuser or have commitment issues and will never meet your expectations. At the same time, if you're not compatible, then nothing else will matter
The Warning Sign:
If you don't feel good around him, if you can't talk and have him understand what you're saying, if you don't have a foundation of friendship and healthy mutual attraction -- you won't be happy no matter how much everything else is working and no matter how great of a guy he is. If you feel like you're working too hard on your relationship, chances are, you're not compatible.

Mistake #2: You Don't Read the Material
You must find a man that's "relationship material." He must want a relationship, know how to have one and be available. Relationship-oriented men are obvious: they're usually in relationships! They like women. They have friends. They get along with their families and people at work. Besides, you can find out if he's relationship-oriented or not by looking at his Vedic chart.
The Warning Sign:
Men who are not relationship-oriented are not close with their families -- or they're way too close to their families. They whine about or have drama with friends, they dislike everybody at work or they spend most of their time alone. You cannot turn a man who is not good at relationships, or healthy enough emotionally, into a man who is.
Mistake #3: You Rush Into Things
You're in a "season of love" and when you're not. It doesn't matter how hard you try, or who you meet. You could hire the best matchmaker in the world, and be on every Internet dating site, and you won't find "him." Just as flowers can't grow when the ground is frozen, but effortlessly do so when the snow melts, there's nothing you have to do once the conditions are right. He'll find you, and you'll find him.
The Warning Sign:
It's important to wait until it is time. Focus on having the best life possible in the meantime, so you'll be as attractive and ready for a great man when the right time comes. Studies show 50% of men getting married report they could have just as easily married someone else from their past and been just as happy, but that the timing wasn't right.

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And that part of the reason they're marrying the woman they're marrying, is that the timing just feels right -- now.

Mistake #4: You Settle For Less
You have to want the same kind of life. One of the biggest reasons couples break up is when one person wants children and the other doesn't. Or, one wants to live in the city and the other one wants the country. You have to be the kind of person he's looking for, and he has to be the kind of person you're looking for.
The Warning Sign:
You're not going to turn a quiet chess player into a party animal. Or a man who hates snow into one who wants to go skiing every weekend. Or a man who doesn't care about material things, and isn't very ambitious, into one who wants to build an empire for you. If you find yourself wanting to change the person he is now, first get clear on the kind of life you want and the kind of guy you'll need to have that life. Then, go find him -- and resist all others.

Mistake #5: You Don't Develop the Skills
Often, two good people get together and are happy for a while, but then one of them starts to harm or neglect the relationship. Even healthy, smart and attractive people sometimes don’t know how to relate. They try to find the reason for miserable love lives, "blaming the stars" for the latest breakup, or lack of closeness with their partner - when usually they don’t understand how to communicate, or ask for what they want.
The Warning Sign:
Once they learned those crucial aspects, their relationships improve, and they are able to get back that spark. So, if you've lost your spark with the one you love, or if he used to seem like your dream man but now you're not so sure, or if he's withdrawn from you and is not as enthusiastic as you'd like, then your relationship skills need an upgrade. You have the power to improve your love life.

By : Carol Allen
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How to Choose Lipstick

Every woman knows how important the lipstick is. I cannot even imagine what we would use if the lipstick hadn’t been invented.

Choosing the lipstick is often a complicated thing. The color palette of the lipstick is so rich now, no wonder why some women make mistake when doing that. Besides, the actual color of the lipstick can be a bit different from what you have on the lips in the result. Moreover, the color of the lipstick should be related to your skin type.

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Lots of women are confused in determining the right lip color for their use. But you do not confused, it is important that we understand how these lipsticks will be able to complete your appearance. In choosing a lip color that suits us, preferably Match with skin color, eye color and hair color. Here is a guide to determine the exact color of lipstick that will make you look good :

  • Composition and expiry date of the lipstick
Any lipstick contains wax, moisturizing oils, coloring and softening substances. These are the ingredients you should pay attention to when trying to determine the quality of the lipstick. Wax makes the lipstick soft and easy to apply. Beeswax and Brazilian palm tree wax are most often used in production of make up products.
The oils most commonly included into the composition of the lipstick are the following: castor oil, mineral oil, olive oil and coconut oil, as well as lanolin and Vaseline. Castor oil is a necessary component in the lipstick composition as it is the one that adds shining to the color.

Many producers use Aloe Vera, amino acids, collagen, vitamin E, moisturizing and sun protective ingredients which make lips soft, good-looking and protect them from the bad impact of the environment.

When choosing the lipstick pay attention to the care it can provide your lips with. High amount of wax and oils will make your lips smooth and soft while the increased number of vitamin A and C will protect the lips from negative influence of the weather and environment factors.
Sun rays are harmful for the mucous tunic of the lips. To protect the lips world producers of the lipstick add UV filters into the composition.

