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20 Sexy Wedding Night Secrets

0 comments It's your first night as husband and wife. Make it unforgettable with these simple, loving ways to get intimate. 

The best part of your wedding just may happen after the guests go home and you slip out of your fancy clothes. After all, it's your wedding night and the two of you want to be alone together. You want to make it special, but you don't want to burden it with too-high expectations.

"Today, there seems to be more pressure to make this night amazing and to do something that's ‘wow'—perhaps because many people live together before getting married," says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sex and relationship therapist in Los Angeles and the author of 12 Steps to Everlasting Love (Peters Publishing). "But you don't have to make a big production for it to be a wonderful time. There are a lot of little things that couples can do." Here, some simple ways to make your wedding night memorable. 1) Flirt with each other during the wedding. Sure, you're busy attending to guests, but take the time to meet each other's gaze, touch each other's arm or hand and steal some kisses. These little things keep you focused on each other, and build anticipation as the wedding night approaches.
2) Fill your room with fragrance. "Scents are carried to your brain's emotional center, where they can stimulate memories, emotions and moods. They soothe, relax, energize or arouse," explains Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., codirector of the New York Center for Women's Sexual Health at Columbia University Medical Center and the author of Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Desire (Putnam). If you're staying in a hotel room, arrange to have a bouquet of flowers put by the bed, as well as scented candles. You can also sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your sheets. Try ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lavender or jasmine—scents that are said to increase arousal and sexual desire.
3) Let him carry you across the threshold. You're guaranteed to be swept off your feet! This romantic tradition, which dates from Roman times, when it was said to ensure good luck for the couple, is fun for both partners. Go from there to giving each other foot massages (you've been standing all day), and progress as slowly—or as quickly—as you like to a sensual full-body massage.
4) Set the night to music. Load the CD player with your spouse's favorite tunes, and put it on when you enter your hotel room. "Or have a CD of your first dance playing softly in the background as you enter the honeymoon suite," suggests Janet Dunnington, owner of CEO Weddings & Events, an event-planning and production company in Manchester, Vermont.
5) Slip into something sexy. Soft, silky lingerie may not be the newest idea, but it's always fun. Plus, the array of items out there (available at every price point) makes it easy to find something flattering that your guy hasn't seen before. "Don't worry if you don't look like a Victoria's Secret model," says Dr. Hutcherson. "Believe me, he's far more focused on how sexy you are than he is on the size of your thighs."
6) Make a love list. "Record a DVD of yourself telling your husband all the things you love about him—he can make one for you, too," says Cadell. Start by letting your partner know that you can't wait to spend the rest of your life as a twosome, and then list the physical, mental and emotional things about him that you love. These can be everything from his charmingly crooked smile to his wry sense of humor.
7) Feed each other. "It's a great way to get intimate before you get intimate," says Dr. Hutcherson. Put a bowl of strawberries, melon balls, chocolate truffles or other succulent snack by the bed to nibble on.
8) Use aphrodisiacs. "Many people swear by the effects of certain foods, but there are some that really can boost your libido," says Dr. Hutcherson. Chocolate contains caffeine and a feel-good chemical called phenylethylamine, both of which may put you in the mood for sex. Also try honey, which contains boron, or oysters, which contain zinc. Those minerals may increase the production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual desire.
9) Play "Find the Honey." For this game, blindfold your partner, put a dab of honey (or another sweet sauce, like chocolate or caramel) somewhere on your body and then have him find it (giving a few hints is a fun part of the game). "It's cute, fun, erotic and playful," says Cadell. Remember to take turns!
10) Get his-and-hers massages. Arrange to get massages in your hotel room right after the wedding. This will help work out any stressful kinks in your bodies, ease tired-from-dancing feet, and get you both in a very relaxed and cozy state of mind.
11) Re-create the first time. "Many women tell me that the first time they had sex with their partner was the most exciting," says Dr. Hutcherson. "If your wedding night isn't the first time, think back to it and try to relive some part of it." For example, you can listen to the same CD you played back then, wear the same perfume or write down what it was about that first time that was so exciting, and read it out loud.
12) Change the lighting. Surprise your partner by replacing an everyday lightbulb with a red or blue one. "This creates a soft, romantic glow," says Dr. Hutcherson. Or, have a bridesmaid, the hotel concierge or your wedding planner fill the room with rows and rows of candles and light them just before you arrive.
13) Leave something sexy on the bed. Buy your groom some silky boxers or pj's, and lay them out so they're waiting for him. Or guys can buy the bride some fancy lingerie. Either way, this sets a fun, sexy tone.
14) Indulge in playthings. "Before your wedding night, decide that each of you will buy a sex toy that you want your partner to use on you," says Dr. Hutcherson. "This way you both feel comfortable with the idea, and you can have fun trying them out."
15) Bliss out in the tub. Prepare beforehand for a romantic bath. Think rose petals, massage oils and candles, as well as sponges or loofahs to wash each other with. Just turn the water on and enjoy.
16) Relax! Realize the pressure is off. Take the time to talk about your amazing day. Get romantic; make out the way you did when you first met. All of this will make the sex more intimate and thrilling.
17) Have a treasure hunt. Hide sweet (and sexy) items around the room and give him a list of clues, suggests Tasha Bracken, principal design coordinator of Simple Details, an event-planning company. For example, hide chocolates, a bottle of champagne, a CD of your favorite songs, and so on. The final "find" can be you—soaking in the tub or cuddled beneath the covers.
18) Stroll down memory lane. Decorate the room with playful, romantic pictures of the two of you, says Bracken. (Think funny or poignant!) You can also burn a DVD with a slide show of these special photos set to music, and arrange to have it playing when you get back to the room.
19) Paint a rosy future. Cadell suggests writing down some private vows. One example: "To love each other. To help each other. To believe in each other." Another is: "We are committed to providing understanding and forgiveness. To creating a partnership that can grow mentally, physically, sexually and spiritually."
20) Do not disturb. The most important tip for making your wedding night sexy and romantic? "Don't invite friends and family back to your room after the reception," says Bracken. Need we say more?


