Thursday, 30 September 2010

iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Portable

iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Portable

Advanced SystemCare scans more, repairs more, cleans more, and optimizes more for your computer than ever before. Enjoy That New PC Feeling Again. Designed for the latest Windows system environment. Gives your PC better speed and reliability. Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation. High-speed Disk Defrag function to defragment hard drives up to 10 times faster than other defragmentation tools. Registry Clean and Optimization. Safelycleans registry junk, compacts registry bloats and defragment the whole registry for maximum performance.

Key Benefits:
Defends PC Security with Extra Protection
Detect and analyze Windows security environment. Scans and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files. Prevents spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer. Erases and updates your PC’s activity history.
Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives
Boosts your system’s performance by cleaning missing files, destroying unwanted files, deleting obsolete files, and removing junk files. Supports clean-up of over 50 different types of junk files.

Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access
Tunes up Windows by unleashing the built-in power of your system. Dramatically improves both system and Internet performance up to 400%.
Fixes Multiple System Errors
Does more than a registry cleaner, keeping your PC stable and running at peak efficiency. Repairs PC configurations by eliminatingsystem bottlenecks and preventing crashes.

Extremely Easy to Use
Completes its work with just one click. Scans, repairs and gives personal care to your PC in one minute.

Size (RAR): 13.9 Mb
2% recovery record

Download iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Portable

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Google Chrome 7.0.539.0 Canary Portable

Google Chrome 7.0.539.0 Canary Portable

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. In Google Chrome, you can get anywhere on the Web with one box. The address bar that sits at the top of the normal Google Chrome window simplifies your Internet experience by doubling as a search box. You can also use it to bookmark websites and stay aware about the security of a website.

Type your search query in the address bar, and it automatically suggests related queries and popular websites, based on your input. (Google Suggest is the default service that provides auto-suggestions unless your default search engine uses an alternate service.)

Visit a webpage
If you know the specific web address you're trying to access, type it directly in the address bar. Press Enter on the keyboard or click the arrow icon to load the webpage. As you type, Google Chrome also automatically searches your browsing history and shows you the number of matches at the bottom of its drop-down menu.

Create a bookmark
If you come across an interesting webpage that you'd like to access again in the future, click the star icon on the browser toolbar to create a bookmark. A bubble confirming the addition of the bookmark appears. To tweak the bookmark's name, edit the text in the 'Name' field. Use the 'Folder' drop-down menu to choose where you want to store the bookmark. Learn more about organizing bookmarks. To tweak the bookmark's URL, click the Edit button. If you accidentally clicked the star icon, you can quickly revert your action by clicking the Remove link. Learn more about deleting bookmarks.
Website security
If Google Chrome detects that the website you're trying to access will securely transmit data using SSL, you'll see the following:
The background color of the address bar changes to gold.
The 'https' in the URL appears in green for websites with SSL-secured connections established.
A lock icon appears at the end of the address bar.
If a SSL-secured connection cannot be established, then you'll see an alert icon at the end of the address bar, among other possible browser warnings. You can click the icon to open the 'Security information' dialog box and see more information.

Size (RAR): 24.2 Mb
2% recovery record

Download Google Chrome 7.0.539.0 Canary Portable

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

NASA World Wind 1.4.1 Portable

NASA World Wind 1.4.1 Portable

NASA World Wind 1.4.1 Portable | 28 MB

World Wind lets PC users zoom from satellite altitude into any place on the globe. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there.

Virtually visit any place in the world. Look across the Andes, into the Grand Canyon, over the Alps, or along the African Sahara.

World Wind allows any user to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and SRTM elevation data to experience Earth in visually rich 3D, just as if they were really there.

Particular focus was put into the ease of usability so people of all ages can enjoy World Wind. All one needs to control World Wind is a two button mouse.

Additional guides and features can be accessed though a simplified menu. Navigation is automated with single clicks of a mouse as well as the ability to type in any location and automatically zoom into it.

World Wind benefits most from a video card with 3D acceleration. If you don't know whether your machine comes with one, it is likely to have one built in if the computer was purchased within the past two years.

World Wind requires that you have DirectX and the .NET runtime environment installed. If you don't have them on your computer, World Wind Setup will direct you to web pages where you can downloadDirectX and .NET runtime environment.

World Wind comes with data you can zoom into. After a certain point, World Wind will begin to download more images automatically. The servers hosting this information are very busy and may be unresponsive until we get the necessary infrastructure.

Here are some key features of "NASA World Wind":

· 3D Engine
· Blue Marble
· Landsat 7
· Landmark Set


· .NET 2.0
· Intel Pentium 3, 1 GHz, or AMD Athlon or higher
· 256 MB of RAM
· 3D Graphics Card
· nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra
· ATI Radeon 7500
· Intel Extreme Graphics 2
· DSL / Cable connection or faster
· 2 GB of disk space
· DirectX

What's New in This Release:

· Plugin: Movie Recorder (added avi xport)
· Plugin: Place Finder Loader (Supports more geocoders)
· Plugin: Satellite Tracker
· Plugin: Virtal Earth, downloads Microsoft local live data (must be loaded from the plugins menu, then activated by clicking the toolbar icon)
· Plugin: Improved WMS browser with GetCapabilities support
· data: New NRL data
· data: WFS placenames and boundaries
· Core: New accurate sunshading
· Core: Support for 3D models
· Core: Atmosphere (Improved with atmospheric scattering)
· Core: Added widget support
· Widget: New scalebar
· Widget: Time controller
· Widget: 3D compass widget
· Installer: Removed background
· Installer: Mars, Moon, SDSS icons removed
· Installer: .Net 2.0 check
· Installer: Added command line tags NODOTNET, /NODX, /NOMDX) to skip detection of .NET, DirectX 9.0c, and Managed DirectX, to skip checks respectively.


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Media Convert Master Portable

Media Convert Master Portable

Media Convert Master Portable | 49 Mb

Media Convert Master is a professional video converter, you can convert your video and audio files from one format to another. It supports multiform convert formats including AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, WMV, RM, SWF, AAC, AC3, MP2, MP3, AMR, WAV, VOB and ASF. It is extremely professional converting software with fast conversion speed and high quality. It can let users enjoy their video converting.