Expiry date is specified by the producer. So, when choosing the lipstick see the expiry date. The lipstick that has been kept in bad conditions or has spoilt already has a poignant smell, becomes too liquid or too dry.
  • Notice the lipstick on skin color
Put a little lipstick on your wrist to get the actual display. In general, people with light skin looks good when wearing red lipstick plum color, medium brown, pink beige, mocha browns, and shimmery pink. While the brown-skinned people, suitable to use lipstick shades of dark blue, warm browns, deep caramels, creamy coffees, and deep pinks.
Fitting olive skin wearing lipstick color brownish reds, plums, dark berries, Auburn, Mahogany, and chocolate. While the colors blue-based reds, deep plums, wine, mahogany, brown variety of shades, sheer pinks, and berries, perfect for owners of brown and black leather.
  1.  Cool Skin Tones: If your skin is a cool tone, be sure to look for reds with pink undertones. Many reds come in shades of Berry, Blackberry, Brick or Plum, which are ideal for cool toned ladies. Red with blue undertones are also known to have a visually whitening effect on your teeth, which is always a plus.
  2. Warm Skin Tones: If your skin is a warm tone, look for reds with yellow undertones. Many times you’ll find flattering red lipsticks in orange shades, warm shades, tomato red shades, brown based shades, golden shades or tawny shades.

  • Properties of the lipstick
What is the ideal lipstick like? Well, it should keep the color, moisturize and protect the tender lip skin. Besides, it shouldn’t be too dry or go off too soon. It can’t run or leave spots on the lips after you have removed it.

Based on different properties the lipstick can come in three main kinds: lasting, matte and glossy. Lasting lipstick stays visible and bright for a long time due to the fact wax and some water-proof substances are included into its composition. Lasting lipstick should be applied on dry lips. It takes a minute for a lipstick to fix on the lips. After that, you can enjoy your lips being colored for about eleven hours. However, if you have opted for a lasting lipstick avoid eating any fatty products as they can remove your lipstick easily.

Matte lipstick contains a lot of powder and wax. The color is deep and mysterious. It looks great on full lips but is to be avoided for thin lips.

If you wish to create the illusion of fuller lips try a glossy lipstick. It is applied easily, moisturizes well and makes the skin smooth.

  • Note the eye color
Brown eye color best matches your lipstick red, brown, and pink. Blue eyes match the color pink and beige. Green eyes fit with the lipstick color orange, red, or brown. Meanwhile, brown eyes look great bright colors and bold lipstick.
  • Note the hair color
Blonde hair can try lipstick pink, plum, red soft corals, mauve, and reddish brown. Brunettes can choose a warm color lipstick reds, pink, lilac, beige, and brown-pink. Red hair glossy lipstick to try shimmery bronzes, coppers, browns or orange, sheer colors, beige, and brownish red.
While the dark-haired woman can choose a bold color lipstick, such as raspberry red, various shades of red, geranium, coral, fuchsia, vivid roses, berry, burgundy, and plum. And, gray-haired woman or a white, fitted with a warm color lipstick.
  • Choose a color as needed
Matching bright red lipstick if you want to go to nightclubs, but not when you work in companies that tend to be conservative, because it would be more fitting with the pink beige. Bright colors can be applied at night, while during the day, just soft enough. And, if you wear make-up eyes that “heavy”, apply lipstick only mild.

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Chicken Black Pepper Butter Recipe

Chicken Black Pepper Butter


1 kg chicken, cut into 12 sections
4 tablespoons butter / margarine
100 g onions, cut into matchsticks
8 cloves garlic, mashed
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce english
2 tablespoons lime juice / lime
1 tsp black pepper, crushed coarse
2 tsp fine salt
Oil for frying

How to Make:
1. Season the chicken pieces with pepper, salt, garlic and lime juice, stir well. Let stand for 20 minutes until flavors mingle. Heat the oil a lot, fry chicken until cooked through and golden browned. Remove and drain.

2. Heat the butter / margarine and saute onions until fragrant. Insert pieces of fried chicken. Pour the soy sauce, soy sauce and soy sauce english. Cook, stirring, stirring until flavors mingle. Lift.

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3. Pour into serving dish. Serve warm.

For 12 Cut

Tip: To be more practical, flavor the chicken and fry the chicken can be done the day before. Store in the freezer, at dawn, you just sauteing chicken with butter.
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Perfect Hairstyles For The Summer


Ponytails That Look Great

Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can never go wrong with a pony tail in summer. Even celebs are creating new trends by adding sleek ponytails to their fashion statements. You can choose between the different types of ponytails to suit your style.
summer hairstyles
The low ponytail can make you look flirty and girly and it also leaves a lot of room for experimentation. If you are going out for a casual day out it can look great if you tie a loose side ponytail to make you look flirty and feminine. You can curl your hair lightly to make your look all the more interesting and textured. The high ponytail is not only good for the gym but is also looks great otherwise as well. In the summer when you don’t want your hair to play around your neck the perfect way to keep it away is by tying it into a smart ponytail. If you have curly hair the high pony will help accentuate your gorgeous curls. You can deliberately keep a few strands loose just to give yourself a careless look that looks feminine as well. Ponytails can look right for an evening party as well. Simply blow dry your hair and tie it into a back brushed ponytail. Apply a little amount of serum to add the necessary shine and you will have a sleek look perfect for the evening.