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10 Ways to Trust Your Boyfriend

Trust is a key element in having a strong and lasting relationship with your boyfriend. Without trust, your relationship will slowly fall apart.

How do you regain trust that has slipped away because of little things that niggle you or cause you to feel he isn't as responsive or attentive as perhaps he ought to be? In this article, you'll have the chance to explore the ways in which you can learn to trust you boyfriend and move into another stage of your relationship.

Steps :
1. Acknowledge why you don't trust your boyfriend. There can be a number of reasons, from not hearing from him, lack of contact, or something someone else said. Your own instinct tends to add its overlay of worry too, adding up things that may or may not be important. Some of the reasons why your trust may be tested include: 
  • You have been privy to a recent revelation about him that casts suspicions on his trustworthiness
  • You have had an argument with him and it not only left you feeling sour but left many questions unanswered
  • You feel that he has betrayed your trust in him by something that he has done, said, or openly acknowledged to you
  • You feel that he is slipping away - he calls you less, he's not coming around to see you much, or he seems to be seeing other people without asking you along too
  • You have some other reason for not trusting him.
2. Take it slowly and calm yourself down. Paranoia over the fact that you don't trust him will can cause you to deepen your mistrust rather than to want to seek some valid answers. Whatever has happened to set off your suspicions, it's more than likely that you don't have the full story or perhaps you're not even seeing all the relevant events properly. Before you discard all trust, it is important to do some thinking, questioning, and following up, to get the story straight. Focus on what is at stake and the importance of the relationship, no matter how hard it may seem and no matter how tempting it is to prefer assuming a negative viewpoint of him.

3. Think about your past relationships. Have they ended in heartbreak, mistrust, and anger? If so, you may be primed to be suspicious about a subsequent boyfriend's motives. Having someone betray your trust hurts, and can carry on into your next relationship. If this is the case, talk to your boyfriend about your past relationship (or relationships) and tell him what happened and why it hurt you. Not only will doing this increase your trust in him, he will be able to understand what lies behind your paranoia. Depending on the type of guy he is, he may even be able to help you work through the challenge.
  • If you're stuck in an emotional situation where you don't feel that you're able to move past the hurt, this can be a good time to speak with a therapist or counselor in order to mend the wounds of any past relationship that might have caused you to feel paranoid or anxious about current relationships.
4. Talk to him about why you don't trust him. Use tact, but be honest with him. Guys prefer blatant honesty to constantly avoiding, embellishing, or twisting the subject. If you talk to him about it, not only will it make you feel better, but his trust in you will be likely t increase because he'll feel that, even though you don't trust him, you had to courage to come out and talk to him about it anyway. Whatever his response, your courage in speaking so clearly makes you a very good and honest person.
  5. Go the extra mile to increase his trust in you. Be honest, caring, understanding, and trustworthy yourself, before asking someone to do the same. Don't gossip about him and don't be condescending or negative about him to other people; it will get back to him and will only make things harder for you to fix. Open up a little more yourself; this is especially important if you've been keeping your concerns and most intimate self from him. Keep the line of communication open, and let him know what is going on in your life. You don't have to tell him about every time that you stub your toe, or what you ate for breakfast yesterday, but do tell him things. Tell him funny (or sad) stories about your past and encourage him to do the same.

6.  Learn to let little things go. This step is one that is easily overlooked but is vital. Remember that there may be genuine, non-harmful, and even laugh-worthy reasons for why things have happened that caused you to mistrust him. What is important to a guy may not be what is important to a girl, and he may simply have thought nothing of it, while you're busy blowing it all out of proportion. A simple request to explain the situation will suffice in that case. Forgetfulness is a big one with many guys. It's unintentional but it can be infuriating. For example, maybe he just forgot to tell you that he was going out with his friends the same night you wanted to borrow his car. Maybe you didn't tell him, so there was no reason for him to even get that there was an issue; even if you did tell him, maybe it was when he was focused on doing something and he just didn't hear you properly. Whatever the reason, find it out from him before assuming it from within. You'll know whether or not the answers you're given ring true and you can work from there. If they do ring true, let go, let go, let go! Give him the benefit of the doubt and don't assume that he is cheating on you or even not telling you things. Remember that your boyfriend is only human, and will forget things without meaning to. If it was important, remind him gently instead of cussing him out. If it wasn't important, let it go and remember that the little thing fall-outs that go un-blamed can prevent the enormous fight that would have resulted otherwise.