Main Functions:

Video Conversion
Audio Conversion
Features List:
It can convert all formats to AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, WMV, BM, SWF, AAC, AC3, MP2, MP3, AMR, WAV, VOB and ASF.
Adjustable edit profile to add or delete formats at your will.
Batch convert video formats.
Supports any video formats user defined as the output.
You can customize video profiles video and parameters for output video.

Step by Step How to convert a file:

1. Click "Open" button to add the video files that you want to convert.
2. Click the desired Main Panel button to select a target format that you want to convert to.
3. Then click "Edit Profile" button to customize profile properties.
4. Set a valid output directory to save converted files before start converting. Click "Browse" button to select desired output directory or write valid output directory manually.
5. Click the "Convert" button to start your converting. There will be a new file in your selected output directory.

Supported Formats:

Download Links:

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QIP 2010 Build 4179 Portable

QIP 2010 Build 4179 Portable

QIP is a program for online communication. It's one of the most popular instant messengers. It is used by many thousands of users. QIP supports OSCAR (ICQ), XMPP (Jabber), Gtalk (Jabber), LiveJournal (Jabber), Mail.Ru Agent, IRC и XIMSS (SIP), Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte. QIP is for instant message delivery and feedback. Messages from different people in one window. No advertisement during the communication. New opportunities appear constantly. Large set of skins. Fast and light.

Size (RAR): 6.09 Mb
2% recovery record

Download QIP 2010 Build 4179 Portable

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TeamViewer 5.1.9220 Portable

TeamViewer 5.1.9220 Portable

The one-step solution for remote access. TeamViewer is the fast, simple and friendly solution for remote access over the Internet - all applications in one single, very affordable module. Remote control of computers over the Internet. Instantly take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet, even through firewalls. No installation required, just use it fast and secure. Training, sales and teamwork. TeamViewer can also be used to present your desktop to a partner on the Internet. Show and share your software, PowerPoint presentations etc. File transfer, chat and more. Share your files, chat, switch the direction during a teamwork session, and a lot more is included in TeamViewer.

Size (RAR): 2.85 Mb
2% recovery record

Download TeamViewer 5.1.9220 Portable

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CCleaner 2.36.1233 Portable

CCleaner 2.36.1233 Portable

CCleaner is a system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware!

Cleans the following:
Internet Explorer
- Temporary files, URL history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.
- Temporary files, URL history, cookies, download history.
- Temporary files, URL history, cookies.
- Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
Registry cleaner
- Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more... also comes with a comprehensive backup feature.
Third-party applications
- Removes temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, MS Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and many more...
This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

Size (RAR): 1.06 Mb
2% recovery record
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aTube Catcher 2.2.519 Portable

aTube Catcher 2.2.519 Portable
aTube Catcher 2.2.519 Portable | 18.44 Mb

aTube Catcher is a handy application that allows you to easily download and convert videos to various formats for offline enjoyment. Download videos from social web sites like MySpace, Dailymotion,Google, Yahoo!, Metacafe, etc; now has support for more than 100+ video sharing sites!; it has bult-in support for RTMP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), a new way for streaming video which hundred sites are using to deliver high quality content at faster speeds.

You can download and export the multimedia content to your computer or your mobile device, IPOD, PSP, Cell Phone, DVD, VCD, MP3 (Yes, you can extract only audio tracks from your favorite videos), includes templates so you don't have to worry about the encoding options, but if you want, you can customize the options and get higher quality video/audio.

The default format is MPEG4 AVI, the file types supported are 3GP, 3G2, AVI, XVID, MP4, MP3, MP2, WMA, WMV, GIF, FLAC, WAV, PSP, MPG, VOB, OGG, MOV, AVI. aTube Catcher also is available in many languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Catalá, Slovensky, Portuguese and Italian (you can help to translate it to your language), all in a easy to use GUI, just Copy & Paste the url of your video.

Here are some key features of "aTube Catcher":

· Stable, reliable, and fast!
· Turbo Downloads up to 600% faster!!!
· Now In just 2 steps create and record DVD's!!!
· Capture Videos, SWF, and MP3's from any web site using StreamCatcher mode!
· Record video from your screen!, yes now you can record Live, Yahoo, etc Messenger video conferences with a few clicks, even video from sites like Hulu, CBS, directly from your Screen!
· New Video Converter Mode, convert lots of files easily with one click to any output format!
·Introducing new profiles for encoding your videos/audios in MP4,MP3,MPG,3GP,3G2,WMV,AVI,MOV,etc... almost any input/output format supported!
· Built-in Profile editor, create, edit and share your custom encoding profiles with the community!
· DVD Creator Mode!. aTube Catcher can directly record DVD's, just drag any video file in almost any input format on the window, they will be converted automatically and recorded to any DVD+/-R/DVD+/-RW Media!. Supports all standard DVD/CD Recorders!
· Recorded DVD's can be played on any standard home DVD player!
· IE Cache Media Browser, browses the Internet Explorer's cache looking for Video files and SWF's
· URL Monitor. Yes, monitor your Web browser's windows to catch your links even if the address bar is hidden.
· Download and join multiple videos as a new one. Forget time limitations, you can join all the chapters of the same video.
· In Normal mode for direct download, are supported hundred of sites like Megavideo, DailyMotion, FaceBook, Tweetvid, etc.
· Multiple languages available!
· Creates VCD's
· If you have a Megavideo account, you can login-in to download full and original files!
· Now you can merge existent videos into any format!
· New video search tool, helps you to find thousands of videos in a few seconds, display results on your screen with a low memory usage; you can right click over results or double click to open built-in web player !
· "Clipboard monitor", helps you to keep a history of the links copied to your clipboard. !
· Now aTube Catcher takes advantage of the multi-core CPU's when converting multiple videos simultaneously. Put to work your new powerful multi-core cpu and enjoy its power!
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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Burn4Free CD & DVD ML Portable

Burn4Free CD & DVD ML Portable
Burn4Free CD & DVD ML Portable | 5.06 Mb
Burn4Free is the new free burning solution. Easy to use. Compatible with more than 3000 CD/DVD drives. Copy DVD. Burns data and audio from different files types (WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WavPack and .CDA (Import from Digital Audio Disc File)) Burn/Save .ISO file. Verify content. Overburning. Import your audio compilation from .M3U and .ASX Plyalists. CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM drives (SCSI-IDE/EIDE-USB 1.0/2.0) are supported. Multi-languages. ISO support. Copy BLU RAY, DVD Dual Layer support. PrintCompilation. Save/Load project from disk.