The Bob Is Back.

Summer is synonymous with bob cuts and short length hair that looks fun and girly. A god bob cut can take years away from you. So when should you have a bob cut? If you have a slim face with soft contours then a bob cut will suit your face.
summer hairstyles

However if you are on the heavier side the short bob will not suit you rather you should go for something that has volume and will take the attention away from a heavy chin. The hottest bob is where you play with varied lengths. It adds texture to your hair and the short length is perfect for the summer. You can go for the very trendy bob style with longer cut in the front and shorter cut at the back. This hairstyle is fun and trendy and gives your face a very modern appeal. You can add wisps or long bangs to it to add softness to your face. Bangs go very well with the bob cut and makes you look glamorous. The bob is a symbol for independent and upright women. It speaks a lot about your personality and the hint of rebelliousness in you. Soft and less edgy bobs are great for woman in their middle ages as it helps take ages off your face.

The Layered Hairstyle.

Just like there are evergreen fashion statements, you can also never go wrong with a layered hairstyle if you have texture and volume in your hair. Who can forget the gorgeous layered hairstyles that Jennifer Aniston sported in FRIENDS. They have been a rage ever since.
summer hairstyles

If you have a heart shaped face a layered hairstyle frames your face well. So check the shape of your face before zeroing in on the kind of layers you want. Even in summer the medium to long layers look great. You can style it easily and leave it open when you are out partying. You just have to maintain the volume of your hair so that it does not fall flat. Use a diffuser to give volume and texture to your hair and spritz on some shine serum and you will rock the look. Along with Aniston, even Sarah Jessica parker also prefers long layered hairstyles as they make one look feminine and girly.

Fringes For All Ages.

The fringes always had a little girl image associated with it. But as all trends go and come back the fringe fashion is back with a bang. And this time it comes with new vigor. The fringes are now not meant for school girls and teenagers alone. You can sport the fringe at any age. The fringe is great at camouflaging a broad forehead and gives you a young and fresh look.

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However fringes look good on straight hair then on curly hair.  If you want to add some character to your hair then you can curl the rest of your hair loosely and just keep the fringes dead straight. It is the perfect hairdo for a hot summer’s day with friends. Go wild on figuring out what fringe suits you. You can choose long fringes that go down almost up to your eyes or short and cute fringes that you team with a smart and rounded bob cut. It helps give you a sweet and girly appeal. If straight and over the forehead fringes are not your style then you can opt for side swept bangs that are a favorite with most celebs. Bangs are super hot and ideal for women who are strict followers of fashion. Bangs look great on all face types and often help hide a heavy face.

Crops Fit For The Summer

Crops have always been a hit with the summer season. But do not go for the very boring and very masculine crop cut hair. If you have a heavy face then you must not get a short crop done. A crop suits very chiseled faces and woman with a strong bone structure.
summer hairstyles

Textured crops are hot this season so talk to your hair stylist about it. Get short layers on curly and wavy hair as it does not make you look too edgy rather the texture lends a softness to your face.

This is a great hairstyle for a long or oval face or for women with a larger chin .There’s a reason this hairstyle works on most women, it’s neat and clean and stylish as well as sexy.

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Deal With Jealousy

We can all experience jealously at some point in our lives. The following article provides tips on how to manage and turn your jealous feelings into positive actions

Gaining self-confidence:

A lack of self-esteem might bring in a lot of jealous feelings within oneself. When one does not have very high opinion about self and is not sure about one’s own capability, that is when jealousy gets a chance to raise its head. Due to the feeling of inadequacy, one starts to harbor an unhealthy kind of dependency towards another which in case of a romantic relationship, is the partner.
When the partner is unable to handle this kind of needy dependence, then the feelings of mistrust arise. It is essential for the health of a relationship to develop self-confidence and reliance on one’s self. Making a few positive attitude changes will bring in a new self-confidence and will tackle any kind of insecurities also. Only when both partners have an independent life of their own, petty issues and concerns can be avoided.

Individual Goals and Self-Reliance:

Sometimes jealous feelings stem out of a feeling of inadequacy on one’s own abilities. Because of this feeling we tend to rely too much on others for fulfilling our own inadequacies and when our demands and feelings are not met, we tend to wallow in envy. It is very important for us to gain individual existence and we are self-dependent.
A partner’s company or praise should not become a need; rather it should remain a want and a desire. When we have our own goals in life to fulfill and have the self-confidence in our self to sail through life, jealousy becomes a non-issue.