  7. Hold yourself to the same standard before unleashing your anger. Have you always remembered absolutely everything? Do you always listen with absolute clarity? Do you like it when someone suggests that you're not to be trusted? It is important to be compassionate in a relationship and that includes placing yourself into the situation he's in before you approach it. At all times, remain calm and level-headed; shouting and berating any person does nothing to change the situation and can simply deepen the problems.

8. Take the time to create a firm and lasting bond with your boyfriend. Go on fun and romantic dates with each other, engage in activities outside of the bedroom, and don't be serious all of the time. Happier relationships are ones in which there is a lot of room to move, a lot of laughter, and a great deal of trust. In fact, the more trust, often the tighter the bond you'll create. The less trust, the more likely your relationship will end up laden with suspicion and dysfunctional behaviors. Embrace your inner (and more trusting) child, recognize the little, sweet things in life, and help your boyfriend to do the same:
  • Go to the park and have him push you on the swings.
  • Have a pillow or tickle fight.
  • Go to a restaurant and share a plate or a drink with each other.
  • Visit a zoo and have fun looking at all the animals.
  • Tease him, ever so gently, and let him tease you back. Couples that can handle teasing one another in a fun, kind way, tend to be couples that can handle each other's criticism and enjoy each other's love.
9. Learn the art of small talk. Sometimes telling each other "I love you, I love you, I love you, coochy coo" becomes a little too demanding and one-way. And too many deep and meaningfuls can make each of you resent hanging around each other for fear of when the "next big crisis" is about to crop up. Brighten up your time together by indulging in small talk as a way of filling in the moments where you're just spending time together in each other's company, without expecting anything of one another.
10. Last but not least, realize what you gain by loving in trust. While trust does expose us to the potential of another person's betrayal, the opposite is worse – to never trust a person and to never learn what it feels like to have that trust reciprocated and blossom would be unthinkable. Acknowledge that trust encompasses fear of being hurt and yet understand that not being trustful will end up harming your happiness, rather than guarding it. And trust can protect your health; research has shown that people with greater trust are healthier and more humorous! Realize that trust doesn't only let go of the other person, it also lets go of you, opening yourself to the possibilities that this time, you have connected with someone who will reciprocate the trust you've placed in him. And if you're still unconvinced, keep in mind these lovely words from Dick Sutphen:
 "Love me without fear,
Trust me without questioning,
Need me without demanding,
Want me without restrictions,
Accept me without change,
Desire me without inhibitions,
For a love so free...
Will never fly away."
Tips :
  • Try to be understanding and accepting when the little things come up. Your boyfriend will notice and appreciate the special relationship that the two of your share all the more for it.
Careful :
  • Be aware of what your boyfriend is doing and don't be completely blind to his fall-outs. In other words, be trusting but not naive. Trust is a two-way reality. Give of it but don't allow it to be abused. If he is behaving suspiciously and strangely, talk to your girlfriends, or someone you know you can trust about your concerns. Having a sounding board of someone else can help you to work through the concerns realistically.
  • If he really is cheating on you, find someone who is more deserving of your trust. If you feel like this is happening again and again to you, revise the type of boyfriend you keep falling for.

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Be Friends After a Breakup

This post is for when and how to be friends after a break-up, when you might have children. This article will help you have friends and be and feel great.
Steps :
1. You can't change the father of your child. If he is a good father to your children, do not ignore his phone calls. He may want to speak to/about his child. Put your differences aside, if you really love your son/daughter.

2. If he tries to get to you by telling you he misses you, let him have his moment of pleasure. But make your intentions be perfectly clear- be truthful! Remind him that the only reason you want to stay friends is for the sake of your child/children.

3. There is little to no reason for you to argue with your ex about how, what, whena and who did what wrong. The past is the past, you need to move on with a different life experience.

4. You and your ex should be chatting like nothing ever happened between the two of you. Don't give in and let him/her try to get to your soft spot, sa that you could move back in. Sometimes it happens, but it's not the best way out. Life is very challenging.

5. An important thing to remember is to never show your ex that you are vulnerable. You give them a weapon, and let them have their way with you.

Tips :
  • These are simply common things to look out for, but I admit, as you should know, everyone is different.

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Knowing if Someone Is Lying

To quote Christopher Walken a la "True Romance" regarding lies, "a guy's got 17 pantomimes; a girl's got 20." There are often cues and signs that someone may be lying. But before you whack them, remember there may also be understandable reasons for the lie.