The 4 way to burn a CD/DVD with Burn4Free:
1) The Fly Window: a nice and very useful transparent window to drag & drop files to burn
2) Right Click: use Burn4Free embedded menu by right clicking on each folder or file
3) The Add Window: use Burn4Free internal File Manager4) Drag&Drop: drag your folder/file and drop into Burn4Free main window

Home Page -

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Platinum Hide IP Portable

Platinum Hide IP Portable

Platinum Hide IP Portable | 2.78 Mb
Use Platinum Hide IP to keep your real IP address hidden, surf anonymously, secure all the protocols on your PC, provide full encryption of your activity while working in Internet, and much more.

Key Features
• Anonymize Your Web Surfing
Your real IP is hidden when you surf on the Internet, keeping your online activity from being tracked by others.
• Protect Your Identity
Anonymous web surfing enables you to prevent identity thieves from stealing your identity or other personal information, and keep your computer safe from hacker attacks or other risks.
• Choose IP Country and Check IP
Proxy lists of many countries are enabled and you decide to select one country from the Choose IP Country window. You can check the current IP address directly.
• Send Anonymous Emails
Send anonymous emails through any web based mail system such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
• Get Unbanned from Forums and Blocked Websites
Change your IP address and then you can get unbanned yourself from any forums or other blocked websites that have ever banned you from.

Download Links:
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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Payment from IpCpm (Get money from every IP from your Blog)


Ipcpm is a new program for make money online with blog or website. Just put the code from ipcpm to your blog or website (after you login)
Get Paid up to $2 /1000IPs. They accept any country's IP
Payout in 72 hours!  Min Pay Just $2.

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Payout from Sendptp $1

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My Payment Proof from PTP4ever

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Promoting a web page up to 2$ cpm !

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How to Know if Someone is Your Soul Mate


Every person in this world can feel so lonesome despite the many people and things that concern one. It seems there is something lacking inside that has to be searched for out there, like the one person we can be comfortable with, like a soul mate. Thus, it will be best for you to find the ways on meeting your soul mate.

Meeting your soul mate is also called by others as meeting your twin spirits. This event is equated to the feeling of deep connection with another that can be inexplicable. The concept of soul mates is associated to the spiritual experience. This serves as a metaphor to represent that wonderful event that is beyond words to define.

It is believed that soul mates came about because the two people, no matter how far they are in this world, find their way in the same path. They may be exact opposites, but their connection makes them easily complement one another. They may also be so alike that they will share the same views.
Knowing and meeting your soul mate is a very refreshing event. However, some people might find it difficult to think that they will find their soul mate. There are many strangers in this world. How can one bump to the destined person? How can one know that someone is the right soul mate?

How to Know If Someone Is Your Soul Mate?
If you are worried that meeting your soul mate might not happen in this lifetime, then it is high time to start exploring your options. There are many people in this world. It might be difficult to simply guess. Consider the various ways on knowing and meeting your soul mate.
The points provided here are helpful tips to know if someone is your destined twin spirit. However, these have to be carefully evaluated with the situation. There is no one formula in meeting your soul mate. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes it takes some luck. It is not bad to hope that you get to meet that perfect person soon enough.

1. Sharing the Same Sentiments and Priorities
Try talking to the people you meet. A soul mate will definitely be able to relate to your views and sentiments. Some people say that your soul mate is your complete opposite. Others insist that you will think and feel alike. No matter which view it may be, in meeting your soul mate, you should feel something in common, like sharing a special thought or view.

2. Determine the Comfort Level
Whenever you meet someone new, it takes some time before you get to feel at ease. However, in meeting your soul mate, he or she is definitely someone you can easily feel comfortable with. You will be surprised that you can easily open up and converse even if you just met. This is a gut feeling that you have to be aware of in meeting your soul mate.

3. Have Faith
Most people may have difficulty finding their soul mate. Meeting your soul mate is not something that you can easily advertise. Thus, it is important to have faith in your self and in the future. Things will happen. Sometimes, we only have to wait for the proper time. Just stay in your belief until you know that someone you meet is your soul mate.
It is a big deal to find your destiny. It is even a more important deal to find the ways on knowing and meeting your soul mate.

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Top 10 Best Friendship Quote and Saying

quotes.gif best friend quotes. image by rippergirl
Top 10 Friendship Quote :

1. A stranger stabs you in the front; a friend stabs you in the back; a boyfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends only poke each other with straws.

2. If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me.

3. A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad.

4. The words that escape a friend's mouth are "I'll be there when you say you need me" but the words that are unheard from a true friend's heart are "I'll be there... whether you say you need me or not."

5. Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.

6. It's the times we're so crazy,
that people think we're high.
It's the times we laugh so hard,
we can't help but cry.
It's all the inside jokes
and "remember whens".
those are all the reasons
that we're best friends!

7. The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had.

8. If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them

9. A stranger stabs you in the front; a friend stabs you in the back; a boyfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends only poke each other with straws.

10. When we first talked to each other
I knew we would always be friends.
Our friendship has kept on growing
And I'll be here for you to the end.

You listen when I have a problem
And help dry the tears from my face.
You take away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place.

We can't forget the fun we've had
Laughing 'til our faces turn blue.
Talking of things only we find funny
People think we're insane-If they only knew!

I guess this is my way of saying thanks
For catching me when I fall.
Thanks once again for being such a good friend
And being here with me through it all.
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Friday, 3 September 2010

How To Be a Better Friend


Make time for friendships. Nothing makes closeness fade away more than never talking to or seeing each other. While some bonds of friendship may be strong enough to span long silences, most aren't. If you cherish a person's friendship, make time for him or her, whether it's just the occasional phone call, e-mail or a weekly get-together.
  • On your computer at home or work, make a note to "call friends" regularly.

  • Keep a Post-it note on the phone, the bathroom mirror, the car dashboard, anywhere you're likely to see it.

  • Also make sure your friends' phone numbers are programmed into your phone. Then call a friend when you have a spare 10 minutes.