Understanding Your Feelings:

The first and foremost thing to do when you are in the clutches of jealous thoughts is to examine where it arose from. Usually in a romantic relationship, you tend to get jealous if your partner is devoting too much attention towards someone else, but not necessarily someone from the opposite sex. Sometimes one might feel jealous of the attention your spouse is displaying on parents, friends, siblings and even colleagues.
You will need to identify exactly what has triggered the feelings within you which will then help you deal with jealousy in a better way. If the feeling has stemmed out of a baseless factor, you will need to self-examine and self-cure before it gets any worse. If the jealousy is based on something that you feel your partner has done, it needs to be dealt with by both of you through calm and sensible discussion

Building Trust:

Communication is very important for a relationship to become secure and the lack of it can bring in a lot of mistrust and suspicions. A couple needs to be clear about each other’s feelings, especially about issues which are a concern for either one of them. Laying down the cards on the table about one’s likes and dislikes will nip any kind of jealous feelings in the bud.
If you have any kind of distrustful emotions due to the actions of your partner, don’t keep your feelings bottled inside. Instead voice out your thoughts to your partner and let him/her assuage your doubts. Unless and until there is a base to your feeling of mistrust, there is no point of letting things get out of hand. But if there is real cause for concern, you will need to deal with the issue, instead of wallowing in feelings of envy.

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Besides, in many cases a compulsive possessiveness and jealousy might be the reason why your partner is not open about certain things in his/her life. It is therefore very important to keep the lines of communication open and give each other the benefit of the doubt instead of raising suspicion all the time.

Dealing with Threat:

When a person is very much obsessed with another, he/she sees everything as a threat to their relationship. Any kind of attention that is meted out to another will be taken as a sign of affection and love and, this in turn will bring fear in the mind of the partner, which will trigger jealousy. It is essential for a relationship to be secure and sound and this lies in the hand of the couple who is making the relationship in the first place.
If jealousy is not handled and taken care of in the initial stages, it can lead to a myriad of problems at a later stage. Apart from harming the relationship, it will inflict a lot of emotional damage on the individual self as well. A relationship which is shrouded in jealous and envious thoughts is like a pillar which is infested with moths. If left untreated it is going to collapse soon.

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How To Dressing Right For Your Body Type


For the petite, elfin look:

This body type comes in a small, compact package and makes the owner look dainty and waif like. For this body type, you should choose clothes which will give you height and also at the same time, enhance the elfin look in you. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans go best for this type of figure which could be teamed with high-necked blouses and tops.
dress for body type

You should choose soft materials like chintz and silk instead of stiff and hard materials. A Chinese-collared blouse with dainty floral prints will make you look tall and cute at the same time.


Avoid too long blouses and materials in dark color or big prints. Platform heels and pants are definitely not your thing. You should also stay away from cowl necked blouses.

For the curvy well-endowed look:

Your body-type is blessed with a hour-glass figure with well-endowed curves. This body type luckily does not need much effort and most of the outfits look well in them. You should choose well-fitting tailored shirts which are not too loose or tight, blouses with small, medium prints in cowl, scoop or V-necks.
dress for body type

You can wear slim or A-line skirts and team them with high heels and a satin top. You should wear something which enhances your curve s without giving the too-exposed look.


Stay away from over-sized prints and round or t-shirt necklines. Avoid any material or cuts which will make your front look bulky like turtle-necks. Accessorize your look with trendy, long neck-pieces.

For the structured, boyish look:

This body-type is usually the straight, structured type with very minimal or non-existent curves. Your body type should be made to look a little girlish for which you will need to adorn frills, laces and ruffles. You don’t have to be dressed in an overtly girly manner, but should team up your jeans and skirts with some curvaceous, nicely cut design which will add glamour and curves to your shape.
dress for body type

You can wear tops and blouses with boat necks and sweetheart necklines. A long floral skirt and a blouse with cap or puff sleeves will go well for this body type. You should also concentrate on wearing more bright colors like pink, red and purple instead of going for the dull greys and pastels.


Avoid collared t-shirts and dull colors which will make you look even more boyish. Turtle-necks and boat-shaped neckline goes really well with this type o figure. Accessorize with a nice clutch and dainty pieces on the neck and ears to finish the look.

For the pear shaped look:

This body type is accentuated with a heavy bottom and a proportionate upper body. Your body type needs clothes which will minimize the heavy-bottomed look and give you a well-structured appearance. You should bring attention to your upper body so wear blouses with deep necklines.
dress for body type

You can also go for blouses with detailed work on the neckline with fabrics like crepe and satin. You should wear long blouses to cover your waist and partial hips and draw attention away from your bottom. You can wear blouses or tunics with flared bottoms and team them up with jeans. The off-shoulder look also goes well with your body-type and can help to accentuate your upper body.


You should not wear short tops and T-shirts and also stay away from blouses with details on the waistline. Avoid wearing a wide belt as this will draw more attention towards your bottom.

For the big busted:

This is quite similar to the curvaceous body type but instead of an hour-glass figure, this is more of a top-heavy look with a less-endowed bottom. You should wear tops which will flatter your heavy bust, without making you look too bulky.