1. Look for body language that might indicate someone is lying, such as not looking you in the eye when speaking to you, being fidgety, or acting nervous or uncomfortable.
2. Listen for inconsistencies in what the person tells you, such as different stories on different days, different time frames, mistakes in remembering details or mixing up details.
3. Notice if the person steadfastly resists answering any questions. Extreme defensiveness could mean that he or she is trying to hide something.
4. Notice if the person accuses you of lying or being deceitful when you really haven't been. This could reflect the other person's own underlying behavior, which he or she is projecting onto you rather than owning up to it.
5. Listen to your gut and intuition. You may just know someone is lying. If you are not sure, don't jump to conclusions. Try to get some evidence to back up your hunch.
6. Consider asking directly if the person has lied to you. Many people feel bad getting caught up in lies, and find it a relief to finally be honest.
7. Try to be understanding and listen to the person's reasons for lying. Was he trying not to hurt you? Was she afraid you would be angry, upset or disappointed?
8. Look at your possible role in having someone lie to you. Are you someone who gets so upset hearing the truth that others feel they can't be honest with you?

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Find Out Who Is Sending You Valentine's Cards

It's Valentine's Day and you've received a card. But just who is it from? This article explains how you might go about finding out who has sent you that secret Valentine's card.
Steps :
1. Ask questions about the mode of delivery. How did you receive the Valentine's card? There are vital clues in the mode of delivery if you look closely: 
  • If it was hand delivered to your home, consider who you know who lives locally, or who could possibly drop by on their way to work or studies.
  • If the Valentine's card was sent by mail to your house list, consider who has access to your home address. If your name and address are publicly available, this clue won't be so useful though.
  • Ask other members of the household if they saw anything or talked to anyone when the card arrived.
  • Have a look at the postmark on the front of the envelope. This may give you a clue to the area your admirer is from. Be careful though, the sender may have been very clever about finding a post office well away from their usual haunts.
  • If the Valentine's card was left for you to find at work, it almost definitely would be from one of your colleagues. And chances are they would be keeping their eye on you to make sure you received it. This will narrow the field considerably.
2. Sum up the nature of the card. What type of Valentine's card is it? Romantic, humorous, cute, tacky, minimal or elaborate? In most cases, it's probable that your secret admirer would have unwittingly selected a card that reflects their own personality. For example, the hot photographer from the café would have very different tastes from your pub mate. From your list of suspects, who do you think best suits the card?

3. Analyse the message. What exactly has the sender written on the card? Your admirer will want you to find out who they are, so will have hopefully left a clue: 
  • Think back to conversations you have had with people who might be the sender - does anything click between things already said to your face and what is written in the card?
  • Is the handwriting familiar to you? Don't put too much thought into this one though, as they may well have tried to disguised it, or typed it.
4. Probe the suspects. By now you must have reduced your list down to a few key players. Find a time when you're alone with each of them and casually bring up the subject of Valentine's Day. Mention that you received an anonymous card and watch their reaction. If they look nonplussed, chances are that it wasn't from them. If they blush, grin uncontrollably, or show a lot of interest - you're probably on the right track.
  • Ask if they sent any cards this Valentine's Day. If they say "No", drop the subject and move on. If they say they did, ask to whom. This is perfect because if they tell you that it was to someone else, you can feign interest as they tell you all about her without losing face, but if it was to you, they will be obliged to come clean.
  • Choose the next move. It's now down to you to decide whether you want to take things further with your secret admirer or not.

Tips :
  • If you have several cards from different admirers, you will have to spend more effort on finding out which senders might have sent them to you.
  • Remember that mates sometimes send cards for a lark, so take it with a sense of good humour if it turns out that they were just doing it for fun.

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How to Make an Origami Pocket Heart

 Flip over.
This origami heart fits in your pocket, and has a pocket in it! You can put a little note in it, or a little trinket (perhaps a piece of candy or jewelry) and give it to someone to show that you care.

Steps :
1. Start with a a square piece of paper. You could choose a shade of red or pink, but any color will work. You can buy origami paper at a store or online. Or, you can get a regular 8in. by 11in. sheet of paper cut into a square.

 Fold in half to find the center.
2. Fold the square in half diagonally both ways, and along the center. Unfold.

 Fold two corners to the center.
3. Fold two of the opposite corners to the center of the paper. The horizontal and vertical folds can help guide through this process. The two unfolded corners should be facing "up" and "down."

Fold in half... get a "house".
4. Fold the square in half horizontally so that you get a "house" shape.

 Fold the bottom left corner up to the crease.
5. Find the left diagonal crease, and fold that bottom left corner so that crease lines up with the middle crease.

Fold along the green line, sending the left half backwards. The result.
6. Fold the left half back, taking the triangle flap with it.

 Open to the left.
7. Let go of the front triangle and let it open to the left.

Fold the top point straight down, creasing as shown. The result. The green highlight shows where to make the new crease.
8. Pull the top corner straight down to the bottom center. The top will adjust itself as you pull it. Push the flap that forms toward the left and crease it down.

 Fold the sides in toward the center.
9. Fold the extending flaps at the left and right to the edges of the formed "v" shape.

 Fold the top tips down.
10. Fold the top tips down a little bit, add more creases for a rounder edge.

 Flip over.
11. Flip the form over.

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Top Eight Ideas for Plan a Romantic Valentine's Day Date

This post is aimed at assisting you with how to set about making a romantic date for the one you love. It is especially appropriate for the less romantically inclined who just can't think of these ideas without prompting!