  • Schedule a regular once-a-month lunch – same time, same place.
Remember: a true friend doesn't flee when changes occur. Nothing is sadder for new parents than to find that their single friends have abandoned them because of the baby. A good friend is one who stays true through it all – marriage, parenthood, new jobs, new homes, any losses. Just because a situation's changed doesn't mean the person has.

Make sure you aren't being a burden to a friend. Friendships fade away if there isn't an equilibrium between the give and the take. Be sensitive to how much your friend can and can't offer you – be it time, energy or help – and don't overstep the mark. And vice versa: friendships that drain you will not last. If a friendship is out of balance, talk the situation through.

Be a good listener. It can be the hardest thing in the world to do – simply to listen as he or she pours it all out or is seeking your advice or opinion. To be a better listener, follow this advice:

  • Maintain eye contact. Offer nods and murmurs to indicate that you understand his or her point of view.

  • Don't finish your friend's sentences. If you catch yourself planning your response while your friend is still talking, gently remind yourself to focus.

  • Minimize distractions – don't write or read e-mails, open the mail or watch television while you're on the phone to your friend. He or she will hear the lack of interest in your responses.

  • Be careful with advice. Assume your friend wants to let off steam, not necessarily ask for a plan of action.
Be in your friend's corner if he or she's not there to defend him or herself. If you're at a gathering at which someone mentions your friend disparagingly, defend him or her against gossip or criticism. Say, "Mary is my friend, and it makes me feel bad to hear you talk this way." Sooner or later, news of your loyalty will travel back to your pal, and it will deepen your friendship.
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24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong


You never mean: Could care less

You always mean: Couldn't care less

Why: You want to say you care so little already that you couldn't possibly care any less. When the Boston Celtics' Ray Allen said, "God could care less whether I can shoot a jump shot," we know he meant exactly the opposite because 1) God has other things on his mind, and 2) God is a Knicks fan.

You might say: Mano a mano

You might mean: Man-to-man

Why: You don't speak Spanish by adding vowels to the end of English words, as a columnist describing father–teenage son relationships seemed to think when he wrote, "Don't expect long, mano a mano talks." Mano a mano (literally, "hand to hand") originated with bullfighting and usually refers to a knock-down, drag-out direct confrontation.

You might say: Less

You might mean: Fewer

Why: In general, use fewer when you're specifying a number of countable things ("200 words or fewer"); reserve less for a mass ("less than half"). So when you're composing a tweet, do it in 140
characters or fewer, not less.

You never mean: Hone in

You always mean: Home in

Why: Like homing pigeons, we can be single-minded about finding our way to a point: "Scientists are homing in on the causes of cancer." Hone means "to sharpen": "The rookie spent the last three seasons honing his skills in the minor leagues." But it's easy to mishear m's and n's, which is probably what happened to the Virginia senator who said, "We've got to hone in on cost containment." If you're unsure, say "zero in" instead.

You might say: Bring

You might mean: Take

Why: The choice depends on your point of view. Use bring when you want to show motion toward you ("Bring the dog treats over here, please"). Use take to show motion in the opposite direction ("I have to take Rufus to the vet"). The rule gets confusing when the movement has nothing to do with you. In those cases, you can use either verb, depending on the context: "The assistant brought the shot to the vet" (the vet's point of view); "the assistant took the shot to the doctor" (the assistant's).

You might say: Who

You might mean: Whom

Why: It all depends. Do you need a subject or an object? A subject (who) is the actor of the sentence: "Who left the roller skates on the sidewalk?" An object (whom) is the acted-upon: "Whom are you calling?" Parents, hit the Mute button when Dora the Explorer shouts, "Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?"

You almost never mean: Brother-in-laws, runner-ups, hole in ones, etc.

You almost always mean: Brothers-in-law, runners-up, holes in one, etc.

Why: Plurals of these compound nouns are formed by adding an s to the thing there's more than one of (brothers, not laws). Some exceptions: words ending in ful (mouthfuls) and phrases like cul-de-sacs.

You almost never mean: Try and

You almost always mean: Try to

Why: Try and try again, yes, but if you're planning to do something, use the infinitive form: "I'm going to try to run a marathon." Commenting on an online story about breakups, one woman wrote, "A guy I dated used to try and impress me with the choice of books he was reading." It's no surprise that the relationship didn't last.

You almost never mean: Different than

You almost always mean: Different from

Why: This isn't the biggest offense, but if you can easily substitute from for than (My mother's tomato sauce is different from my mother-in-law's), do it. Use than for comparisons: My mother's tomato sauce is better than my mother-in-law's.

You almost never mean: Beg the question

You almost always mean: Raise the question

Why: Correctly used, "begging the question" is like making a circular argument (I don't like you because you're so unlikable). But unless you're a philosophy professor, you shouldn't ever need this phrase. Stick to "raise the question."

You might say: More than

You can also say: Over

Why: The two are interchangeable when the sense is "Over 6,000 hats were sold." We like grammarian Bryan Garner's take on it: "The charge that over is inferior to more than is a baseless crotchet."

You almost never mean: Supposably

You almost always mean: Supposedly

Why: Supposably is, in fact, a word—it means "conceivably"—but not the one you want if you're trying to say "it's assumed," and certainly not the one you want if you're on a first date with an English major or a job interview with an English speaker.

You might say: All of

You probably mean: All

Why: Drop the of whenever you can, as Julia Roberts recently did, correctly: "Every little moment is amazing if you let yourself access it. I learn that all the time from my kids." But you need all of before a pronoun ("all of them") and before a possessive noun ("all of Julia's kids").

You might say: That

You might mean: Which

Why: "The money that is on the table is for you" is different from "the money, which is on the table, is for you." That pinpoints the subject: The money that is on the table is yours; the money in my pocket is mine. Which introduces an aside, a bit of extra information. If you remove "which is on the table," you won't change the meaning: The money is for you (oh, and unless you don't want it, it's on the table). If the clause is necessary to your meaning, use that; if it could safely be omitted, say which.

You never mean: Outside of

You always mean: Outside

Why: These two prepositions weren't meant for each other. Perfectly acceptable: "Wearing a cheese-head hat outside Wisconsin will likely earn you some stares and glares (unless you're surrounded by Green Bay Packers fans, that is)."

