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How to Find the Right Cologne

 http://c.complex.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/colognelead.jpg Via perfume, cologne, and other similar delivery systems continue to be popular. However, women now prefer to distinguish certain types of odors. He often want something that describes your personality and reflect his lifestyle. He did not want anything too heavy will remain alive, leaving behind a scent that one when he came out of the room. Finding the right cologne can be difficult if a woman does not know how to process.

  1. Step 1
    Determine the types of colognes you liked previously. If floral scents were a favorite in the past, chances are good that those type of scents are still good for you, even if they have a slightly new or modern flair.

  2. Step 2
    Shop for fragrances in the middle of the day. Research indicates that the sense of smell is at its peak then. Clear your nose between scents by sniffing coffee or coffee beans. That keeps the scents from overlapping.

  3. Step 3
    Pay attention to the cologne’s package; not just its scent. A lot of thought goes into packaging a product. Manufacturers try to match everything about the cologne’s presentation to give the buyer a clear picture of the scent. For example, scents that are bottled in deep amber well-defined bottles often feature a heavier, woodsy scent while those displayed in pale pastel fancy bottles are lighter and more airy.

  4. Step 4
    Solicit an expert’s assistance to narrow down cologne choices. There are hundreds of colognes on the market today and it is virtually impossible to review them all. However, experts in the field of scent can help narrow down the field if they understand the type of scent desired.

  5. Step 5
    Try the cologne on the skin as well as on a test card. Scents take a while to develop (between 15 and 20 minutes) so the initial smell that is experienced on the skin will change over time as it mixes with the body chemistry. That is why having the test card is important. It allows you to review the scent as it was initially presented, while the scent on the skin represents how it will smell as it processes.

  6. Step 6
    Obtain samples of colognes of interest. Live with them for a period of time before making a decision whether or not to make a purchase. The initial response may well be different than the final one.

  7. Step 7
    Solicit the opinions of friends and family about the cologne. What you smell on your own body isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of what others smell.

  8. Step 8
    Determine how well the cologne will layer with other skin or bath products that you might want to use. If it doesn’t layer well, it may not be the best choice to make.

  9. Step 9
    Consider changing cologne with the seasons. The natural elements like heat, humidity, and cold can change the way a cologne smells. Lighter scents are generally better for spring and summer months because they grow a bit heavier in the heat and humidity. Deeper scents work in the fall and winter because the cold often diminishes their intensity.
Tips & Warnings

  # Men's fragrances in the United States are called colognes; in Europe they're called "eau de toilette."
   # Your skin's pH is what will determine how long a scent lasts. Trying the scent and then waiting for a while is the best determinate of what's best for you.
   # Like women's perfumes, use cologne on pulse points (wrists, chest, neck), where your skin is warmest and therefore is the best diffuser.
   # While trying out new fragrances, a coffee bean under your nose will restore nose clarity, so ask for one. Really.
  # Buy from a reputable shop; cologne can spoil, or it can be poorly counterfeited.
  # Don't apply cologne to your face, especially after a shave. Use aftershave instead.

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