Sunday, 31 May 2009

Flower Cupcakes


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Appetizing Apple Salad


Apple Salad

What you'll need:

4 medium apples (tart is best)
1/2 cup raisins
4 tablespoons walnuts, chopped
2 tablespoon salad dressing (ie Miracle Whip)
2 tablespoon skim milk


Cut apples into small cubes and then mix all of the ingredients together and blend well. Serve fresh.

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Crispy Christmas Gifts

crispy treat gifts

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Hot Chocolate Twist

Hot Chocolate

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Hot Cocoa Pops

hot cocoa pop

What you'll need:

Hot cocoa mix
Plastic cups
Popsicle sticks
Aluminum foil

How to make it:

Prepare the hot cocoa as directed, and after it has cooled pout it into a plastic cup. Next, stick a marshmallow halfway of a popsicle stick and put the stick in the cup. Place a piece of aluminum foil over the cup, poking a hole for the stick, to hold the stick in place. Freeze the popsicles overnight and, when ready, wiggle the stick back and forth to release it from the cup.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Straight talk about drugs


Drugs seem to be everywhere you turn. You probably hear about them in movies, on TV, in the news, or even at school. It’s almost like everyone is using them. But did you know that most teens don't use drugs? What's important is that you understand exactly what's out there, what's being offered to you, why your friends may pressure you to use them, and what drugs do to your body.

What are drugs?

Drugs are substances that change the way your brain and body work. Drugs can be swallowed, inhaled, smoked, or injected. Whichever way drugs are taken, they end up in your bloodstream and go to all parts of your body. Many drugs are illegal, meaning it is against the law to have them. Our list of illegal drugs explains the dangers of many different types.

Here’s the real truth about illegal drugs top

* Drugs wear off, but they can cause life-long damage to your body.
* Many drugs are addictive, which means it can be really hard to quit.

* Drugs affect your mind, making it harder to make safe choices and defend yourself in dangerous situations.

* Drug use can lead to unsafe sexual practices, which put you at risk for getting HIV. Learn more about the link between drugs and HIV here.

* Drugs are toxic and are not meant to be in your body. Your body can have an extreme reaction – you can become really sick or even die. This happens to teens every day.

* Drugs make you look ugly! Not only are drugs bad for your health, they can alter your looks dramatically! These pictures show the tragic toll that crystal meth can take on a person's physical appearance. One of the most reported physical and mental effects of the drug is "crank bugs." The "crank bugs" cause a sensation that there are bugs under the skin and the person keeps scratching at them until their arms, legs, faces, and bodies are all scarred with sores and blisters.

Why do teens take drugs?

There are many reasons teens might choose to use drugs. For some young people, using drugs makes them feel grown up. Or they think drugs will help them fit in and belong to a group. Some teens use drugs to relax and feel good, or to have more fun at a party or club. Others use drugs as a way to take risks and rebel. Some teens try drugs because they are curious. The bad news is that, in every case, using drugs is the worst way to do all of these things. The good news is that there are many more positive and healthy ways to feel grown up, be part of a group, relax and feel good, take risks, and satisfy curiosity. If you are looking for a challenge, try activities like rock climbing, hiking, or skiing. Join a club or sports team at school if you want to make friends and learn something new. You can even start your own club! Going out to a movie or shopping with friends are great ways to relax and have fun. You can probably think of many more great things that don’t involve using drugs!

Be safe: choose not to use

Ok. So you know that drugs can cause terrible problems. Now what? The hardest part is telling your friends or anyone who offers you drugs, "NO", but it is definitely worth it! Most teens have made the decision not to use drugs. Making a decision not to use drugs takes courage but you can do it! Here are some ways you can choose not to use:
* Just say, "No thanks." * Find an excuse to leave. * Stay alert: don’t allow anyone to give you drugs without you knowing it. * Ask for help from other friends or adults if someone is really pressuring you to use. * Make new friends who respect your decision not to use drugs. * Go to events that don't involve drugs. Don't put yourself in an unsafe or difficult situation.

Know when there’s a problem

How do you know a friend has a problem with drugs? Here are some signs:
* A person who has a drug problem thinks drugs are the solution to all problems. She may spend all of her free time figuring out how to do drugs and how to get money to buy drugs. * She is anxious, depressed, and irritable. * She has dropped out of regular school activities and has a group of drug-using friends. * Her grades have dropped and she may not come to school regularly. * Her sleep habits have changed. * She seems to have gained or lost a lot of weight. * She may look sick, tired, or even messy. * She also seems to be taking more and more of the drug to get the same effect. If you or someone you know shows some of these signs, you can get help! The only way out of drug addiction is to recognize that there is a problem and that you can get help from others. Turn to your parents, teachers, counselors, or any adult you trust—they care about you. Although it won't be easy, you or your friend can stop using drugs. Don't be ashamed. Asking for help could be the best decision you ever made.


