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4 Amazing Tips To Take Care Of The Oily Skin

The difficult side of having oily skin is when you apply makeup and want it to stay and also being very shiny on your face through out the day and it can also cause spots and black heads. The reason why you may have oily skin is an over-production of sebum (oil) , often caused by hormonal changes or the products your using are too oily for you. Well I’ve found 4 tips on how you can tackle your oily skin as I have used various different products and techniques through out the years but these 4 really worked for me and I want to share these tip with you on how to tackle oily skin.
1. Eating

There are various ways to tackle oily skin but the first thing you should think about is what you put into your body to cause your skin to be oily. This means be careful of what you consume, try to stay away from anything that says fried in front of it and anything that contains fat, sugar and caffeine. You want to try eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit as these will give you so much goodness for your skin and will help balance your diet. My problem was I loved junk food like chocolate and sweets so I slowly stopped eating them and now I can really see the difference and I would only treat my self once in a blue moon to one of these things, so it is possible to cut down on the things you love to eat but maybe bad for you. Also try to drink water instead of fizzy or juice drinks as they contain lots of sugar and caffeine and the benefits of drinking water it will quench your thirst, flush out toxins and you won’t put on unwanted weight.
2. Products

Next thing you can do to help tackle your oily skin is to look at the products your using on your face. Try to use products with a none oil based and go for the water based products. The products that I would advise using and that I can’t live with out is a face wash, cleanser, toner and moisturiser by Simple. Reason being is because the product are not expressive and they are easy on the skin. Some girls do think because they have oily skin that they shouldn’t moisturise or use any product on your skin because it would make it worse, wrong. If you leave your skin to do its natural thing, your skin will get more oily to compensate for the lack of moisture on your skin and also will build up the dirt. Cleansers are so important to use on your skin as it helps remove unwanted dirt, oil and dead skin to prevent a build up that can cause spots and toners are used to close your pores so that it reduces oil coming out and prevents dirt going into your pores.

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3. Steaming Your Face

Why not try a steam facial as this will help clear your pores. First pour boiling water into a basin and add two drops per litre of lavender, lemon or sandalwood essential oil and a bunch of chopped mint or parsley. Cover your head with a towel and let the steam play over your skin for up to 10 minutes. Finish by splashing with cool water to close the pores and cleanse, tone and moisturise. Try not to wipe your face with a towel just go straight into cleansing routine as the towel may add dust or dirt into your pores causing spots.
4. Makeup

When doing your makeup try using a primer before applying as this helps to get a even base for your makeup and also helps your makeup to stay. Once finished try using a press powder or loose setting powder as this does what it says, it will set your makeup and help it last longer without too much shine. If your out and about you may need to bring with you a compressed compact powder so that when your face does get a bit shiny you can just top up the powder to matt your face, you may need to do this several time through out the day depending on how oily your skin gets.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and that they help you to tackle your oily skin.

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