Thursday, 28 April 2011

Watch Online The Royal Wedding Ceremony Prince William & Kate Middleton

Watch Royal Wedding Online Prince William and Kate Middleton get married, BBC Wisdom resolution be screening the wedding ceremony live at locales virtually South Africa which preempts deposit in Westminster Nunnery in London on 29 April.

The biggest watch royal wedding online since Princess Diana married Prince Charles has made insurance of the media approximately the macrocosm past announcing that the monarch proposed to Kate in a expedition grounds in Kenya in November.

Watch Royal Wedding at here or here

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Royal Marriage ceremony Weather Forecast: Will it Rain on Kate Middleton's Parade?

Royal Marriage ceremony Weather Forecast: Will it Rain on Kate Middleton's Parade?
Irrespective of before predictions that sun would shine on Kate and Will's large day, revised forecasts show a powerful chance of thunder storms and brisk winds. "We would not rule out the odd lightning strike at the same time," says Aisling Creevey, a forecaster at MeteoGroup. "At the instant we're waiting to discover the amount sunshine will probably come off that day. If there is additional sunshine there's extra of the danger of heavier showers."

If rain does fall, a retinue of lackeys will cover the bride-to-be with over-sized umbrellas as she enters the Abbey-potentially denying well-wishers around the road a glimpse of Kate along with the most talked-about gown on the century. Prince William and Kate would also really have to re-think their procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace following the ceremony. Alternatively than riding inside open-top, 1902 State Landau carriage, the pair would as a substitute cruise within the Glass Coach-the exact same one Diana, Princess of Wales, took to her marriage ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral in 1981. The rain will not likely have an effect on Kate's transport on the marriage ceremony mainly because she'll arrive by car or truck.

Officials at St. James's Palace stay upbeat. “The rain will only add into the Britishness in the occasion,” a spokesman said. “I'm guaranteed it won't put people today off coming to line the route.” And it absolutely shouldn't place them off from crowding about Buckingham Palace. Rain or shine, the few will appear within the palace balcony at 1:25pm for their much-anticipated kiss

Royal marriage ceremony: heavy rain forecast for big day
It is the news the nation had been dreading: the royal wedding could possibly be a washout soon after forecasters warned of serious showers on the massive day.

Regardless of previously predictions that the sun would shine about the royal newlyweds, cooler climate sweeping across the region has brought the risk of a drenching for hundreds of countless people lining the streets on Friday.

If it does rain, what's more, it means the public will be denied the chance to find out the bride and groom in an open carriage on their way again from Westminster Abbey, being a closed-in carriage is on standby to be made use of in wet weather.

Helen Rossington, senior forecaster at MeteoGroup, stated: "At the instant, it truly is wanting like temperatures will in all probability be a tiny bit previously mentioned regular (on the day) and you can find a threat of major showers.

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"Temperatures will possibly be somewhere inside the superior teens nonetheless it is difficult to pin down up to now in advance.
"The climate is always changing, there may be that threat that we're viewing within the latest outlook that we have in the instant, but nearer the time the models may improve a little bit."
Tom Morgan, a spokesman with the Met Workplace, warned that the royal wedding day would feel very much cooler in England and Wales than this financial institution vacation weekend.
"Generally while in the London location there will likely be pretty cloudy skies with occasional brighter spells, but also a risk of showery rain from time to time," he reported.
"A brisk north-easterly wind will allow it to be really feel considerably chillier than of late."
Together with a possibility of showers in London, rain is often a likelihood in Kate Middleton's residence of Bucklebury, Berks., the place a huge selection of persons are expected to consider portion in the tea celebration about the village green.
Ironically, most of the remainder from the country, like western England, western Wales, the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are forecast to get pleasure from a "bright" royal wedding day.
"All of those places seem like they're going to view a vivid day with respectable sunny spells and nice warm temperatures into the mid to substantial teenagers," explained Mr Morgan.
St James’s Palace remained upbeat yesterday regardless of the gloomy forecasts.
“The rain will only add to the Britishness of the occasion,” claimed a spokesman. “I’m certain it will not put folks off coming to line the route.”
If it rains, Prince William and Kate Middleton will depart Westminster Abbey inside the Glass Coach, by which Diana, Princess of Wales arrived at St Paul's Cathedral on her wedding day, fairly compared to open-top 1902 State Landau, which the newlywed Prince and Princess of Wales used for their carriage procession back again to Buckingham Palace in 1981.