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Short & Long Hairstyles


My Favorite Short Hairstyles

Are you looking for new hairstyle?? See our photo gallery!

Short Hair Style :
short hairstyle hairstyles hairstyle image

hairstyle image hairstyle image hairstyle image hairstyle image hairstyle image
hairstyle image

Angelina Jolie

Long HairStyle :
hairstyle image

This style suits hair that's in beautiful condition and it needs a tray of heated rollers to create these incredible curls.

TIP: Cover the tips of hair to protect them from the heat of the rollers.

hairstyle image

TIP: Moisturize bleached hair tips with an intensive leave-in conditioner.

hairstyle image

Oozing glamor....

hairstyle image hairstyle image hairstyle image hairstyle image

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Beauty Tips for Teen Girls

Teen Makeup and clothing is an issue for many teenage girls. If you are stressing about what you should look like as a newcomer in middle school, or a freshie in high school, here's a quick guide to help your fashion mature with you throughout middle and high school.

In Sixth grade, wear lip gloss, some mascara, and maybe a little bit of pale eyeshadow; don't go too heavy or it may look bad. If you want to try out more types of makeup, keep that for home experiments.
As for clothes, keep it in your comfort level. Bear this in mind: if you are wearing a bra or undershirt, don't let the straps hang out. It doesn't look cool; it just looks sloppy. If you are wearing a short shirt, check in the mirror to see if your stomach hangs out of the bottom. Otherwise, wear something a little bit longer. Also, if your pants are likely to slip, wear a belt. Belts are totally hip now!
* The main point is to keep the makeup light, and the clothes clean cut.

In Seventh grade you are beginning to care a little more what you look like; you might want to try curling your hair a few days a week, and using different hairstyles besides your typical ponytail.

If you are acne prone, try foundation. Remember thet even oily skin can get flaky and that looks horrible with foundation. So try it on weekends first and ask your mother (or someone that uses foundation well) if it looks okay.
In Seventh grade you might want to try eyeliner. But not too much because you don't want to look like a racoon!
Start trying to tie outfits together with accessories. It's good to try new things with your makeup and clothes. But when you try the new things, make sure it looks good on you, not just in the picture or at the store. Check out different stores, and find out if there is a style that suits you.

In eighth grade you are probably getting good at makeup and you know what you like. Try establishing your own hairstyle without looking like everyone else. For example, if everyone has long, layered hair with no bangs, try light wispy bangs and a shorter, layered look.
You might be wearing tighter jeans now and probably starting to get concerned with impressing the guys, so it's safe to try out more mature styles such as a sleek leather blazer, or lower cut necklines. If you are happy with your sports bra, that is totally OK. But it's safe now to check out the actual bra department and wear something that makes you feel pretty - like lace.

Ninth grade: high school! This is a big transition. Now in the same world as seniors, you are going to want to look like the rest of your peers. You should by now have your makeup and hair styles already. Try to update this look a bit, because no one wants to carry the same look they had in middle school. Dramatize a detail in your hair. If its known for it's left side part, part it even deeper. Make a straight style even sleeker and hip. Learn to make youre curls tighter, or looser.
In high school you might want to wear your usual make up during the day, and as you start to go out with friends and boys at night, add a darker shade of eyeliner, or jazz up your lips with something more festive. It's also good to try new shoes, try wearing spikier ankle boots with a pair of hot jeans and a blouse. Chunkier heels aren't as hip as spikes as you get older. Incorporate accessories into your outfit. Buy yourself a bag that's in suede or leather to keep your schoolbooks in, instead of a backpack. You will want to buy yourself a new jacket, and make it your own.
You know what you like, so go and find clothes that fit your style, but crank it up a notch for a more mature feel.

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Abstinence – Safe Sex is No Sex

Observed this conversation!!!

“Are you going to Steve’s party Friday night? I heartwo girls talking they will have a lot of booze there . . . and best of all,
no adults! I think he has the hots for me! He always compliments my outfits I wear to school,” said Denise.

“Denise, the guy does that to every girl in our school. You are not special to him. Besides, I hear he is dating someone,” said Kelcey.

two girls talking“So what, he says I have beautiful eyes. Secretly, we’ve been kissing everyday this week after gym class. If all goes well, according to him, after Friday night’s party, we will really be boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Denise.