You might say: Each other

You might mean: One another

Why: Tradition says that each other should be used with two people or things, and one another with more than two, and careful speakers should follow suit: "The three presenters argued with one another over who should announce the award, but Ann and Barbara gave each other flowers after the ceremony." (By the way, if you need the possessive form of either one when writing that business letter, it's always each other's and one another's; never end with s'.)

8 Confusing Pairs

leery, wary: suspicious
weary: tired

farther: for physical distance
further: for metaphorical distance or time

principle: rule
principal: of your school

compliment: nice thing to say
complement: match

continual: ongoing but intermittent
continuous: without interruption

stationary: stands still
stationery: paper

imply: to suggest a meaning
infer: to draw meaning from something

affect: typically a verb, meaning "to act upon or cause an effect"; as a noun, it's "an emotional response"
effect: typically a noun, meaning "something produced," like a special effect; as a verb, "to bring about," as in "to effect change"

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13 Places in Airports to Get Healthier Choices


1. Starbucks
The ubiquitous chain has more than fun drinks and strong coffee. Starbucks has many healthy options for you and your family. Take their lovely packaged meals—most with calorie counts—on your flights. Grab a nice Calm tea as well to soothe those nerves.

What to try:
  • Roma Tomato & Mozzarella Sandwich: 380 calories
  • Ham & Swiss Sandwich: 360 calories
  • Chicken on Flatbread with Hummus Artisan Snack Plate: 250 calories
  • Farmer's Market Salad: 230 calories

Most airports

2. Gordon Biersch
This brewery chain has many locations for the hungry traveler. Here are a few of the lighter options. As always salads without crispy things and light on the dressing are always a good choice.

What to try:
  • Lobster & Crab Cake Sandwich: 500 calories
  • Half Roasted Turkey & Swiss Sandwich: 500 calories

  • Wedge Salad: 200 calories
  • Grilled Chicken Cashew Salad: 550 calories
  • Ahi Salad: 520 calories
  • Olive Lemon Vinaigrette: 1 fl oz is 90 calories

  • Bistro Steak & Crab Stuffed Shrimp: 440 calories
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi (with pineapple salsa): 430 calories
  • Grilled Chilean Sea Bass: 290 calories
3. California Pizza Kitchen
There is more to this restaurant than pizza, and it has locations all over the U.S.

What to try:
  • Asparagus Soup: (vegetarian and creamless) 106 calories per cup, 213 for a bowl
  • Moroccan Chicken Salad (half): 421 calories
  • Chinese Chicken Salad (half): 376 calories
  • Frozen Lemonade: 70 calories
4. Wolfgang Puck Express
This chain can be found in many airport locations. Try one of the salads or sandwiches light on the dressing and sauce.

What to try
  • Chinois Chicken Salad: 284 calories
  • Smoked Ham and Swiss: 570 calories 
5. Paradise Bakery and Cafe
Drop into this healthy cafe for a few wholesome options before you fly.

  • Paradise Pasta Salad: 330 calories
  • Traditional Turkey Sandwich: 510 calories
  • Summer Berry Salad (large): 240 calories

Phoenix Sky Harbor International
Denver International

6. Legal Sea Foods
Traveling through Boston or Philly? Check out these little Legal Sea Foods outposts.

What to try:
  • Try a shrimp cocktail, fresh fish, or a wedge salad with grilled shrimp or scallops, light on the dressing. This is airport food?!

Boston Logan International
Philadelphia International

7. Au Bon Pain
If you're a New Yorker you know Au Bon Pain is an essential for quick, healthy food. Here are a few delicious options at this chain.

  • Demi Ham Sandwich on a Baguette: 330 calories
  • Demi Turkey Sandwich on a Baguette: 320 calories

  • White Bean and Asparagus Salad: 250 calories
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Asiago: 290 calories
  • Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette: 50 calories

  • Butternut Squash and Apple Soup (Small):140 calories
  • Carrot Ginger Soup (Small): 90 calories

Miami International
Orlando International
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
Baltimore-Washington International Airport
Logan International Airport, Boston
LaGuardia Airport, NY
Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
Philadelphia International

8. Nature's Table
When traveling through Atlanta and Orlando catch these rare fresh options.

  • Shanghai Chicken Salad With Dressing: 385 calories
  • Greek Salad With Dressing: 377 calories

  • Avocado Cucumber Sandwich: 344 calories
  • Mediterranean Chicken Wrap With Feta (no dressing): 483 calories

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
Orlando International

9. Chili's Too
Chili's has some good options for low-cal satisfying fare. Just choose wisely and, sorry, anything called a "big mouth burger" is off the healthy menu.

What to try:
  • Broccoli Cheese Soup: 120 calories
  • Guiltless Grill Asian Salad: 410 calories
  • Santa Fe Chicken Wrap With Veggies: 610 calories
10. TCBY
Sometimes you need something sweet to complete a meal. The frozen yogurt at TCBY will keep your diet on track as you wait for the plane.

  • All of the soft-serve yogurt is under 120 calories per ½ cup serving, top with any berries for less than 10 calories extra. Have it on a sugar cone for 50 more calories
Cost has many sandwiches and salads to choose from. Try their lighter side menu as well to cut calories from your favorite choice.

What to try:
  • Mediterranean Shrimp Salad: 357 calories
  • Shanghai Chicken Salad: 313
  • Fire Roasted Veggies Sandwich: 324 calories
  • 3 Bean Chili (small): 150 calories

Reagan National, Virginia
Boston Logan International
Dulles International, Virginia

12. Jamba Juice
You know all about Jamba Juice and their great juice options. Well, they also carry food and are opening in airports all over the country. They don't post their grab-n-go menu options with calories, but it says calories counts are available at the locations.

What sounds good?
  • Chimichurri Chicken Wrap
  • Ginger Soy Grilled Chicken Salad

Chicago O'Hare International
San Diego International
George Bush Intercontinental, Houston
Newark Liberty International
Denver International
Charlotte Douglas International
Portland International

13. Quiznos
Quiznos has some good options for the hungry traveler. Many sandwiches are under 500 calories.

What to try:
  • Classic Honey Bourbon Chicken (small): 315 calories
  • Veggie Bullet: 330 calories

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    20 Simple Ways to Get Happy


    State of Mind

    Happiness is ephemeral, subject to the vagaries of everything from the weather to the size of your bank account.