Other carriages staying used to transport bridesmaids, web page boys and senior members from the Royal family are “convertibles” with hoods that may be used on rainy days.
Dozens of umbrellas will also be available for VIP guests if it rains.

The forecast arrives just after a lot in the region basked in a heatwave this financial institution vacation with predictions that this month will defeat the 2007 report as the warmest ever before April.
Numerous parts of London reached highs of 27C (around 82F) on Saturday with Wisley, Surrey, registering 27.8C.

Sunday noticed cooler climate that has a leading temperature of 25.3C (all around 78F) in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire, plus a optimum of 24C (75F) across London.

A weak cold front more than Scotland and Northern Ireland pushed south yesterday bringing cloud and some drizzle to areas such as the Pennines and mountain areas of Wales.
Lindsay Dove, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, explained today may be substantially cooler, that has a greatest of 18C (64F) in London.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Invitation Photo

Prince William & Kate Middleton Wedding Invitation Photo

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding invitations have been sent out to the 1,900 guests expected to attend.

The formal invites say:

    The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by The Queen to invite. . . to the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, K.G., with Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on Friday, 29th April, 2011 at 11:00am.

    A reply is requested to State Invitations Secretary, Lord Chamberlain’s Office, Buckingham Palace.

    Gentlemen are required to wear uniform, morning coat or lounge suit.

We hear David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham have been invited as have 40 world leaders. The King of Jordan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the Sultan of Oman, the King of Bahrain, the Sultan of Brunei and the King of Saudi Arabia, the Emperor of Japan, the King of Malaysia, the King of Tonga and the King of Thailand are among the invitees.

American President Barrack Obama and wife Michelle were not invited, but were asked to visit Buckingham Palace in May. Fergie, Duchess of York, has also been snubbed by the Royal Family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to be married Friday, April 29, 2011

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Celebrate the Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William are tying the knot on 29 April, 2011. In honour of this occasion, here are some things you can do to celebrate along with them.

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Steps :
1. Buy souvenir magazine guides on the Royal Wedding. There are plenty on the stands, and you'll find lots of them contain information about previous Royal Weddings, as well as lots of information about Kate and William. Have the magazines on hand during the wedding, so that you can check any facts or look up things you're curious about during the ceremony.

2. Dress up for the occasion. Why not wear your best clothes, fit to meet the future Queen and King of England? If you're super keen, you might even like to copy Kate Middleton's style!

3. Watch the Royal Wedding on TV. The service begins at 11am GMT on Friday 29 April, 2011. However, be sure to be watching earlier because there will be plenty of commentary, views of the crowds and filming of the limousines as they approach Westminster Abbey. Check your local TV for details as to the times the wedding will be broadcast and cross-check the time with your local time, wherever you are in the world. If it's too early in the morning for you, or you'll be working, remember to record it and watch the ceremony later. You might prefer to watch the wedding online.

4. Know the events of the day so that you can be aware of what is happening and what you might be able to view on TV. The events include:
  • The groom and Prince Harry leave Clarence House for the Abbey at 10:10am, to arrive five minutes later at 10:15.
  • At 10:20, members of foreign Royal Families will begin to arrive at the Abbey.
  • Also at 10:20, Kate Middleton's mother and brother depart the Goring Hotel.
  • At 10:25, members of the Royal Family begin to leave Buckingham Palace for the Abbey.
  • At 10:51, the bride and her father leave the Goring Hotel for the Abbey, preceded by three minutes by the bridesmaids.
  • At 11:00 the wedding service commences.
  • At 12:15pm, the newlywed Prince William and Princess Catherine will leave by horse-drawn carriage, with the Royal Family following close behind.
  • At 12.30, the newly-weds arrive at Buckingham Palace.
  • At 13:25 Prince William and Princess Catherine will appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to kiss. RAF colleagues will stage a fly-past. The reception finishes at 3.30pm
  • At 7pm, the Prince of Wales hosts a dinner and dance at Buckingham Palace for 250 friends and close relatives.
5.  Donate to charity to the help Kate and William celebrate their Royal Wedding. The Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund has been set up as a charitable gift fund to help everyone celebrate their wedding. More information is available at:

6. Hold a high tea. Get your friends around for a high tea occasion. You could even show reruns of the wedding during the tea or you could just discuss what you thought of the wedding as part of the event. Some things you might like to serve at the high tea include:
  • Kate Middleton's favourite: sticky toffee pudding
  • Beef Wellington
  • Devonshire cream and scones (the scones can be of all kinds - see wikiHow's scones category for some great ideas)
  • Lemon curd tarts
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Pinwheel sandwiches
  • Pound cake
  • English trifle
  • Fresh strawberries and raspberries with whipped cream
  • Tea, coffee, and champagne. Gin cocktails are also considered suitably royal.
  • Be sure to use your finest china, silverware, and fabric napkins.
7. If you don't want to make your own high tea, book into a tea room, restaurant or hotel buffet for a lavish spread. Many food caterers are laying on magnificent spreads in honour of the day so that you can eat well as your contribution to celebrating the Royal Wedding

8. Decorate in style. If you are celebrating the Royal Wedding with a party or high tea, be sure to add red, white, and blue bunting, table cloths, and a few Union Jacks

9. Buy some souvenirs to remember the occasion by. Everything from tea towels to beers are being made to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and owning a piece of your own memorabilia is as easy as ordering it online or visiting your favorite gift shop. Some of the food-related goodies for sale include shortbread in commemorative tins, wedding candies, a custom order GE Royal Wedding refrigerator, Kiss Me Kate beer and Windsor knot beer, as well as many other commemorative items

10. Wish the royal couple well. Send them your regards silently

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Prince William and Kate to honeymoon at Lizard Island Resort near Cairns

Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton will possibly have their honeymoon in Lizard Island, on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Lizard Island is a National Park and a collection island in the Coral Sea.

The island was discovered and named by Captain Cook in 1770.

The Island can be reached via flight from Cairns.

After the wedding, they are expected to stay in Buckingham Palace before heading to Balmoral in Scotland on Saturday.

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The white sands Isla Lizard dela in the South Pacific, waiting for the British royal family. The young couple spend their wedding night in the Belgian suite at Buckingham Palace after the wedding next Saturday.

Immediately, the fate of the royal couple will be the city of Cairns, northern Australia, where air travel an hour leads to Lizard Island.

Prince William had already revealed his preference for the pristine beaches of this corner of the Pacific in the past. "I always visit Great Barrier Reef," said dela CoronaBritánica heir during a brief visit to Cairns. We will return, perhaps parala Lunade Honey, "he said on that occasion, according to The Mirror.

William has only two weeks of break in his work as a rescue helicopter pilot, which appears to be sufficient for the new couple. That's why there was speculation the possibility to request an extension of recess or choose to have a second honeymoon in another part of the year.

Paradise multicolor

Lizard Island has 24 beaches in one of the most photographed resorts in Australia. A few meters inside the sea, is the Code Hode, one of the most famous diving sites in the world where it is possible to contemplate a great variety of marine turtles, sharks, rays and others.

The coastal reefs of the island is an invitation to practicarn snorkelingm, since there is no need oxygen tanks to enjoy the Deep Sea and colors. In one of these places you can see a clam garden over 100 years.
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Korean Top Model Kim Yuri Autopsy Results


Yesterday, the media reported that supermodel Kim Yuri committed suicide by ingesting poison. Recent autopsy reports, however, has proved that it was neither a suicide or a homicide.

On April 20th, the Kangnam Police reported, “There were no signs of damage or wounds internally and externally, nor were there signs of poisoning. The media reports of her death being a suicide are completely false.”

At the time of her death, Kim Yuri weighted 47 kg at 177 cm. Because investigators found food in her body during the autopsy, they ruled out anorexia as a possibility as well. At the scene of her death, however, investigators instead found tranquilizers and cold medicine.

Further drug tests will be run to determine the cause of her death.

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Monday, 18 April 2011

How to Choose Clothes for the Wedding Party

You've gotten the invitation for your friends' wedding, happily circled the date on your calendar and started shopping for their gift, when all of a sudden it hits you – what are you supposed to wear??? The etiquette for proper wedding guest attire can vary greatly depending on the style of the wedding. You'll have to become a little bit of a detective, but fear not. There are clues everywhere.