Steps :
  1. Make a list of what you will need before you begin. For example, roses, chocolates, candles, stuffed animals (plushies), food, and romantic music.
  2. Select something for dinner that you know you'll both like, so you can enjoy the meal together. If you haven't time to cook, order ahead at a good food store that specializes in take-home dinners (not just fast food). Order a special cake from a bakery (pâtisserie) and get some special wine or alcohol substitute that both of you love to share.
  3. Shop for the roses, candles and stuffed animal(s). Choose them in pink, red, or white; or try a combination of all three colors if you like. Include a card in which you can write a personal, heartfelt message. Make the card yourself if you have the time, for that extra personal touch.
  4. Arrange the roses, candles and stuffed animals in strategic places in your home. Make them appear in unexpected places to delight your loved one. Leave a sweet post-it note message stuck behind the bathroom door, next to the soap dispenser or on the coat rack. It's also a nice touch to scatter some rose petals around your home, perhaps on a staircase or on the welcome mat at the front door. Write a love note in the steam on the bathroom mirror so they see it when they get out the shower.
  5. Start cooking your specially planned meal (if you're doing it) or put the purchased quality meals into warming-up containers ready to heat. Make sure that you have something sweet and romantic to finish the meal with.
  6. Think of some heartfelt ways of presenting the food - arrange the salad in the shape of a heart; use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out bread pieces, pour a berry coulis for a cake in a heart shape.
  7. Set the table with your favorite things, a candle, some flowers and put on softly playing music in the background. Leave a sweet message in the place that your loved one will be sitting.
  8. After the meal is over, have chocolates and out-of-the-ordinary warm drinks planned ( for example, hot chocolate with a dash of liqueur or fruit syrup; latte coffee etc). Dim the lights and tell your loved one all the reasons why they are so special to you. Go beyond ordinary and think deeply about why this person really matters to you - stretch that word "love" into something with real meaning.
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11 Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special on a Budget

Love with diamonds and a five star meal is neither a necessity nor necessarily a meaningful expression of love for Valentine's Day. Having the means to pay for expensive gifts and experiences does not relieve the giver from expressing love personally, nor does it relieve the recipient from returning such love personally.

If you're worried that your funds can't stretch far enough to give your beloved a Valentine's Day to remember, realize that the best experience on Valentine's Day is having your partner come away from it with the absolute knowledge that they're loved, cared about, and wanted. Save your money and still have a great Valentine's Day.


1. Avoid equating love with consumption. It's easy to get bogged down in the buying frenzy surrounding Valentine's Day, as retailers vie to rake in some decent profits from romance-inspired lovers. Love isn't about what you give in goods though; it's about what you give by way of time, attention, and acknowledgment of the other person. And none of those can be purchased. Once you view Valentine's Day from the perspective of it being about acknowledging and celebrating your love by spending time together, it's easier to realize that a budget Valentine is still a perfect date opportunity.
2. Minimize rather than do without. One of the tricks to saving money on Valentine's Day is to still indulge in some of the traditional Valentine's accessories but to reduce them. For example, instead giving her a dozen red roses, give her one, held in your teeth, and accompanied by your best impression of a Spanish dancer. Or, give him a special brand of chocolate bar instead of a whole box of expensive chocolates. In this way, you can still participate in the essence of Valentine's Day but spend very little.
3. Make your own. A homemade card is always more meaningful than a purchased one. It says not only what you write in it but also "I took the time to make this because I care enough about you to give that time." As far as mementos go, it's likely the card will be kept for many years to come! Other things can be made too, for gifts. Draw on your own skills when making gifts; for example, if you're a keen gardener, give something from the garden; if you're a keen cook, make something delectable; if you're a keen outdoor enthusiast, give a fully guided nature walk or a lesson in your favorite sport.
4. Think of something you can do for your love. An excellent way to show your love can be through making love coupons or vouchers. These can contain promises that range from the mundane to the downright sexy, all depending on your willingness to do things for your love. Make a large heart from construction paper, attach as many coupons as you're willing to give. Some examples include:
  • This voucher is good for one week of dish washing by me, no questions asked.
  • This voucher is good for guaranteeing one season of your favorite TV show to be shared with me. And a promise that there will be no channel surfing during said show.
  • This voucher is good for one loving foot massage. To be redeemed any time.
  • This voucher is good for one massage in a bubble bath. Any time of day or night.
  • This voucher is good for a long snog in front of a movie of your choice.
  • This voucher is good for the night of your wildest dreams. To be redeemed when you're in the mood.
5. Exchange cheesy but sweet gifts that remind you of one another, for whatever reason. You can either initiate this yourself, or suggest it as a Valentine's tradition for the two of you. The item should be very affordable, and recall some experience that the two of you have had together. Make a nice card that explains the gift but don't be too cheesy in what you write. For example:
  • A cheap plastic snow globe with two hearts inside. Write that it reminds you of the night when she fell in the snow, and that when you came to pick her up, you couldn't help noticing how adorable she looked surrounded by snow.
  • A plastic surfboard keyring. Write that it reminds you of the month the two of you spent surfing in Bali and how it was there that you realized you wanted to surf the rest of your life with him.
  • A brooch featuring a computer and mouse. Write that it is a reminder of how the two of you met online and how you'll never forget the beauty of her first smile by video chat.
6. Give time. Giving time is the ultimate romantic gesture. It will mean a great deal if you're usually stretched for time and you choose to give up the whole day to spend with your beloved, doing things together that have nothing to do with work, raising a family, paying bills, etc. Banish the mundane and just allow the day to be about the two of you together. As part of this, be thoroughly attentive, listen, and take the chance to share dreams and hopes for the future, including renewing dreams that might have been taken for granted over time.
  • If you can, find babysitters for the kids so that you're truly alone. If not, let the kids know that this is a day for "mom and dad" and get them helping in making it special.
7.  Create a special evening at home together. Make a meal in which you go to extra trouble. It doesn't have to be expensive food; just spend time making it more complicated and interesting than the usual daily meals. Look online for recipe ideas to help you turn ordinary ingredients into something fabulous. If you're going to watch a special DVD together, be sure to make some tasty popcorn to share.
  • Spell "I love you" on the plate using food! Use your beloved's favorite food if you can.
  • Make a love heart pizza.
  • Playing boardgames is another entertaining option for passing the evening in fun rivalry. Or, set up a video or online game that the two of you can get deeply involved in, provided both of you really enjoy such games.
8. Stargaze. Put on warm clothes and step out to check out the night sky. If you have to travel, add picnic rugs, a thermos of warm drink, some snack bars, and a full tank of fuel. Find somewhere on the city outskirts where the sky is clear. Take along a star chart and look for stars that you know. Choose a star just for the two of you and make a promise to look for it every Valentine's Day.