Blouses with deep v-necks, a mock-wrap neck teamed with medium flared trousers or A-line skirt works well. You can wear fabrics like satin, silk and crepe and also use long neckpieces to give you a less-heavy look. Well-tailored and empire line blouses go well with this look.


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You should try blouses with details on the waist and avoid necklines like the keyhole, boat-neck and high-necks. You should avoid wearing any kind of high-necked blouses like the turtle-necks. However, the cowl shaped necks work well for the big busted.
If you have a good figure but bulky legs, you should avoid wearing shorts and mini-skirts. Tall-legs can be accentuated with penciled jeans and short skirts. A flat chested girl should try a falling style of top where the neck of the blouse falls in layers to give a more heavy-chested look. Someone with bulky arms should never wear an off-shoulder or one-shoulder top.

Dressing right comes with a lot of experience and trial-and-errors. You should give yourself time to decide what looks good and you and then stick with the pattern in different styles and fabrics.

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Is He Still In Love With His Ex?

When you enter into a relationship with a man who has previously been heart-broken, the thought that he might still be in love with his ex will not probably enter into your mind immediately. There are many times when a person gets into a rebound relationship without even realizing the fact.

It is not that there is any intention to hurt your feelings; it is just one of the various twists in love. Ironically, even women love to think of themselves as the fixer of broken hearts; and willingly start an affiliation with someone who is clearly still in the throes of his previous passion.

While there is no reason to deny the start of a beautiful saga just because your affianced have had a previous relationship; but to knowingly enter into one when he still appears to love his ex, is definitely a foolhardy task. There is no guarantee that he won’t be going back to his ex, with the first chance that he gets and neither is there any assurance that he loves you truly and is not in a rebound relationship.

It is better to give him a chance to recover from his heart break before you start on a new journey. There are some very clear signs that his heart might still be in his ex’s hands and it is prudent not to ignore them completely.
She is still in his life: There is no harm in maintaining a friendly contact with one’s ex but when the person becomes a constant presence in your partner’s life, it might be a cause for worry. It is not healthy for a new pair of lovers to be constantly haunted by the presence of someone who was an important part of one of the partner’s life and will not sit well with anyone.
If your partner is spending more than the required amount of time with his ex, either in person or through the phone and net, it is time for you to have a serious talk with your partner, without any aggression or accusations, of course.

There’s no talk without ex talk: This is another painful thing one has to endure in a rebound relationship, especially if the partner is still into his ex. It will seem like there is no conversation topic between you; which does not inevitably lead to her subject. It might be a comparison of how it was before; vis-à-vis now; or it might be plain remembrance of the past, but if his ex’s ghost seems to be a constant shadow in your life, there might be a problem. It is completely normal for us to compare our previous relationships to the present one but if every topic leads to her, it means he has not moved on.

The ex fixation: Another sign that your partner’s heart firmly belongs to his ex will be displayed by his steadfast fixation with everything in her life. If his behavior borders on the edges of becoming a stalker, there is definite cause for concern. He could be continuously checking on her status messages, calling up her friends to find out about her, disturbing her with messages and e-mails etc will indicate an unhealthy obsession. While it is not a problem to be concerned about someone’s well-being, there is no excuse for spying into someone’s private life.
Jealous displays: Displaying possessiveness over one’s ex is not a very healthy sign and indicates his obsession with her. If your partner happens to bump into his ex with another man in her arms; and he starts hurling abuses at them or worse comes back home and throws a tantrum, he is still hung up on her. When he starts getting jealous at any news of her getting into another relationship, it is a definite red flag for you and needs intervention.

Trouble in the sex life: If there is trouble in the bedroom, the reason might be his ex. Accompanied with one or more of the other factors will definitely pin point to an ex related problem. When one shares a very passionate relationship with someone and that breaks off, it is difficult to get back into another so soon.

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Besides, there might be a guilt factor associated with it, if he still loves his ex. Getting into bed with someone other than his ex might be a problem for him which will lead to problems for you. And if he shouts out his ex’s name instead of yours when in the throes of his climax, well I don’t need to say anything else.

His ex is a taboo topic: Just like too much talk about his ex indicates an underlying problem, similarly his refusal to completely talk about his ex shows another. There might be another reason why he does not want to talk about her, but is he appears to have a depression attack at the mere mention of her name, trouble is definitely brewing.

Secret meetings: If you have caught your lover having secret “dates” with his ex, which when confronted, he claims to be just friendly meetings; you need to re-look at all the signs again. If he attributes his secrecy to the fact that you would be jealous may be a ruse or the truth. If he gets defensive or aggressive when confronted by you, it means he is hiding something.
While the above factors do not have to lead to an end to your affiliation, it definitely shows some potential issues which needs to be discussed with a cool demeanor. Directly throwing accusations might cause more problems than a solution, and it might be better for you to treat the matter with sensitivity and discretion.
Getting help of a mutual friend without involving yourself can provide some closure. It is good for you to work out a solution if you are truly in love, but there is no need for you to be stuck with so much baggage if there is no change in his behavior even after your discussions.