    We're not suggesting that you can reach a permanent state called "happiness" and remain there. But there are many ways to swerve off the path of anxiety, anger, frustration, and sadness into a state of happiness once or even several times throughout the day. Here are 20 ideas to get you started. Choose the ones that work for you. If tuning out the news or making lists will serve only to stress you further, try another approach.

    How to Be Happier
    Although relationships are one of the best antidotes to stress, sometimes you need time alone to recharge and reflect.
    1. Practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Instead of worrying about your checkup tomorrow while you have dinner with your family, focus on the here and now -- the food, the company, the conversation.

    2. Laugh out loud. Just anticipating a happy, funny event can raise levels of endorphins and other pleasure-inducing hormones and lower production of stress hormones. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, tested 16 men who all agreed they thought a certain videotape was funny. Half were told three days in advance they would watch it. They started experiencing biological changes right away. When they actually watched the video, their levels of stress hormones dropped significantly, while their endorphin levels rose 27 percent and their growth hormone levels (indicating benefit to the immune system)

    3. Go to sleep. We have become a nation of sleep-deprived citizens. Taking a daily nap or getting into bed at 8 p.m. one night with a good book -- and turning the light out an hour later -- can do more for your mood and outlook on life than any number of bubble baths or massages.

    4. Hum along. Music soothes more than the savage beast. Studies find music activates parts of the brain that produce happiness -- the same parts activated by food or sex. It's also relaxing. In one study older adults who listened to their choice of music during outpatient eye surgery had significantly lower heart rates, blood pressure, and cardiac workload (that is, their heart didn't have to work as hard) as those who had silent surgery.

    5. Declutter. It's nearly impossible to meditate, breathe deeply, or simply relax when every surface is covered with papers and bills and magazines, your cabinets bulge, and you haven't balanced your checkbook in six months. Plus, the repetitive nature of certain cleaning tasks -- such as sweeping, wiping, and scrubbing -- can be meditative in and of itself if you focus on what you're doing.

    6. Just say no. Eliminate activities that aren't necessary and that you don't enjoy. If there are enough people already to handle the church bazaar and you're feeling stressed by the thought of running the committee for yet another year, step down and let someone else handle things.

    7. Make a list. There's nothing like writing down your tasks to help you organize your thoughts and calm your anxiety. Checking off each item provides a great sense of fulfillment.

    8. Do one thing at a time. Edward Suarez, Ph.D., associate professor of medical psychology at Duke, found that people who multitask are more likely to have high blood pressure. Take that finding to heart. Instead of talking on the phone while you fold laundry or clean the kitchen, sit down in a comfortable chair and turn your entire attention over to the conversation. Instead of checking e-mail as you work on other projects, turn off your e-mail function until you finish the report you're writing. This is similar to the concept of mindfulness.

    9. Garden. Not only will the fresh air and exercise provide their own stress reduction and feeling of well-being, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from clearing a weedy patch, watching seeds turn into flowers, or pruning out dead wood will last for hours, if not days.

    10. Tune out the news. For one week go without reading the newspaper, watching the news, or scanning the headlines online. Instead, take a vacation from the misery we're exposed to every day via the media and use that time for a walk, a meditation session, or to write in your journal. 

    Block and Focus

    11. Take a dog for a walk. There are numerous studies that attest to the stress-relieving benefits of pets. In one analysis researchers evaluated the heart health of 240 couples, half of whom owned a pet. Those couples with pets had significantly lower heart rates and blood pressure levels when exposed to stressors than the couples who did not have pets. In fact, the pets worked even better at buffering stress than the spouses did.

    12. Scent the air. Research finds that the benefits of aromatherapy in relieving stress are real. In one study people exposed to rosemary had lower anxiety levels, increased alertness, and performed math computations faster. Adults exposed to lavender showed an increase in the type of brain waves that suggest increased relaxation. Today you have a variety of room-scenting methods, from plug-in air fresheners to essential oil diffusers, potpourri, and scented candles.

    13. Ignore the stock market. Simply getting your quarterly 401(k) statement can be enough to send your blood pressure skyrocketing. In fact, Chinese researchers found a direct link between the daily performance of the stock market and the mental health of those who closely followed it. Astute investors know that time heals most financial wounds, so give your investments time -- and give yourself a break.

    14. Visit a quiet place. Libraries, museums, gardens, and places of worship provide islands of peace and calm in today's frantic world. Find a quiet place near your house and make it your secret getaway.

    15. Volunteer. Helping others enables you to put your own problems into perspective and also provides social interaction. While happy people are more likely to help others, helping others increases your happiness. One study found that volunteer work enhanced all six aspects of well-being: happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over life, physical health, and depression.

    16. Spend time alone. Although relationships are one of the best antidotes to stress, sometimes you need time alone to recharge and reflect. Take yourself out to lunch or to a movie, or simply spend an afternoon reading, browsing in a bookstore, or antiquing.

    17. Walk mindfully. You probably already know that exercise is better than tranquilizers for relieving anxiety and stress. But what you do with your mind while you're walking can make your walk even more beneficial. In a study called the Ruth Stricker Mind/Body Study, researchers divided 135 people into five groups of walkers for 16 weeks. Group one walked briskly, group two at a slow pace, and group three at a slow pace while practicing "mindfulness," a mental technique to bring about the relaxation response, a physiological response in which the heart rate slows and blood pressure drops. This group was asked to pay attention to their footsteps, counting one, two, one, two, and to visualize the numbers in their mind. Group four practiced a form of tai chi, and group five served as the control, changing nothing about their lives. The group practicing mindfulness showed significant declines in anxiety and had fewer negative and more positive feelings about themselves. Overall they experienced the same stress-reducing effects of the brisk walkers. Better yet, the effects were evident immediately.

    18. Give priority to close relationships. One study of more than 1,300 men and women of various ages found that those who had a lot of supportive friends were much more likely to have healthier blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar metabolism, and stress hormone levels than those with two or fewer close friends. Women, and to a lesser extent men, also seemed to benefit from good relationships with their parents and spouses. Studies also find that people who feel lonely, depressed, and isolated are three to five times more likely to get sick and die prematurely than those who have feelings of love, connection, and community.

