Sunday, 25 July 2010

What Should You Do When You Get Frustrated at Work?

 It doesn’t matter where you work, who you work for or what kind of a job you have, everyone can get frustrated with work for one reason or another. Whether it is because the clients coming in the door have been disagreeable, the copy machine refuses to do what it is programmed to do or the numbers just don’t add up, there are days that seem to be overwhelmingly frustrating. While it may be true that most days the job is great, the moments or days that seem to be frustrating can sometimes push one to almost take that last step and quit. Though there are many people who would love nothing more than to quit a job they generally detest, there are others who wake up the next morning and wonder why they would ever want to quit their perfect job.
Let’s face it, no job is perfect. There are jobs that may be enjoyable, but every job has its cons that if small enough, one could work at ignoring. Many enjoy their jobs enough and find enough positives to keep going, while others can’t find enough pros about their job because they never wanted to work there in the first place. Regardless of whether the job is what a person really wanted or not, frustration can erupt when a day, or a number of days, just don’t seem to go right. What keeps people working to ignore or push away their frustration? The need to work in order to pay for the necessities of life; in many cases this one thought can be enough to throw some into a fit because they feel chained in and unable to get themselves out of the job and situation they dislike.

Whatever the cause of frustration, there is the need to deal with it properly. Ignoring it, pushing it away and letting it build over time will, in most cases, lead to a regrettable situation that cannot be undone. Left unchecked, it can also lead to depression, anger, sadness, insomnia and even heart problems. It creates a stress that no one should have to live with as they go through their life. Life should be enjoyed and living the greater part of it in misery is not at all healthy. This is why taking the time to calm down, evaluate your situation and alter yourself, your views and/or your life may be necessary in order to improve your happiness. Seeking the help or advice of an online counselor can be extremely helpful because they can help you to look into yourself, listen to yourself and then decide whether you need to make moderate or severe changes in your life to alleviate the frustration, unhappiness and unnecessary stress in your life. Doing a search for an online therapist and getting some online counseling can be helpful to anyone dissatisfied with their current work. If online therapy is not something you are looking for at this time, an online therapist would still be more than happy to offer any suggestions or advice to any questions you may have.

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Jay on 25 July 2010 at 20:14 said...

To do something well you have to like it. But it's not that easy to do. It is more complicated than what we think it is.

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