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Amazing Style With Animal Print Dresses

You may have often seen some of your favorite celebrities dressed in animal prints and looking gorgeous as well. But sometimes when you try wearing an animal print dress yourself it often raises a doubt in your mind as to whether you will be able to carry off the look. It can be a tricky affair wearing an animal print dress and carrying it off with equal élan.
Always remember that animal prints are a huge fashion trend and they will forever rule the fashion roosts. You just have to know how to dress right in animal prints and accessorize it well so that you look glamorous and trendy in this season’s best animal print dresses.

Know Which Animal Print Is In Style

Animal prints vary in their shape and style. The cheetah print or the leopard print has mostly been a favorite with celebrities and they have flaunted it in their dresses or bags and shoes and even accessories. Every season comes with a new trend in animal prints but the focus always remains on the leopard and the cheetah prints.

They are bold, big and look great when accessorized well. The zebra print is also a good option to go with if you do not feel too comfortable with the daring leopard prints. The zebra print can be easily sobered down to suit your style and personality and make you look great as well.

You must know which event is the right one for you to wear an animal print dress to. The animal print dress is definitely not meant for an office party or a formal party with your clients and business associates.
It is more suited for rather glamorous occasions where the focus is on fashion and style. However even for a formal party you can alternately opt for a great pair of shoes with animal prints or opt for an elegant animal printed clutch bag to go with your formal dress.

The animal print dress is an ideal option for an evening cocktail party and if you wear the dress the right way you will be able to make a great fashion statement. If you are confident about carrying off animal prints then you can opt for a gorgeous halter neck full length dress that will accentuate your figure and your love for this pattern as well.

You can be even more daring by wearing a side slit dress to make yourself look gorgeous in your dress. If you want to look young and trendy then you can opt for a more fun cut to suit your style. Go short on the length and purchase a knee length dress in a leopard or cheetah print.
Dress In Style With Animal Print Dresses

Keep the basics simple. A nice and straight neckline along with strappy shoulders will look great with this style of the dress. If you have a gorgeous figure and well sculpted legs than nothing can help you flaunt them better than a great animal print dress.

If you want a pretty dress to wear at a prom or for a great evening party at a friend’s place then you can opt for a zebra print dress. It does not have to be too bold but it can be subtle as well. Choose a nice flowy material so that you look feminine in your animal print dress.

Go for a maxi style dress in a light chiffon material and the white and black stripes will blend in wonderfully well. If you do not want a complete animal print dress then go for something that blends the soft and the bold together.

A partial use of animal patterns in a soft color like pink and mauve is an ideal option for people who want to keep it safe yet trendy. Thus it is important that you know what the occasion is and how your personality is before you zero in on any dress with animal prints.

Tips To Carry Off Animal Prints Well

It is a fact that it takes a little more than your regular confidence to carry off a dress with animal prints. What should you remember before you slip into one? How to accessorize and when to know that you are going over board? Find out all the rules before you own an expensive animal prints dress.

Keep It Easy On The Accessories

An animal print dress is a huge statement of its own. The pattern and the style of animal print dresses are such that it can easily over power any accessory no matter how gorgeous it is. The rule is that you should never go for a top to bottom matching spree with your animal print dress. It is the biggest fashion faux that you can commit. So keep it simple.
Dress In Style With Animal Print Dresses

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If you are wearing a leopard or a cheetah print then wear an elegant pair of black heels to compliment the loud color tone of the dress. If it a long dress then you can add a black belt around your waist to break the monotony of the outfit. A simple clutch in a monotone is the ideal accessory for a gorgeous animal prints dress. You can also opt for earthy and pastel monotones in your accessories to keep the look from going too wild.

Be Confident With The Way You Carry Yourself

You cannot carry a great animal print dress successfully if you are uncomfortable in it. You must remember that you have to appear confident and smart in an animal print dress. This pattern is for women who are not scared to do their thing their way.
So you have to have that fearless attitude about you. Be confident and move with grace and elegance. Do not fidget with your dress when you are a party. However if you still do not feel comfortable in a full animal print dress then you can simple opt for animal printed accessories to go with a well cut dress.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Eight Reasons Why Women Get Married


The Bond Of Companionship

We, as humans are social animals and require the company of our fellow human beings in our lives. It might be the care and affection of our parents, the camaraderie between siblings, the shared goodwill between friends or the passion between lovers. In all the various stages of our lives, we are flanked by the company of fellow human beings.
Among all these relationships and interactions, we have only one which is the longest and most enduring. That is the relationship between two married people. That is the only relation which has the potential of a life-long commitment, keeping the divorce rates aside. You will not have the company of your parents for your entire life. Friends and siblings will make a life of their own and get busy. The only bond that you can potentially have for a lifetime is that of matrimony.