“What does that mean? I hope you don’t plan on doing it with him! Please don’t fall for that trick. I won’t be going to that party and you shouldn’t either!” said Kelcey.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? You may have played the role of Denise or Kelcey:

  • A cute guy from your school invites you to a party with plenty of alcohol and no adults.
  • Everyone that’s anyone will be there. How can you possibly say no?
  • Then, of course, there is the cute guy, Steve – who has been flirting with you all week at school.
  • This is probably your one opportunity to show him how much you like him.
  • You can’t let him down and miss this party. He’ll never speak to you again!

One problem—your friend, Kelcey. She opposes this party with good reason. No adults, plenty of alcohol, sounds like trouble to her, spelled S-E-X. Too bad you are too “starry eyed” to figure this one out. Kelcey thinks Steve is bad news. She has good reason. He’s hit on her a couple of times. His reputation with girls at school is not one to be admired.

The thought of having sex while you are a teenager may seem pretty cool and a really good way to get someone to like you, but it can backfire. The truth is, having sex while you are a teen can make you feel bad about yourself and your partner. While sex may look like something very attractive and worthwhile, you often don’t see what can happen after sex when you are a teen.

Just Saying “No” is Not Always Easy

Abstinence doesn't just happen. Saying "no" to sexual intercourse, mutual masturbation, and oral sex is not enough. You have to:

* think about it ahead of time,
* make a plan,
* follow through, and
* have support from parents, friends, and people you trust.

Get clear about why you've made the choice to be abstinent, and talk to your partner about what you want and don't want and why. Don’t be afraid to take a stand about your decision. If you and your partner can’t agree, then maybe you need to find someone whose beliefs are closer to your own.

Keep in mind, you are more than just a body. During your junior and senior high school years, you may be strongly attracted to a cute guy, such as Steve. Your body may send you strong messages that make you want to get closer to him. Be sure to think before you act! Think about your future! Think about what may happen if you have sex! Your body won’t tell you how having sex may harm you physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially.

Good relationships don’t develop overnight. They take time. Think about your goals and your partner’s goals—graduating from high school, going to college, and starting a career. Instead of focusing on sex:

* join the band, a sports team, or the school choir
* get involved with community or faith-based organizations
* look for summer programs and internships
* help others in your community

Keep in mind, sex is NOT what makes a relationship work. If you are confronted with this line:

“If you care about me, you’ll have sex with me.”

Don’t believe it! You don’t have to have sex with someone to prove you like or love him! Sharing time, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and mutual respect is what makes a relationship strong. Saying “no” can be the best way to say, “I love you.” It is always best to make the choice to wait!

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Monday, 18 May 2009

How to have a quiet sleep

How to have a quiet sleep

A quiet sleep prepares you for the next day, energizes you and permits you to be more efficient in everything you do. Sleep is the most important for our body because when we sleep the body regenerates.

If you drink coffee the rest of the day, it won’t help unless you slept enough. It just energizes you for the moment, and eventually, it won’t let you sleep either the next night. Our advice is to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and to exclude the one you used to drink in the afternoon.

Avoid eating spicy or greasy food. If you escaped scot-free once, it doesn’t mean it will happen the same thing next time.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Although you may feel dizzy and sleepy after drinking alcohol, the chemical reactions of your body will stop you from having a quiet sleep.

Eat cherry. These fruits contain many vitamins and a special substance called melatonin, which we can find also in the human body and which are responsible for regulating the sleepiness. If you eat cherry before going to bed you will see that you’ll have a more quiet sleep.

Before going to bed you can also drink a glass of milk sweeten with honey. Both products contain a substance called tryptophan which will help you have a profound sleep.

Those who don’t sleep enough have the tendency to eat in excess in order to supply the lack of energy. All extra calories can easily lead to fatness. Also, the culinary choices depend on how rested you are. Follow these tips and you will surely make the right choices.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Portable Error Repair Professional v3.9.7 + Serial

Portable Error Repair Professional v3.9.7
Portable Error Repair Professional v3.9.7 | 1.45 MB

Keep your PC operating smoothly by using Error Repair Professional to scan, identify, clean and repair errors in your PC with a single click. With a few easy steps, it will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provides a list of the registry errors found. You can then choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair them all. Windows Registry is the nerve center of your PC and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. These problems can occur for many reasons including uninstalling software with poor un-installation routines, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, improperly deleting files and orphaned startup programs. By using Error Repair Professional regularly to fix error in Windows registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows boot faster.

Windows Registry is the nerve center of your PC and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. These problems can occur for many reasons including uninstalling software with poor un-installation routines, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, improperly deleting files and orphaned startup programs. By using Error Repair Professional regularly to fix error in Windows registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows boot faster.

The Windows registry is a database which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows 32-bit versions, 64-bit versions. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of the PC. Whenever a user makes changes to "Control Panel" settings, or file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry.