9. Be spontaneous. Do the unexpected and thrill your beloved. Secretly learn a few dance moves and surprise her by taking out to dance. Memorize his favorite poem and recite it after dinner, then present him with a rose you've grown yourself. Make it appear as if the two of you are set to have a movie night in, then suddenly gasp: "Oh my! We mustn't miss ......" And drag her out the door to see the sun set, watch a movie, listen to a visiting band, or whatever else you think is most appropriate.

10. Take a walk down memory lane together. Take your beloved to somewhere they told you was special to them as a child. Spend time walking around it and asking questions about their feelings. Explain that it might not be the same as when your beloved was young but that now your beloved has two memories of the special place – one without you and one with you. Be sure to take a photo of the two of you there! Another way of remembering the past is to dig out old photos and go through them together. Look at photos from both your childhood times and your times together. It's great to have an excuse to enjoy all those photos that get stowed away and forgotten about!

11. Say "I love you". It doesn't cost anything but it says and means a great deal. Don't be shy; say it a lot during the day. Tell your love how you really feel. He or she will appreciate your honesty and it will mean more than any gift could.

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Write a Valentine Poem That Rhymes

Image:Valentine heart cupid kittens.jpg
Be original and write your own funny but endearing Valentine's poem. You'll want to aim for a poem that flows well and more importantly, makes the object of your affection think you're the most intelligent, creative and downright gorgeous person they've ever known!

  1. Choose your Valentine. This technique can be used on anybody: long-term partners, someone you've been dating for a few weeks, or someone you've got a secret crush on. The main thing is to make it rhyme and to include plenty of compliments.
  2. Image:Geek love poem.jpgChange the old to new. The old cliché of 'roses are red, violets are blue' is too retro and not so original. Nevertheless, it's a great basis for starting your own poem with; you just need to give it a modern twist. For example: 
    # 'Lilies are white, Daffodils are yella, I lie in bed at night, Feeling smug you're my fella!' etc.
    # You can pick any flower and any colour you like.
  3. Find the rhyme. You can make anything rhyme; it's not as hard as it sounds. Just think of a sentence you might want to write to your loved one such as: 'You always make me smile'. Then just go through the alphabet trying out every letter that could rhyme with smile, for example: dial, file, I'll, mile, Nile, pile and so forth, until you find something that could begin to make sense in the third sentence. After working that out, build your next line around finishing with that word. For example:
    #'You always make me smile, When I'm down you come 'round, Your number I just dial, You lift my chin off the ground.'
  4. Keep to the same theme. The theme should flow smoothly and not jolt from one metaphor to another without a smooth transition. For example, don't talk about how great your love is in bed on the one line, and how lucky you are to breathe the same air as them on the next. To avoid such a disjointed approach, look for ways to keep concepts together over at least two lines at a time. 
  5. Decide your own length. There's no word limit, and once you get in the swing of things you might want to write pages and pages of witty yet touching prose, or you can just stick with four lines.
    # Note: Shorter versions are advised if you're in a new relationship or you're being a 'secret admirer' – you don't want to scare away with all the hundreds of obsessive things you've noticed about them while you were spying or making out!
  6. Be genuine, not poetically perfect. You don't have to be clever or try and give Shakespeare a run for his money. As long as the poem sounds like you wrote it, then that's great. For instance, if you and your partner spend your time going clubbing and eating take-out food, lying around with one another and having a laugh, it might be a bit weird if you start mentioning how the sun shines on everything now you've met them, or that your heart beats to the sound of a thousand drums when you're together, etc. Keep it real.
  7. Image:Vintage valentine boy and milk card.jpgDon't get hung up on rhyming. Not everything has to strictly rhyme. You're not doing English literature, you're just writing a love poem. And with that, enjoy writing it!