Shared Worries Are Always Halved

We undergo a lot of worries in our lifetime and once we become older we are reluctant to burden our parents with our problems. Even though friends help by their support and encouragement, again we don’t like to bother them too much.
But it is a different matter with a spouse; you can share even the minutest of your worries and the biggest of your concerns with them. It is a moot point whether your spouse is able to help you or not, but the fact that you have someone to share your problems with, lessens your burdens by half.

The Romance Of A Life Time

Although one might loath to be tied with one particular person for their entire lives, there is another perspective to it as well. A person might talk about enjoying their single status with a multitude of lovers and partners instead of being ties to one, but this is the talk of youth and beauty.

But it is another matter when you are in your middle ages without your beauty or grace and find yourself longing for a warm body next to you, to share the cold nights of winter. Whoever has experienced the bliss of being in love realizes the feeling of having that person beside them forever. There is nothing to take away the romance of a life-time that a marriage promises, if we are wise enough to see them.

Marriage Will Make You Happier And Healthier

Now, this is a fact which has been proven after a lot of research and surveys. It has been found after many studies that married people are on an average happier and as a result healthier, than their single counterparts. Before, you start laughing at the joke, it is in fact true that while there might be insurmountable amount of problems in a marriage, when you are happily married, it is one of the best experiences.

The Practicalities Of Life

One might argue that companionship and a life-time of romance can also be found without marriage and in a live-in relationship. Although that is true, but in many countries, live-in relationship is not legally recognized and even if it is, you don’t get the benefits that you get as a married couple.
There are a lot of legal and official benefits to be had as a married person and it is a practical reason to be tied to the institution. It saves you a lot of official and legal hassles, you can get a loan for your house or your car more easily. Sometimes, it is even easier to rent a place if you are married.
It might seem unfair, but unfortunately, these are the rules. So, it might be a practical reason for you to get married, which becomes easier if you are already in a live-in relationship. After all it is just a matter of signing some papers.

The Sense Of Security

Although a live-in relationship is great, there are some places where a marriage takes away the cake. You will always have a sense of the relationship being temporary in case of a live-in together whereas marriage gives you a sense of permanence. Although, it might seem ludicrous to some, marriage does help a person stay faithful because of the sanctimony of the vows.
Even though there are no guarantees of a marriage staying forever, most people enter a live-in relationship with the feeling that it is temporary. A marriage can provide a lot of security to a woman, especially if she is not financially independent. Just because the divorce rates are high, doesn’t mean that you should enter a married life with a fatalistic attitude.

Marriage Makes You A Responsible Person

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You might already be a reliable and consistent person, but if you are not, being married has a high chance of making you become a responsible person. You will learn age-old values of compromise and selflessness and though it might sound like a horrible idea, in reality it also helps you know what kind of a person you really are. The more you get inside the realms of matrimony, the closer you come to understand yourself and your spouse.


Perhaps the most important of all reasons why women get married is the love they feel toward their future husbands. Even when financial, religious, legal or biological considerations factor into a woman's decision to get married, love and the desire to link herself to another are the most important drivers. In every society and in any context, marriage is a declaration of solidarity and a public commitment of love and support of between a husband and wife.

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6 Tips To Find And Believe In Love again

When a relationship ends in heartbreak, your world seems to have come to an end. No matter how you lose a partner, through a betrayal, divorce or death, at the time you feel as if you will never be able to find love again. It is quite natural to feel bereft and alone and stop believing in love at the time.

But while it is true that a wonderful period of your life seems to have come to an end, it does not mean that the rest of your life needs to end too. Life goes on, no matter what happens and the significant lesson we need to learn from that message is to move on, no matter what has happened. Your heart has been bruised but rest assured, it is not broken, it just feels like that.

You should genuinely love yourself and if you do, you will realize that you can find love again. And it is important to go on loving, because there is nothing in this world which makes life more beautiful than love.
You might feel insecure and scared to venture into the same path again, but if your trust your instincts and keep yourself open to the prospect of finding love again, you will do so. Depending on your own circumstances of loss, there are some steps that you can take in order to help you find love and happiness again.

Accept Your Loss

The most difficult part after heartbreak is the prospect of accepting what you have lost and the fact that it is never going to be back. There still seems to be that faint hope lurking in the minds that maybe things will be better. Well, things will definitely be better, but does not necessarily mean that it will be with the same person.
You have to accept your loss, in order to let anything else come into your life. Till the moment you cling to the memories and refuse to let go, till then you are not allowing the universe to make anything happen for you. When we lose a loved one through death, the suddenness and unexpected shock of the incident does not allow us to think about our lives at all.
But then, our loved ones would not want us to put our lives on hold indefinitely just because we feel too guilty to be happy. There should be a grieving period where you come to terms with your losses, but that should not go on, forever.

Be Open To Love

You have to be open to receiving love, for love to happen in the first place. If you refuse to let yourself be receptive towards love and keep your mind and heart locked away, you will not be able to receive anything from the universe.