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6 tips to kill flu

6 tips to kill flu

Until a real treatment against flu is invented, why not use these tips?

Don’t blow your nose
As weird as it may seem, by doing this it generates the inflammation of a sinus. The best solution to solve the bottomed nose problem is to easily blow each nostril or to use a special product from the drugstore.

Don’t postpone the fitness session
A study revealed the fact that cold doesn’t affect the capacity to physical activity. It seems that all those that choose to continue doing this, recover faster than those that interrupt any fitness activity. The symptoms are alleviated.

Avoid dry air
Studies reveal that cold spreads better in dry air. When the quantity of water in the air is low, the virus survives more time. If air in your house is too dry, buy a humidity maker device.

Go to sauna
Sauna reduces the cold symptoms. A six months study reveals the fact that persons who go to sauna regularly catch a cold rarely, than those who don’t go to such a place.

Avoid coldness
Your grandmother was right when she said that you should wear one blouse more not to catch a cold. Another study demonstrated that if you are cold most of the time, you tend to catch a cold faster.

Sleep more!
People that sleep less than 7 hours/ night are third times more exposed to catching a cold than those who sleep 8 hours or more. So draw the curtains, turn off the light and make the bed, and take a nap.

Try following these tips and hopefully you will be healthier most of the time.

source :

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10 tips to get rid of acne



Acne is one of the most common complexion problems and it inevitably affects everyone’s life at a certain moment. It can appear at any age, although teenagers are the most affected by it as it can cause them anxiety and disturbance. Acne is a skin inflammation that generates the appearance of pimples and black points. Acne appears from an extra secretion of the sebum glands and is present especially at teenagers. Dehydration and sebum can cause the close of pores creating the proper environment for food, stress and hygiene have a small contribution to acne appearance. Feminine hormones can cause it’s appearance during the period or during pregnancy.

How to get rid of acne? Here are some tips which might help you win the “battle” with acne.

1. A careful wash is important although too much can irritate pimples causing further infection.

2. Use a gentle shower gel or a special soap created for acne problems.

3. Exfoliation is also important as it removes the death skin layers. After cleaning the face with a delicate soap use an exfoliating mask at least once or two / week. It helps you reduce the death skin cells and clean the pores.

4. In order to avoid a possible pore reloading it is recommended using cosmetic products that don’t contain oil. In order to avoid having a dry skin use tonic lotions. And be careful also to hair products which tend to contain a lot of oil also.

5. Use everyday different towels and clean the complexion from perspiration.

6. Wash your hair at least twice / week using special oily hair shampoo.

7. Don’t press or pinch pimples.

8. If you are desperate and you see that nothing helps you, go to the doctor’s and ask for special products to treat acne. He will surely recommend the best of them.

9. Avoid as much as possible eating chocolate or drinking coffee. The food must not be very spicy. Fast-food, snacks, sweets or cereals are not recommended by doctors. Instead of these eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

10. Avoid as much as you can tight clothes or humid places.

I hope these tips will help you overpass this difficult problem. Good luck and hope hearing good news from you.

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Finding your love

Finding your love

Women say that most good men are taken and the others are gay, while men say that women are all looking for rich men. Both are wrong. Finding your half depends surely on you, not on others.

Experts say that both men and women make the same mistakes every time when looking their half. One of the most common mistakes is that they are looking for the impossible, the man of their dreams, who is very hard to find nowadays.

As older as they become, women tend to be more and more exigent regarding the man of their dreams, which is a normal thing actually. The problem comes when reality runs too far and they are waiting for someone who doesn’t exist.

There are also people who succeed in finding their half, but some consider these people as being lucky ones, and the cases are rare.

In order to find the perfect guy, you need to be emotionally mature, to stop attracting men who have problems, to have a positive attitude, to develop future projects and not to have an obsession from finding your partner.

Before getting involved in a relationship remember these things you must never do:

  • Don’t move away those people that seem perfect;
  • Don’t stay all day long waiting for someone to appear from the sky;
  • Don’t go to inconvenient places for socializing;
  • Don’t consider that you can fulfill your life only with a lover’s help;
  • Don’t live in fear of fail;
  • Don’t hope that a relationship will last forever when you meet someone;
  • Communicate directly so that you make sure that everything is perfectly understood;
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO.
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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Secret About GirlFriend


Cewek manusia yang termisterius karena mood dan sifatnya yang mudah berubah... Tentunya para cowok-cowok yang punya cewek / pacar harus bisa "mengetahui" apa arti "tersembunyi" kata-kata yang dilontarkan oleh cewek pada cowoknya
Berikut ini adalah beberapa perkataan cewek beserta maksud sebenernya :

1. I Love U : Aku milik kamu dan mau melakukan apa pun demi kamu.

2. Kamu ganteng : Kamu cowok yang paling special di hidup aku dan paling aku sayang (bukan bener2 muka ganteng) hahahah…

3. Mantan kamu/ Si cewek “X” sama aku cantikan mana? : Kamu lebih sayang aku apa mantan kamu/ si cewek X?

4. Aku gendut ga? : Aku JELEK ga?

5. Aku gak PD ada di sini : Aku KALAH CANTIK sama cewek2 yang ada di sini! Aku takut kamu JELALATAN sama mereka karena aku kalah cantik! Kita pergi aja yuk dari sini!