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Simple Way to Say Happy Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Message

Softly the leaves of memories will fall,
i’ll pick them up & gather them all,
coz 2day, 2moro & til my life is through
i’ll cherish having sum1 like u!

Valentine's Day SMS

Never waste an opportunity 2 say
‘I love U’ to someone U really like
B’coz it is not everyday U’ll meet the person
Who has the magic to let U fall in love.

Valentine's Day Quotes

Smile in Pleasure
Smile in Pain
Smile when trouble pours like Rain
Smile when someone Hurts U
Smile becoz SOMEONE still
Loves to see u Smiling!!

Valentine's Day Saying

No shadows 2 depress u
only joys 2 surround u
many friends 2 luv u
God himself 2 bless u
These are my wishes 4 u,
for today, tommorrow & everyday

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Top 12 Best Valentine's Gift Ideas For Men 2011

A practical gift might be exactly what he's looking for. Is he a home body? Would he rather fix something for you to show his love, then cuddle or hold you? If you've answered yes to these questions, then maybe new tools, electronics, or clothes would be the perfect solution. 

Here are my 2011 Valentine's gift ideas for men:

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Top Best Valentine's Gift Ideas For Men


Without further adieu, here are my 2011 Valentine's gift ideas for men:

Nautica Blue By Nautica For Men Edt Spray 3.4 OzNautica Blue By Nautica For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Oz
Amazon Price: $13.99
List Price: $55.00
Cool Water By Davidoff For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 OuncesCool Water By Davidoff For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Ounces
Amazon Price: $27.75
List Price: $65.00
Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 OuncesAcqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces
Amazon Price: $58.00
List Price: $71.00
A Taste for Love: A Romantic Cookbook for TwoA Taste for Love: A Romantic Cookbook for Two
Amazon Price: $64.84
List Price: $13.99
The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac CookbookThe New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
Amazon Price: $18.06
List Price: $29.95
Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift BasketGrand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket
Amazon Price: $39.99
Simply Delicious Gourmet Meat and Cheese TraySimply Delicious Gourmet Meat and Cheese Tray
Amazon Price: $35.97

Cologne - Valentine's Gift Ideas for Men 2011

Before showing you some options for a romantic gift idea for Valentine's day, consider your special someone. What would be romantic to them, may not be romantic to you at all. That doesn't mean you aren't compatible and it's not even a bad thing, but when purchasing for someone else consider their tastes.
Romantic Fragrances for Men - Why His Scent is So Intimate
Cologne always makes a good Valentine's Day gift for both you and him. If he knows that he's wearing a scent that is special to the two of you it not only boosts his confidence, it allows you to attach and enjoy that fragrance to him. Jay A. Gottfried of Northwestern University mentions that smell "is embedded within the brain’s limbic system and amygdala, where emotions are born and emotional memories stored." So a good scent not only makes it easier to be closer to him, it brings the two of you closer as well.

Does he enjoy your food?

They say that the way to every man's heart is through his stomach. In my case, this is completely true!

A home cooked meal

Is your man the type that enjoys a home cooked meal? Taking your time to make a meal that will make his mouth water might be the perfect idea!

Chocolates or Meat and Cheese Basket?

Does your Valentine keep candy in his car, at his office, or next to his bed? If so, then you might just have a candy freak on your hands. Consider spending a little extra and have him try something that will make his mouth water.

If he's more of a meat and cheese guy than a candy man, then consider a gourmet gift basket of assorted meats and cheeses. *Personally, I, like many men prefer the meat and cheese gift basket.

A New Restaurant or That Favorite Spot

If he loves going out, then consider a reservation at a restaurant you've never been to before or returning to a spot that means something to both of you.

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3 Easy Cake Recipes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day cakes do not have to be hard to make or expensive to buy.Your sweetheart will thank you when you try one or all of these 3 easy recipes. Two of them use a box cake mix as the base. Cheese Cherry Cake Recipe - This is not your typical Cherry Cheesecake this is a basic cake mix recipe.

You will Need:

* 1 box white cake mix
* 2 - 8 ounce packages cream cheese, softened
* 2 ½ cups powdered sugar
* 1 tub whipped topping
* 2 cans cherry pie filling (21 ounce size)


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degree farenheit.
2. Prepare the cake mix according to the package directions.
3. Lightly grease 2 baking pans that are 13 x 9.
4. Pour the cake mix batter into the pans.
5. Bake at 350 degree f. for 20 minutes or until golden brown and baked through.
6. In a bowl mix the cream cheese and sugar until fluffy.
7. Fold in the whipped topping.
8. Spread the mixture over the top of each cake.
9. Top each cake with the cherry pie filling.
10. Chill the cakes for about 4 hours until set.
11. Serve. 
Strawberry Cake

