Monday, 11 July 2011

Feel Confident About Being Intimate Again
Fifty years old has become quite young, and there's no reason to fade for many years yet. What's a good way to get back into the flow?

1. See that confidence for you may come down to changing your mind, and doing something different; anything different. You may have to change a habit of what may have "suddenly" become years. Virtually any step in a new direction will give you confidence.

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2. Pursue your own interests and stay active. It's common, when intimacy is lost, to withdraw from familiarity with others, as well. A big step to regaining confidence in intimacy, and in general, will be re~engaging with others on a familiar level.

  • This could mean joining a club or group; working a piece of choice athletic equipment up a popular trail, or volunteering. Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you enjoy participating in, and that is fulfilling for you.

3. Stay open to the possibilities. In the course of being vital, it wouldn't hurt you to turn up the antenna a little bit. If you're doing something you love, you'll be glowing, and you'll tend to radiate more attractiveness as a result. This will be picked up by others around you.

  • If you already have a "beau", all of this will just make you more attractive to them.

4. Recognize the psychological boost of even a small improvement in body or mind. In other words, take full advantage of losing 8 pounds, and being noticed for it; or pursue some other, equally modest but worthwhile achievement. Looked at a certain way, a step in any direction is a step you hadn't taken. Tiny little steps will get you up a mountain. Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of your life as you're bumping into Mr. or Ms. Right is possibly your best visualization technique right now.

5. Understand that at your probable age, the antenna is usually tuned to a finer frequency. At your age you are much more likely to be attracted to the more important aspects of people; and this means that you are probably most attracted to people that feel the same way. In turn, recognizing that your intimacy will encompass more than mere lust or self-satisfaction can help you to feel greater confidence about sharing more time and more of yourself with someone else.

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