6. Aku gak punya baju : Aku gak punya baju TERBARU yang lagi trend!

7. Aku kurusan loh : Puji aku dong kalo badan aku bagus!

8. Aku BETE sama si”A” : Aku mau kamu jelek2 in si “A” di depan aku!

9. Aku baik2 aja : Aku pengen kamu khawatir ada apa sama aku!

10. Aku stress, capek : Aku pengen kamu ada di samping aku dan hibur aku!

11. Jangan paksa aku : Aku gak mau melakukan hal yang kamu minta!

12. Kamu sayang aku gak? : Kamu serius mau berkorban jiwa raga nyawa harta keluarga dan apapun gak buat aku?

13. Kamu cinta aku gak? : Kamu anggep aku satu2 nya cewek terspesial yang gak mungkin kamu sakitin di dalam hidup kamu gak?

14. Aku cantik gak sih : Aku lebih baik dari cewek2 yang kamu kenal gak sih?

15. Kalo bisa telfon aku ya : Aku tungguin kamu telfon aku sampe pagi!

16. Aku gak suka tempat itu : Tempat itu gak bisa membuat aku menjadi HEBAT! Aku akan menjadi CUPU jika aku berada di dalem sana.

17. Aku suka tempat itu : Di tempat itu aku bisa menunjukkan kehebatan aku!

18. Aku gak suka pake tanktop n rok mini : kemungkinan (1). Aku gak mau mengumbar aurat! Takut dosa, kemungkinan (2). Aku gak nyaman pake baju kaya gitu karena gak biasa (3). Kalo pake tanktop lemak2 aku akan terexpose, aku gak PD!

19.Ya udah, aku emang bego : Kamu cowok egois gak mau ngaku salah!

20. Tempat ini asik banget, aku suka di sini : Aku seneng ada di sini sama kamu, dan aku mau lebih lama di sini, jangan ajak aku buru2 pulang!

21. Cewek itu cantik banget deh!? : Aku pengen deh kaya cewek itu!

22. Cewek itu kaya pecun : Aku gak suka liat penampilan dan gerak gerik cewek itu karena kamu bisa tergoda sama dia!

23. Cowok itu jago gitar : Kamu belajar gitar donk!

24. Cowok itu GANTENG deh : Kamu cemburu donk sama cowok itu!

25. Cowok itu jelek : Kamu jangan berpenampilan kaya gitu ya…

26. Aku laper lagi nih, makan lagi yuk : Aku masih mau ngobrol2 lagi sama kamu di tempat yang tenang (semacam restoran atau cafe)

27. Kalo kamu mau jalan sama cewek itu ya udah aku gak apa2 : Kalo kamu mau NYAKITIN hati aku silahkan, tapi aku akan susah memaafkan kamu!

28. Ikut donk jalan sama temen2 kamu : Aku mau donk deket juga sama temen2 kamu!

29. Ceweknya temen kamu enak ya di kasih kejutan sama cowoknya : Aku juga mau donk di kasih kejutan kaya ceweknya itu sama kamu.

30. Aku sakit : Tengokin aku donk!

Ada beberapa hal yang sangat berbeda yang gak perlu diomongin/di bahas keseringan sama pacar kamu, diantaranya:

  1. Cowok gak usah sering2 ngomongin sport and otomotif” sama ceweknya, kecuali cewek kamu tipe cewek tomboy (alias doyan bola, doyan balap mobil, doyan naik gunung, dll) atau cewek kamu memang bergelut di bidangnya. Kalo cewek kamu cewek biasa (gak tomboy) jangan sering2 yaaa… Jangan sering2 bukan berarti GAK BOLEH NGOMONGIN SAMA SEKALI loh! Boleh aja kok sesekali!
  2. Cewek gak usah sering2 ngomongin fashion dan make-up” sama cowoknya, kecuali cowok kamu tipe cowok metroseksual yang suka merhatiin penampilan cewek2 di sekelilingnya dengan agak berlebihan (rada serem sih cowok begini, hehehe). Kalo cowok kamu biasa (alias standart aja ngurusin penampilan kalo lagi perlu) jangan sering2 yaaaa… Jangan sering2 bukan berarti KAMU GAK TANYA SAMA SEKALI PENDAPAT DIA TENTANG PENAMPILAN KAMU KETIKA KE PESTA SAMA DIA… Sedikit2 boleh kok!
  3. Cowok jangan muji2 cewek lain dengan “segitunya” di depan cewek kamu. Kenapa? Karena cewek kamu sebenernya udah BERUSAHA loh menjadi yang tercantik dan terbaik buat kamu, kalo emang kamunya belom “sreg” atau pengennya cewek kamu penampilannya kaya si “x”, maka cara menyampaikannya jangan dengan muji2 si “x” itu cantik, seksi, hot, lucu, gaul, imut, modis (fisik) atau kamu jangan suruh cewek kamu berpakaian seperti si “x”, potong rambut model si “x”, bersikap asik kaya si “x”, JANGAN!. Kalau kamu melakukan itu yang ada cewek kamu tersinggung dan sakit hati, lalu berfikir kamu gak sayang sama dia karena fikiran kamu tersita oleh si “x”.
  4. Cewek juga jangan muji2 “KEHEBATAN” cowok lain secara berlebihan di depan cowok kamu. Misalnya, kamu berkali2 muji2 cowok “x” pinter, gaul, jago basket, jago gitar, kalo liat dia ber orasi rasanya hati meleleh, sering dapet penghargaan, mahasiswa berprestasi, atlet di sekolah, jago masak, romantis, jago acting, atau apapun yang berbau “HEBAT”. Karena cowok akan ngerasa (gak tau sih ngerasa apa, cuma yang jelas mereka SEBEL aja kalo ceweknya bangga2 in cowok lain).

Menurut gue 4 hal di atas mutlak. Mau ampe jungkir balik juga cewek akan males kalo di ajak ngomong soal otomotif atau sport keseringan (dengan penegcualian tentunya). Begitu pun cowok, mereka juga males kalo ceweknya dikit2 tanya, “sayang kalo baju aku warna dusty pink, kira2 tas yang cocok apa ya? Yang ungu apa yang putih? Kalo yang jingga apa gak terlalu matching? Lipstiknya kalo pink agak ke orange-an pas ga?.” Yah… cowok mana paham soal gituan, mereka akan bilang bagus2 aja atau bilang terserah kamu. Cowok emang tau cewek cantik, keren, manis, imut, seksi tuh kaya apa, tapi mereka gak ngerti elemen2 apa yang harus kamu mix and match supaya kamu jadi cantik, manis, imut, dll (ini juga dengan pengecualian).

Nah, sekarang gue mau bocorin sama cowok2 tentang RAHASIA OMONGAN CEWEK ke kamu. Gue yakin PASTI buanyak buanget cowok yang suka bingung maksud dari omongan cewek kamu itu apa. Cewek kamu ngomongnya A, tapi ketika kamu melakukan A eh dia ngambek. Hahahaha…

1. Suasananya lagi ujan petir, gledek, dingin banget. Kamu dan cewek kamu di dalem mobil nyari tempat makan.

Cowok : “Mau makan di mana?”

Cewek : “Terserah kamu deh!? Di mana aja!”

Kemungkinan (buruk) : Cowok akan berhenti di sebuah tempat makan terdekat yang dia liat (karena ceweknya bilang terserah), cowok mikir karena udah laper, ya udah lah di situ aja! Toh ceweknya bilang terserah di mana aja. Setelah turun cewek kamu diem, cemberut, di suruh pesen gak mau dan bilang “gak ah aku gak doyan makanannya!“ sampe akhirnya dia gak makan, terus di jalan ngeluh “Laper, dan mag nya kambuh” Gue yakin kamu PASTI BINGUNG! Hahahah….

Boys,, kalo kamu ada dalam situasi kaya gitu dan cewek kamu ngomong“Terserah kamu deh!? Di mana aja!”

Artinya : Aku (cewek) mau kamu pilih tempat makan yang nyaman, rasanya enak, banyak pilihan, gak kecipratan ujan, gak berisik sama bis2 lewat, pokoknya cozy, sesuai suasana, ujan2 gini gak mungkin kita makan yang dingin2, pilih tempat yang cocok. Di mananya terserah kamu, pokoknya itu syaratnya.