You Will Need:

* 1 box white cake mix
* 1 box strawberry gelatine
* 4 eggs
* 3/4 cup vegetable oil
* 1/2 cup water
* 1 cup strawberries, fresh and sliced
* Powdered sugar for dusting the cake top


1. Preheat oven to 350 degree farenheit.
2. Lightly grease two square baking pans that are 8 inch each. Combine cake mix and gelatin in large mixing bowl.
3. Add the eggs, oil, water and half of the sliced strawberries. Beat until well blended.
4. Divide the batter evenly and pour into the baking pans.
5. Bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown and baked through. Cool for 5 minutes in pans
6. Then remove the cakes onto a wire rack to cool completely.
7. Top the cakes with remaining sliced strawberries and dust with the powdered sugar.
8. Serve.

Sweetheart Cake Recipe
You Will Need:

* 2/3 cup sugar
* 2/3 cup light brown sugar
* 3/4 cup butter
* 3 eggs
* 1 large bar baking chocolate, chopped coarsely
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
* 2 teaspoons baking powder
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1 cup milk


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degree farenheit.
2. Lightly grease a baking pan that is 13 x 9 inches.
3. In a large bowl beat the butter, white sugar, light brown sugar and vanilla until creamy.
4. Add the eggs, one at a time.
5. Beat well after each egg is added.
6. In another bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder and salt.
7. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture.
8. Stir in the milk a little at a time and mix well after each time the milk is added.
9. Fold in coarsely chopped chocolate bar.
10. Pour batter into pan.
11. Bake for about 30 to 35 minutes or until cake is golden brown and baked through.

You can decorate these cakes with a few heart shaped sprinkles or colored sugar in red or pink. These are a tasty treat for any love celebration.

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10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2011


As Valentine's Day approaches there are invisible pressures to purchase inspired gifts that are beautiful and tug directly at the heartstrings. Buying the usual assortments of chocolates and flowers are lovely gestures but are predictable and repeated on a yearly basis. Here are ten Valentine's Day gifts that will leave the recipient seeing you as the uniquely romantic partner they always wanted.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Some romantic people believe that love is born amongst the stars. Enforce this view by treating your better half to a hot air balloon ride of a lifetime. A balloon ride can be booked in advance and does operate during the winter. Champagne and a flight certificate is given as part of the flight package. Toast each other while taking in breathtaking scenery is a gift that will surely never be forgotten.

2. Valentine's Day Dinner Cruise
Dinner is the perfect way to end Valentine's Day. The only downside is that the scenery never changes. Fix this by booking a dinner cruise along the River Thames in London. A four course meal is offered as well as live entertainment, dancing and a red rose per couple. Truly the perfect Valentine's Day dinner.

3. Bungee Jump

This is a gift for the adrenaline junkie. Most people wish to experience the feeling of free falling at least once in a lifetime but rarely pluck up the courage to try this sport. This gift can be bought and reclaimed at any number of famous locations across the United Kingdom.

4. Skydive

Another gift that is all about the thrill is skydiving. This gift need not cost a single penny either. Part of the appeal is that you can skydive for free in the name of charity. Get filmed with your better half jumping out of a plane while helping those in need. Fun and conscience in one fantastic package.

5. iPhone Leather Case

The iPhone is the must have gadget for 2011. Half of everyone has one, while the other half desperately want the phone. If your better half has this sleek chic phone then buy this beautiful leather case by designer Paul Smith. This case is blue with red piping and really is a decadent way of storing an iPhone.

6. Jewellery
Jewellery as a gift can be bought for either men or women. Beautifully crafted jewellery that is bought for Valentine's Day will last a lifetime. This makes this choice a gift that will keep on giving. Tiffany & Co have been America's premier jeweller since 1837 making them the first choice when wishing to purchase jewellery as a gift.

7. Swarovski

Swarovski crystal is by far the world's most well known crystal maker. The elegant design of every single piece of jewellery literally takes the breathe away. Whatever the style of gift Swarovski has an elegant piece to match the requirement. Gifts such as pedants, picture frames, necklaces and watches are just some of the gifts that can be bought in this stunning crystal.

8. Cinema

If your partner is an avid film buff then buying them a yearly cinema ticket is the perfect Valentine's gift. Buy an unlimited cinema card for your loved one and they can watch each and every film that catches their eye for the entire year. When Valentine's Day has long since passed this gift will keep on giving.

9. Eden Project

The Eden Project is a conservation project located in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Featuring the world's largest greenhouse, the Eden Project is as much about education as it is conservation. The world's largest rain forest in captivity has steamy jungles and waterfalls all residing under one roof. Year round garden displays are on offer to all visitors. This present will not be wasted if your partner has an interest in nature and the environment in general.

10. iPad
The iPad is perhaps the most desirable technological device currently available. The iPad is Apple's first computer tablet. Touch screen technology combines with a fast mobile Internet to give the user style and function. The iPad is perfect for reading, surfing the Internet, drawing or designing a work application. Apple is offering a free laser engraved message for free with any iPad that is purchased from them. An iPad with a personal Valentine's Day message is a modern present in a digital world.
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