Start off with the invitation. Is it in flowing engraved black script on a heavy cream paper with formal language? Odds are the wedding will be similarly formal. Does it cheekily ask you to come see them get hitched? Wedding guests should look for a nice casual outfit. And of course, it may tell you directly on the invitation - black tie, casual attire etc.

Wedding Guest Style for Her
  • Informal Daytime: Short dress or suit (business attire OK for morning weddings)
  • Informal Evening: Cocktail dress
  • Semi-Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit
  • Semi-formal Evening: Cocktail dress
  • Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit. Hats and gloves optional.
  • Formal Evening or Black-Tie: Long or dressy short cocktail (beading, glam accessories, wrap)
  • Ultra-formal or White Tie: Long gown, extra glitz (furs, diamonds, etc.)

Do's and Don'ts for Her
  • Don't wear white because it competes with the bride. There are plenty of other colors available.
  • Don't wear black or sequins during the daytime.
  • Don't worry about wearing the same colors as the bridesmaids or mothers. You can't possibly coordinate with everyone in the wedding party.
  • Do wear something feminine and appropriate, out of respect for your hosts. Clubwear, overtly sexy clothing (strapless, see-through, etc) doesn't belong at a wedding. If you have to ask if it's appropriate, it probably isn't.
  • Don't wear opera-length gloves (to top of arm) with anything but sleeveless or strapless gowns.
  • Do take off gloves to eat or drink.
  • Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify the formality of the event. A pastel suit or soft floral dress for daytime or a little black dress for evening (after 6 p.m.) will take you almost anywhere.
When deciding what to wear at someone’s wedding, you must first know what type of wedding they are having. Wear what is best for the occasion and what best fits your individuality, whether it is a casual, semi-formal, or formal wedding.
Lets start with a casual wedding. The relaxed atmosphere calls for a relaxed freeform attire. Do not get fussy. Think about what you like to wear to a an evening out at a nice restaurant. Still dress fabulous, but just not too over-the-top.
For a semi-formal wedding you get a little fussy and more defined. Fabrics are key to knowing the difference between a casual dress and a semi-formal dress. You want to go with shinier and elegant fabrics. Think of a cocktail dress when dressing for this style wedding.

Unlike a semi-formal wedding, a formal wedding is more glamorous and really fussy. You want to make sure you are looking your most refined and remarkable self. So still put personality in the dress, but accessorize it more with “glitz” and “glam”. This is red carpet time! Whatever you choose always be stylish and “Glam It Up”!

Wedding Style for Him
  • Informal Daytime: Dress shirt and pants, preferably a sports jacket.
  • Informal Evening: Suit
  • Semi-Formal Daytime: Suit
  • Semi-Formal Evening: Dark suit
  • Formal Daytime: Dark suit and tie
  • Formal Evening: Tuxedo (if invitation states "black tie") or dark suits if women wear short dresses.
  • Ultra-formal Evening or White Tie: White tie, vest and shirt.

Do's and Don'ts for Him
  • Don't try to get cute with a tuxedo. A black tux with white shirt and black bow tie is the best way to go. If "Creative Black Tie" or "Texas Formal" or some sort of other vague formal description is used, then going with a tux and black shirt, no tie, might be acceptable. Also, trendier cities like Los Angeles and New York might be more accepting of breaking with tradition.
  • Do wear a dark suit, with a tie if the wedding is after 6 PM, and doesn't say "Black Tie."
  • Don't wear a tuxedo during the day time, regardless of the formality of the event.
  • Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify the formality of the event. A dark suit and conservative tie will take you just about anywhere.

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Best Short Poems About Love and Friendship

You Will Be In My Thoughts

Should you ever feel alone
If finding times hard to bare
You can still count on me
Know I shall always be there

You shall be in my thoughts
If you are hurting, I feel it too
It is my friendship sincerity
I shall forever share with you

There each step of the way
My support you can depend
I will listen if you need me
With love your forever friend

The Reason I Love You

The Smell of your hair
The taste of your kiss
These are the things
That I will always miss

The sound of your voice
The feel of your hand
They affect me in ways
You could never understand

The love in your heart
The peace in your eyes
They make me feel
Like I want to cry

You are a gift
That God gave to me
And I can just feel
That we are meant to be

I'll love you forever
I hope you do too
For it's only a short while
Before we say "I do"

I miss you my friend
I miss you more than words can say,
I think of you each single day,
I love you like my sister and friend,
I'll always love you til the end,

The more i think, the more i weep,
at least i have memories to keep,
I know we'll meet again soon enough,
but i can't wait cos this is tough,

every time i see a pretty flower,
i think of you then my eyes shower,
every time i take out my photo pile,
i look at you and me and i smile,

all the memories i hold in my heart,
no need to miss you, we're not apart.