Solusinya : Kalo cewek udah jawab “Terserah kamu deh!? Di mana aja!”

kamu langsung aja pikirin tempat makan yang lokasinya di dalem mall atau restoran gede, yang menunya cocok di saat ujan (alias anget). Kamu kasih pilihan ke dia. “Oke, kamu mau makan steak di resto A, bakso/mie ayam di warung B, soto di C, atau mau ke foodcourd mall D supaya kamu bisa milih sendiri?”. 70% cewek pasti akan jawab apa pilihan dia, atau bahkan dia malah menyebutkan 1 tempat yang ada di pikiran dia. 30% cewek akan tetep diem dan jawab “di mana aja”. Kalo kebetulan kamu punya cewek nyebelin kaya yang 30% kamu langsung putusin aja yang paling aman, yaitu, “oke kita ke mall D,, di sana kamu bisa pilih makanannya sendiri!” cewek itu kemungkinan menjawab “oke” atau dia akan buat keputusan “dari pada ke mall itu kita ke cafe F aja yuk”. Dan semua permasalahan kamu (boys) beres.

2. Suasananya malem, kamu jemput ke rumah cewek, mau pergi ke pesta nikahan sahabat/keluarga kamu di hotel/gedung.

Cewek : “Say, mendingan aku pake baju yang marun ini, krem ini apa putih ini kalo warna sepatu aku gold kaya gini (dia tunjukin sepatunya) dan tasnya cokelat kaya gini (dia juga tunjukin tas nya)”

Cowok : “hmmm… putih aja deh, kan netral!?”

Cewek : “Tapi kalo putih terlalu besar dan efek pita nya bikin aku menggendut!?”

Cowok : “Ya udah yang mana aja deh, tadi kan kamu tanya mana yang cocok, aku kasih pilihan kamu gak mau… ya udah acaranya kan tinggal ½ jam lagi, jangan lama2 kamu dandannya!?”

Kemungkinan (buruk) : cewek kamu akan dandan asal (sengaja), diem selama perjalanan, gak semangat dan cemberut. Selama di pesta mojok sendirian, gak PD sama penampilannya. Kalo kamu tanya kenapa dia ngambek, dia akan jawab “aku gak PD sama penampilan aku, tadi aku nanya sama kamu kamunya gak peduli, malah bilang acara ½ jam lagi! Ya udah dari pada aku merusak acara kamu dan telat, aku dandan aja asal2 an!, ya udah sana kamu lanjut aja sama temen2 kamu! Aku malu, dandanan aku kaya mau ke pasar!?”

Boys,, kalo kamu ada dalam situasi kaya gitu dan cewek kamu tanya soal baju mana yang cocok, atau sepatu mana yang macthing, dll

Artinya : Aku (cewek) mau kamu liat niat aku untuk tampil cantik demi kamu sampai mengeluarkan tiga baju/sepatu/tas. Aku mau kamu mengagumi betapa mulianya niat aku sampe segitunya ingin tampil perfect demi ngedampingin kamu. Aku mau kamu senyum ketika melihat aku ribet dengan “perjuangan aku berdandan cantik demi kamu”, aku mau kamu ketika aku tanya soal baju mana yang cocok, kamu sedikit berfikir dan bilang kalau semua baju itu cocok aku kenakan malam itu untuk mendampingi kamu.

Solusinya : Kalo cewek udah tanya soal penampilan, GAMPANG, kamu sedikit mikir, lalu kamu bilang ke cewek kamu “say, di antara 3 baju itu, menurut kamu yang paling bagus dan cocok yang mana?”. Kalo dia jawab “yang ini (krem misalnya).

Kamu tinggal bilang “coba aku liat dulu… hmmm (mikir lagi) iya, krem bagus! Cocok, pantes banget sama kamu, ya udah pake yang krema aja ya…” dan cewek kamu akan senang. Dia menganggap kamu “mikir”, dan ikut mendukung “usaha” cewek kamu untuk tampil cantik ketika mendampingi kamu. Sebenernya ketika cewek bertanya soal penampilan, dia udah punya jawabannya kok baju mana yang paling cocok dengan sepatu gold dan tas cokelat, yaitu baju krem. Dia bertanya cuma untuk memancing supaya kamu mengetahui “usaha” nya tampil cantik demi mendampingi kamu. Dan dia berharap karena kamu tau dia segitunya demi kamu, maka kamu akan semakin MENYAYANGI dia.

3. Suasananya lagi berdebat, soal kamu mau ketemuan sama MANTAN kamu bareng temen2 ceweknya dan beberapa temen2 cowok kamu tanpa sepengetahuan cewek kamu, lalu ketauan.

Cowok : “Yang, mantan aku kan bareng temen2 nya, aku juga bareng temen2 aku, ya udah lah, kita kan sekarang cuma temenan!?”

Cewek : “Ya udahlah! Terserah kamu! Pergi aja!?”