    19. Take care of the soul. In study after study, actively religious people are happier and cope better with crises, according to David Myers, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. For many people faith provides a support community, a sense of life's meaning, feelings of ultimate acceptance, a reason to focus beyond yourself, and a timeless perspective on life's woes. Even if you're not religious, a strong spirituality may offer similar benefits.

    20. Count your blessings. People who pause each day to reflect on some positive aspect of their lives (their health, friends, family, freedom, education, etc.) experience a heightened sense of well-being.

    READ MORE - 20 Simple Ways to Get Happy

    Thursday, 2 September 2010

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    Wednesday, 1 September 2010

    Resep Crispy Lemon Corn Flake


    275 gr        Nestle CORN FLAKE, tumbuk kasar
    200 gr        mentega
    50 gr          shortening / mentega putih
    100 gr        gula halus
    150 gr        tepung terigu
    1 sdm         susu bubuk DANCOW full cream
    2 btr           kuning telur
    1 sdt           emplex (optional)
    1 sdt           air jeruk lemon
    1 sdt           Baking Powder (BP)
    1 sdm         parutan kulit jeruk lemon

    Cara membuatnya:
    • Tempatkan CORN FLAKE dalam baskom, sisihkan.
    • Kocok mentega, shortening dan gula halus hingga lembut, masukkan telur, kocok lagi sebentar, tambahkan emplek dan BP, kocok cepat satu menit. Tuang air jeruk lemon dan kulit jeruk lemon parut, aduk rata.
    • Tuangi tepung terigu, aduk rata. Masukkan adonan dalam plastik segitiga (Piping bag), gunting ujungnya selebar 1/2cm. Spuitkan diatas CORN FLAKE, gulingkan, angkat dan tata dalam loyang yang sudah dipoles mentega tipis.
    • Panggang dalam oven hingga matang. Lk. 30 menit suhu 150’C.
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    Resep Membuat Donat Cokelat Empuk


    Category:   Baking
    Style:   Other
    Servings:   40 Buah

    Siapa yang kuasa menolak sepotong donat empuk dengan balutan cokelat? Apalagi disajikan hangat dengan secangkir teh, hm....
    Jika Anda punya waktu luang, cobalah sesekali bikin sendiri, gampang ko, asal sedikti sabar karena membuat donat memerlukan waktu lumayan lama karena ada proses fermentasi. Keluarga pasti akan bangga dengan donat empuk bikinan Anda. Resep/Dapur Uji/Foto/Food Stylist: Budi Sutomo

    Tepung terigu tinggi protein/hard wheat/cap cakra kembar1400 g
    Tepung terigu protein sedang/medium wheat/cap segi tiga biru 600 g
    Ragi instan/instan yeast 30 g
    Gula pasir 250 g
    Margarin 300 g
    Air es 900 ml
    Telur (kuning & putih) 200 g
    Susu bubuk 60 g
    Baking powder 20 g
    Bread Improver 1 sdt
    Vanili bubuk/pasta 1/2 sdt
    Garam halus 25 g
    minyak untuk menggoreng
    Dark cooking chocolate/cokelat blok hitam, tim hingga meleleh 400 g
    White cooking chocolate/cokelat blok putih, tim hingga meleleh 200 g

    1. Campur tepung terigu, ragi instan, susu bubuk, gula pasir, telur, baking powder, bread improver, vanili dan garam. Aduk rata. Tuang air dan margarin, aduk dengan mixer roti kecepatan 2 selama 12 menit atau hingga adonan kalis. Pengadukan bisa dilakukan manual dengan tangan hingga adonan kalis.
    2. Bulatkan adonan, diamkan di tempat yang hangat dan tertutup selama 30-60 menit atau hingga adonan mengembang dua kali lipat. Kempeskan adonan.
    3. Giling adonan dengan ketebalan 1 cm. Cetak dengan cetakan donat. Lakukan hingga adonan habis.
    4. Diamkan adonan yang telah dibentuk selama 40 menit. Panaskan minyak, goreng adonan donat hingga matang dan berwarna kuning kecokelatan. Angkat. Dinginkan.
    5. Siram donat dengan cokelat tim. Beri motif garis dengan white cooking chocolate. Atur di dalam piring saji. Hidangkan.

    Tip: Kandungan air dalam tepung terigu berbeda-beda, tambahkan air sedikit demi sedikit, hentikan penambahan air jika adonan menjadi terlalu lembek.
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    Resep Kue Berry Chocolate Cookies



    Semua orang pasti akan melirik jika Kue Berry Chocolate Cookies ini diletakkan diatas meja. Selain bentuknya bulat seperti buah yang menarik perhatian orang, rasa coklatnya juga begitu terasa.

    Bahan Resep Kue Berry Chocolate Cookies :

    • 175 g margarin
    • 100 g mentega tawar
    • 180 g gula halus
    • 4 kuning telur
    • 330 g tepung terigu
    • 80 g coklat bubuk
    • 35 g tepung maizena
    • 50 g chocolate chip
    • 50 g cengkih
    • 150 g gula halus
    Cara membuat Kue Berry Chocolate Cookies :

    • Ayak tepung terigu, cokelat bubuk dan tepung maizena. Sisihkan. Olesin loyang dengan margarin. Panaskan oven dengan suhu 160C
    • Kocok margarin, mentega tawar dan gula halus selama 2-3 menit. Masukkan kuning telur, lanjutkan mengocok 1 menit atau hingga tercampur rata.
    • Masukkan tepung secara bertahap sambildiaduk hingga bisa dibentuk.
    • Ambil sedikit adonan, betuk bulat lonjong. Susuh diloyang. Tusuk-tusuk dengan tusuk gigi hingga memberi tekstur seperti buah. Tancapkan cengkih dibagian atas.
    • Panggang hingga matang selama 25 menit. Keluarkan dan dinginkan.
    • Taburin dengan gula halus atau donut dusting sugar.
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    Resep Ayam Goreng Crispy

    Category:   Meat & Seafood
    Style:   American
    Special Consideration:   Quick and Easy
    Servings:   10 Potong

    Description :
    Membuat ayam goreng crispy ala ayam goreng Kentucky tidaklah sulit. Asal tau teknik pembuatan dan komposisi bahan yang tepat maka ayam goreng berkulit renyah, kering dan gurih bisa tercipta dari dapur Anda. Jika Anda jeli membaca peluang usaha, ayam goreng crispy bisa menjadi alternatif menu berwirausaha. Selamat mencoba.