Picture in a Frame

Your pictures are in frames, memories on my wall,
To have you here again, I would give them all.
A picture cannot capture, the beauty of your skin,
Or the radiating glow I'd feel, whenever you would grin.
They cannot talk or sing to me, the way you used to do,
I'll never love another, the way that I love you.

So I look at you my soul mate, a picture in a frame,
I cry my tears of sorrow, cause I feel God's to blame.
He came and took the one, who made my life complete,
And all that's left are pictures, and an empty seat.
I also have a feeling down, deep within my heart,
It's the pain of loneliness, since we've been apart.

I try not to let the grief, just overcome my day,
I'll blow a kiss to heaven and send it when I pray.
I'll ask God to free me now, from a world so blue,
To take me up to Paradise, so I can fly with you.
I'm waiting for the day you come, calling out my name,
Until then I'll be staring at, your picture in a frame.

A Poem's Kiss

A Poem's kiss
Flows from my pen
To your heart
Lingering, longing
As a silent embrace
Though we're apart

Our words touch
As lips, softly searching
Verses thrill the soul
Separation of One
In lonely sky blue
Until we are whole

Sorrows in stanzas
Writ with abundance
As tears frozen in time
Deep and lonely
'Til ocean is river
And you become mine

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

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Monday, 4 April 2011

4 Steps to Fall in Love and Stay in Love


Falling in love is a wonderful thing and it does not seem to take any effort when you fall in love with the right person. However, staying in love does take some effort from both partners because each individual is different. The majority of couples blame each other when something goes missing in their relationship, but they seem to forget that it takes two to form a couple. In order for two people to fall in love and stay in love they have to be able to understand that love is not always happiness and that sadness is a small part of love. When we truly love a person, we will experience both feelings, and it is the real proof of the sincerity and closeness of our relashionship.

Steps :

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1. Always put your partner's needs in the same line with yours. In other words keep a balance so both needs are met. If you make your relationship only about you, your partner will feel neglected, so try to put yourself in their shoes.
2. There is a right person for everybody waiting to be found. Most of the time a person will know when they meet their half right away but that is not always the case for everybody. When you have a good relationship focus only on the good things, do not look for flaws in your partner because nobody is perfect. Once you will do this, your patner will love you even more.
3. Plan things together. Make sure that you spend a lot of time with your partner and get to share your thoughts and problems with them. Become best friends because close friendships are long-lasting in contrast to just being friends and sharing your secrets with somebody else. Remember that the secrets bond people forever.
4. Make sure you take a romantic trip once in a while to keep the romance alive and flowing. A romantic getaway is always a perfect surprise and experience for both parties and of course it does not need to be expensive. Everytime couples take trips together they find new and exciting things about each other.
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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Save Our Ocean!!

Our oceans are a place of great beauty, incredible wonders, and even a source of some of our deepest fears or thrills. Our oceans are important to us for many reasons, with food, transportation, recreation, medical sources, and energy being just some of the benefits we gain from them.

Yet, oceans are suffering from our activities too; our land practices cause agricultural run-off, sewage, and litter to end up in the oceans daily, and there is now so much trash in the ocean that we've created garbage vortexes where all the trash heads to. Learn some quick and easy ways to help prevent damage to our oceans.

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1. Start by learning what you can about the oceans. This will instill awe, respect, and most likely a passion in you for all things sea, and the more you know, the more you will understand the importance of doing our bit to care for the oceans. Some of the things to read up on include the problems of overfishing, the impacts of climate change on the ocean, the impact of agricultural/industrial/sewage waste in the oceans, and the ways in which ocean systems work. Learn about the species in the ocean, and the geological features and hazards, and finally, but importantly, learn about how much human beings rely on the oceans for everything from livelihood and nutrition, to relaxation and hobbies.