Kemungkinan (buruk) : Cewek kamu pergi ninggalin kamu sambil nangis dan tiba2 sms dengan kata2 “Selamat bersenang2 sama mantan kamu dan cewek2 lain bareng temen2 cowok kamu, kalo ternyata CLBK, kamu balikan lagi aja sama mantan kamu! Toh kamu rencana ketemuan sama dia aja sampe nutupin dari aku kan biar aku gak tau? Ya udah nikmatin aja kenangan2 indah kamu sama dia! Gak usah pikirin perasaan aku!? Selamat bersenang2”

Besoknya setelah kamu ketemuan (kemungkinan terburuk) cewek kamu nangis2 terus, ketika kamu temuin dia lagi nangis parah, dan tanpa kata2 sama kamu, dia akan selalu menepis kamu dan kalo terus2 an begini, lama2 dia akan minta putus (ini sih kemungkinan terburuk)

Kalo cewek kamu udah ngomong “Ya udahlah! Terserah kamu! Pergi aja!?”, padahal sebelumnya kalian berdebat abis2 an.

Artinya : Aku (cewek) udah terlalu sakit hati karena kamu nutup2 in ada rencana mau ketemuan sama mantan kamu dan temen2 mantan kamu. Parahnya kamu ngajak temen2 kamu tanpa aku tau. Kamu udah gak sayang sama aku karena kamu gak mau ngajak aku, kamu milih bersenang2 dengan mantan, makanya kamu berusaha supaya aku gak tau. Padahal aku sayang banget sama kamu, tapi kamu tega nutup2in demi kesenangan kamu sendiri sama si mantan dan temen2 ceweknya. Padahal aku cewek kamu, kamu seharusnya gak nutupin, kamu seharusnya ngajak aku dan perkenalkan aku ke mantan kamu dan kamu harusnya tunjukin kalau kamu BANGGA sama keberadaan aku dan udah anggep MANTAN kamu itu BEKAS PACAR YANG GAK PENTING!. “Ya udahlah! Terserah kamu! Pergi aja!?” = aku (cewek) mau cowok aku NGERASA gak enak karena aku mengizinkan pergi padahal dia udah bohong, ketemu mantannya tapi nutup2 in. Sekarang aku suruh cowok aku pergi aja supaya cowok aku ngerasa bersalah dan membatalkan rencananya. Aku mau cowok aku gak pergi! Kalo pergi berarti cowok aku bener2 memilih bersenang2 dengan MANTAN, dan itu artinya COWOK AKU GAK SAYANG AKU!.

Solusinya : Kalo cewek udah bilang “terserahlah, pergi aja!” kamu jangan langsung bilang “oke, makasih“ lalu kamu pergi. Kalo kaya gitu cewek kamu akan sangat sakit hati. Kamu harus minta maaf karena kamu “nutup2in ketemuan sama mantan dari dia“, kedua kamu bilang, kamu udah janji, gak enak kalau gak jadi, lalu kamu ajak cewek kamu ikut juga (cewek akan menilai kamu bener2 ngerasa bersalah dan gak ada niat macem2 sama mantan karena kamu juga berani ajak cewek kamu dan ngenalin dia ke mantan kamu). Kalo cewek kamu bilang “gak mau, MALES ketemu MANTAN kamu!“,

saran gue, mendingan acara sama MANTAN nya dibatalin (telfon mantan kamu di depan cewek kamu dan batalin), tapi kalo udah terlanjur janji sama temen2 cowok kamu jalan udah fix harinya ya bilang aja “oke aku udah BATALIN ketemu mantan, tapi sama anak2 udah janjian, gak enak, kamu mau ikut gak? Kita mau ke “x“, ikut yuk?“, kamu emang harus bujuk cewek kamu supaya ikut (dengan membujuk dia ikut cewek kamu yakin kalo kamu bener2 serius gak mau nutup2 in apapun dari dia). Kalo cewek kamu mau ikut, ya udah kamu ajak lah dia jalan sama temen2 kamu. Atau jika dia gak mau ikut, kamu bisa jalan dengan temen2 kamu dengan tenang (ASAL KAMU JANGAN CURANG JANJIAN LAGI SAMA MANTAN). Kalo emang kamu mau ketemuan sama mantan rame2, (misal mantan kamu temen 1 SMP, otomatis ketemu kalo ada reuni, dsb) ya kamu bilang aja ke cewek kamu jujur, bahwa kamu mau ada acara SMP, biarkan cewek kamu tau, Insya Allah dia gak akan segitunya kok sama mantan kamu.

Artikel ini saya dapat dari mbak imanilah
Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat bagi para cowok supaya bisa mengerti lebih dalam tentang cewek

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Saturday, 9 May 2009

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Friday, 8 May 2009

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

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