    Ingredients / Bahan :
    1 kg ayam, potong-potong
    1 sdt bubuk bawang putih
    1 sdt lada halus
    ¼ sdt bubuk cabe merah kering
    ½ sdt garam halus
    Minyak untuk menggoreng
    Pelapis Cair:
    300 ml air dingin/air es
    300 g tepung terigu tinggi protein/cap cakra kembar
    40 g tepung maizena
    ½ sdm susu bubuk
    1 butir kuning telur
    ½ sdt baking soda
    ¼ sdt garam halus
    ½ sdt lada halus
    ¼ sdt vetsin
    Pelapis Kering:
    400 g tepung terigu tinggi protein
    100 g tepung maizena
    ½ sdt baking soda
    1 sdt bubuk kaldu instan rasa ayam
    1 sdt bubuk bawang putih
    ¼ sdt vetsin (jika suka)

    Directions / Cara Membuat :
    1. Pelapis cair: Campur tepung terigu, tepung maizena, susu bubuk, baking soda, lada, garam dan vetsin. Aduk rata. Masukkan kuning telur dan air sedikit demi sedikit sambil di aduk hingga tercampur rata. Simpan di dalam kulkas/tempat yang dingin.
    2. Pelapis Kering: Campur semua bahan pelapis kering. Aduk rata. Sisihkan.
    3. Bumbui potongan ayam dengan lada, garam, bawang putih bubuk dan cabe merah bubuk. Aduk rata. Diamkan 15 menit agar bumbu meresap.
    4. Gulingkan potongan ayam ke dalam pelapis kering hingga seluruh permukaan terselimuti tepung. Celupkan ke dalam pelapis cair dan gulingkan kembali ke dalam pelapis kering. Lakukan hingga ayam habis.
    5. Panaskan minyak, goreng ayam di dalam minyak banyak dengan panas sedang. Masak hingga ayam matang, berwarna kuning kecokelatan dan kering. Angkat. Tiriskan. Atur di dalam piring saji. Hidangkan hangat dengan saus sambal atau saus tomat botolan.

    READ MORE - Resep Ayam Goreng Crispy

    Resep Kue Putri Salju


    Putri Salju
    Ciri khas dari Kue Putri Salju ini adalah gula halus yang bertaburan dikue tersebut. Tentunya akan menambah selesa, dengan adanya gula halus yang mirip salju tersebut.

    Bahan Resep Kue Salju:
    • 250 gr mentega tawar, bekukan
    • 100 gr gula kastor
    • 200 gr kacang mete, panggang, haluskan
    • 250 gr terigu
    • 150 gr gula bubuk u/ taburan aduk dg 1/2 sdt Vanili
    Cara Membuat Kue Salju:
    • kocok mentega dan gula pasir hingga pucat, tambahkan kacang mete, dan terigu, aduk rata.
    • bulatkan adonan, simpan dalam lemari es 30 menit.
    • bentuk bulan sabit, atur diloyang, panggan kira-kira 20 menit (suhu 160′c)
    • gulingkan kedalam gula bubuk.

    - mentega dibekukan untuk mendapatkan kue yg ngeprul dan krenyes-krenyes, beda dengan mentega yg tidak dibekukan.
    Dengan adonan yg dibekukan lebih dahulu, akan diperoleh kue kering yg garing dibagian luar dan “ngeprul” bagian dalamnya, tapi tetap renyah.Ada juga yg membekukannya setelah jadi adonan, shg lebih mudah dibentuk…..
    - Yg benar adalah waktu panas2 ditaburin gula bubuk…simpan biar dingin…rahasia satu lagi adalah setelah dingin baru dicelupin ke gula donat, maka putri salju kamu akan cantik berselimut tebal…Gula donat itu gula khusus utk donat, rasanya juga khas…berasa dingin dilidah…dan gak mudah leleh….
    READ MORE - Resep Kue Putri Salju

    Resep Kue Nastar


    Kue Nastar adalah kue kering yang paling populer, baik disaat hari raya idul fitri, natal dan hari raya lainnya. Kue Nastar memang terkenal dengan selai nanas yang terdapat didalam kue nastar tersebut.
    Bahan Resep Kue Nastar :

    • 4 butir kuning telur
    • 2 butir kuning telur untuk bahan olesan
    • ½ kg mentega butter atau margarin
    • ½ kg tepung terigu
    • 100 gr gula halus untuk kue
    • 300 gr gula pasir untuk selai
    • 1 bungkus vanili
    • 100 gr keju Gouda atau keju Cheddar sebagai pengganti
    • 1 buah nanas
    • 1 potong kecil kayu manis
    Cara Membuat Kue Nastar :
    Selai :

    • Nanas dikupas dan diparut
    • Masukkan gula pasir dan masak sampai matang dan kental
    • Dinginkan hingga bisa dibulat-bulatkan sebesar mutiara
    Adonan :

    • Siapkan loyang berbentuk persegi panjang dan olesi dengan margarin
    • Kocok 4 kuning telur dengan gula halus dan mentega hingga mengembang
    • Masukkan parutan keju ke dalam adonan
    • Masukkan terigu dan vanili
    • Aduk-aduk hingga membentuk adonan yang bisa dibulatkan
    Kue :

    • Bulatkan kue dengan tangan hingga berukuran sedikit lebih kecil dari ukuran bola golf
    • Masukkan bulatan selai ke dalam bulatan kue
    • Olesi permukaan kue dengan kuning telur
    • Susun kue di dalam loyang dan panggang di dalam oven sampai matang
    (Untuk 40 butir)

    Jangan mengaduk adonan dengan tangan terlalu lama karena panas tangan akan mencairkan lemak dalam adonan. Akibatnya kue kering akan keras/tidak rapuh. Aduk seperlunya, asal adonan sudah bisa dibentuk. Untuk variasi rasa, selai nanas bisa diganti selai sesuai selera.
    READ MORE - Resep Kue Nastar
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