Learn To Let Go Of The Guilt And Love Yourself

When we are left broken-hearted, most of the times we feel inferior and insecure about ourselves. It is a normal feeling because of the fact that we were dumped and so the mind automatically starts finding fault within ourselves.
While normal, it is not a healthy feeling and you should start letting go of any feelings of inferiority or guilt. The most important person in your life is you, and you have to learn to love yourself first in order to love someone elseds, you will feel lonely and abandoned. The faster you start socializing and having some sort of involvement with the outside life, the faster you will be able to move on in life. And it always helps to share your grief with someone who cares for you; after all, it will only be lessened.

Learn To Let Go Of The Guilt And Love Yourself

When we are left broken-hearted, most of the times we feel inferior and insecure about ourselves. It is a normal feeling because of the fact that we were dumped and so the mind automatically starts finding fault within ourselves.
While normal, it is not a healthy feeling and you should start letting go of any feelings of inferiority or guilt. The most important person in your life is you, and you have to learn to love yourself first in order to love someone else. So go ahead and indulge in some self-love and spiritual healing and set for the road to recovery.

Don’t Jump Into Anything

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This might sound contradictory when I have been harping about the importance of being open to love. The fact is that there is a time for everything , and jumping into another relationship right after the last one, to get rid of your loneliness is the wrong thing.
You need to come to terms with your loss first, otherwise it will be a rebound love and hence a failure. And rebound love affairs are very common and unfortunately do not have any distinct symptoms. So, you should be over your previous relationship completely, for you to discover genuine love again.

Don’t Make Comparisons

If you seem to have found your new partner and don’t think he matches up to your ex, stop right there. Nobody is perfect, and we always seem to think highly of the things in our past and paint a rosy picture about them. In any case, no two people are alike and just because your new partner has opposite traits from your ex, does not mean that he is bad.

The bottom line is that you should not be making comparisons between two people in your lives which is extremely unfair to your new love. If there is a quality which you have always hated then it is a fair deal to reject the person but not because he does not match up to your ex’s standards. It should be your standards, not somebody else’s.

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4 Amazing Tips To Take Care Of The Oily Skin

The difficult side of having oily skin is when you apply makeup and want it to stay and also being very shiny on your face through out the day and it can also cause spots and black heads. The reason why you may have oily skin is an over-production of sebum (oil) , often caused by hormonal changes or the products your using are too oily for you. Well I’ve found 4 tips on how you can tackle your oily skin as I have used various different products and techniques through out the years but these 4 really worked for me and I want to share these tip with you on how to tackle oily skin.
1. Eating

There are various ways to tackle oily skin but the first thing you should think about is what you put into your body to cause your skin to be oily. This means be careful of what you consume, try to stay away from anything that says fried in front of it and anything that contains fat, sugar and caffeine. You want to try eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit as these will give you so much goodness for your skin and will help balance your diet. My problem was I loved junk food like chocolate and sweets so I slowly stopped eating them and now I can really see the difference and I would only treat my self once in a blue moon to one of these things, so it is possible to cut down on the things you love to eat but maybe bad for you. Also try to drink water instead of fizzy or juice drinks as they contain lots of sugar and caffeine and the benefits of drinking water it will quench your thirst, flush out toxins and you won’t put on unwanted weight.
2. Products

Next thing you can do to help tackle your oily skin is to look at the products your using on your face. Try to use products with a none oil based and go for the water based products. The products that I would advise using and that I can’t live with out is a face wash, cleanser, toner and moisturiser by Simple. Reason being is because the product are not expressive and they are easy on the skin. Some girls do think because they have oily skin that they shouldn’t moisturise or use any product on your skin because it would make it worse, wrong. If you leave your skin to do its natural thing, your skin will get more oily to compensate for the lack of moisture on your skin and also will build up the dirt. Cleansers are so important to use on your skin as it helps remove unwanted dirt, oil and dead skin to prevent a build up that can cause spots and toners are used to close your pores so that it reduces oil coming out and prevents dirt going into your pores.

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3. Steaming Your Face

Why not try a steam facial as this will help clear your pores. First pour boiling water into a basin and add two drops per litre of lavender, lemon or sandalwood essential oil and a bunch of chopped mint or parsley. Cover your head with a towel and let the steam play over your skin for up to 10 minutes. Finish by splashing with cool water to close the pores and cleanse, tone and moisturise. Try not to wipe your face with a towel just go straight into cleansing routine as the towel may add dust or dirt into your pores causing spots.
4. Makeup

When doing your makeup try using a primer before applying as this helps to get a even base for your makeup and also helps your makeup to stay. Once finished try using a press powder or loose setting powder as this does what it says, it will set your makeup and help it last longer without too much shine. If your out and about you may need to bring with you a compressed compact powder so that when your face does get a bit shiny you can just top up the powder to matt your face, you may need to do this several time through out the day depending on how oily your skin gets.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and that they help you to tackle your oily skin.
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