Monday, 11 July 2011

10 Reasons that Could Be Keeping You Single
1. You’re looking in the wrong places girl. What’s the use in looking for a person you’ll like, in a place you dislike! Start by going to places you enjoy; you’re bound to meet people who you have something in common with you.

2. “A bad experience with dating can frighten women from trusting guys.” Are you being troubled by memories of that terrible blind date? Or that creep from an online dating site?

3.“The ritual of dating has changed because of today’s sexual thinking.” What I mean is people no longer feel like they need to make a commitment to enjoy some of the pleasures that come with relationships, like sex. “Commitment is no longer formalised and people today have a lot more sexual freedom. is this you? Well most men will still say that they respect a girl more as ‘wifee’ material who refrains from such activities.

4. Are you still stewing over your last relationship? A bad breakup can leave you with memories in your head of all the unfair things your ex did. And when you get your new man, you wont let him forget it either. Big no no.

5. Your business or career comes first. Young professionals are so business-career-driven that they simply don’t have time to meet the right person. Or if they do, they spoil it by having no time to spend with them. “Career women spend late nights at work and dedicate a large portion of their lives to their jobs, leaving little for relationships.”

6. Are you’re hooked on relationship drama? There’s a good reason you can get caught up in drama, relationships with crazy bad boys that have this animal attraction that we all fall for.

7. We pour ourselves out to fast. Anyone who’s a big part of your life should know everything about you, including the serious stuff … but all in good time. Making a full disclosure about how many babies you want or challenges and troubles you’re facing before you even know if the relationship is a starter will guarantee it won’t be.

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8. Do you always fall for unavailable guys? Running after guys that are taking, married, or otherwise unavailable men isn’t likely to get you to happily ever after. Leave them well alone!

9. Do you cling like super glue? If you’re the type to call and ring your man 24/7 and gate crash his guys’ night because you “missed him,” then honey beware: As much as you think he loves you, men are put off women with insecurities and desperation type tendencies .

10. Do you hop into bed too soon? If you’re used to casual hookups and then the wam bam thank you man, then expect the man to to treat you as a booty call or give you that love ’em-and-leave ’em attitude which may hurt when you want something deeper.

Can you think of any other reasons why women remain single?

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