2. Know what not to put down your drains. Pollution from drains can often end up in the seas and it's here that you can do a great deal as a householder, by following these simple steps:
  • Do not dispose of paint, solvents, cleaners, pesticides, or other chemicals down the drain. Know what is hazardous waste and find out about local collection and recycling programs in your area.
  • Dispose of used motor oil properly. Find out if your city or town has a recycling program, or ask if local auto shops can help.
  • Never dump chemicals onto soil or roads, or down storm drains.
  • Use pesticides and herbicides sparingly or not at all. Even if you don't live near the sea, much of the run-off from your garden ends up down the drain, which wends its way down to the sea eventually. Tolerate a few bugs (many can actually help your garden) or use natural pest control methods. Crowd out weeds, smother them, or pull them by hand.
  • Use ocean-friendly products. Paints, soaps, nail polish, and other chemicals can harm the ocean life.
  • Dispose safely of mercury items such as old batteries and thermometers. Hand them in to your local mercury disposal center to make sure they are disposed of properly and efficiently.

3. Dispose of your trash with care. The manner in which you get rid of your household and business trash matters a great deal. Some items can create enormous harm if they reach the oceans, such as the plastic ring six-pack holders used for cans/bottles, and plastic bags. Sea animals and birds get caught in these items, or ingest them as "food", and suffer slow, agonizing deaths. 

4. Keep your plumbing in good shape and use water sparingly. Not only does this ensure that your house retains its worth and guards you and your family's health, maintaining your plumbing and having regular checks on it is important for ensuring that nothing untoward is leaking seaward. Moreover, don't waste water; water tends to find its way back to the sea eventually and the more fresh water you use, the more you are depleting a precious resource. And the more we add to water by way of cleaning products, personal hygiene products, medicines, and other added chemicals and items, the more we increase the potential for polluting the sea.
  • If your house is served by a septic system, make sure it is inspected and pumped out every three years.
  • Never allow raw toilet waste to enter the ocean from your property. Not only is this unhygienic for human users of the ocean (and therefore usually regulated) but it harms the sea life as well.
  • Install water-saving toilets. These save you money and save on how much water is used and needs to be treated.
  • Install shower heads that restrict the flow of water. Faucet flow can be likewise restricted.
  • Take shorter showers, use timers in the garden for watering, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, and ensure that your washing machine and dishwasher are fill before doing a washing load.
  • If you can install a gray-water system for your home, this can be of enormous benefit as you will be able to reuse a lot of your household water for watering the garden and other suitable external uses.
  • Cover your pool to prevent loss by evaporation. A covered pool can cut the loss of water by up to 90 percent.
  • Support budget measures as needed to upgrade municipal wastewater treatment systems to improve pollution control.
5. Keep your boat green. When cleaning and sprucing up your boat, think about the ocean. Most of what you're doing on a boat will end up in the ocean, so it's important to be thoughtful about the impact of your activities. Prefer cleaning solutions, paint, varnish, etc., that have been approved as ocean-friendly. If you're not sure, contact your local boating association or a local marine environment association for more details relevant to your area

6. Join a beach or underwater clean-up group. If you want to get hands on and do something really useful, clean-up is a great way to get involved. Beach clean-ups are usually organized locally by community groups or municipalities, and in some places they're even country-wide on specific dates. These are great for family outings because children will be able to help collect trash from the shoreline and will have a real sense of achievement once it's done. For underwater clean-ups, you'll need to know how to dive but this is just as satisfying, knowing that you're removing the plastic bags, plastic items, twine, containers, etc., that inevitably find their way to the ocean.
  • Don't litter. This simple decision can make a huge difference; every piece of litter near the seaside has the potential to end up in the ocean, whether it makes its way there by wind, tides, or by animal carriers. Put all of your trash in designated trash bins or take it home for proper disposal.
  • Volunteer at a local wildlife preserve located near a body of water to help out on a cleanup effort. Your work will be appreciated.
  • Consider donating your time or money to a non-profit organization whose mission includes ocean conservation.
7. Carpool. This can help you take the fast lane to work or school, as well as helping you to conserve gasoline. You might consider buying a hybrid car, which uses regenerative braking and saves gasoline and money. Also, you could use mass transit, such as trains or buses. Doing this allows you to do things such as reading the newspaper or actually enjoy your coffee, which you couldn't do peacefully while driving. Diesel, gas, and smokestack emissions can lead to haze, toxic emissions, or acid rain, which can lead to harmful effects in the oceans.

soruce :
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