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How to Get a Boy in Middle School to Like You

http://i.ehow.com/images/a04/87/gk/get-guy-like-middle-school-120X120.jpg Middle school is a time when kids are beginning to change how they feel in relationships, and the way they interact with the opposite sex. Here are some steps to help you develop a great relationship with a boy in middle school.


  1. Start up a conversation.

  2. Try to become friends first. Odds are he will like you eventally if you stick in long enough. If you eventally date him befor hand say that you don't want the freind ship to change after you stop dating he proprobly wants the same. You can get to know him better by just being friends. Also you can text him if you have a phone but talk in person too don't just have a texting friend ship.

  3. Smile at him. Just glance at him during class and if you happen to lock eyes, smile. Playing who can look in to each others eyes the longest with out laughing works so the both of you have something to do with each other.

  4. Don't let him think that your crazy in love with him. Just be very friendly. And don't let your friend tell him you like him...that makes it harder.

  5. Boys are easily influenced by their friends, so if you're friends with his friends, you can start hanging out with them. He'll talk to them about you and if they don't approve that will effect his judgment, and that's the truth. If you feel uncomfortable with his friends, just do the same activities with his friends, at a distance and like magic, everyone is friends!

  6. Be confident! Just don't always be screaming about how amazing you are. Most people find that annoying, just letting you know.

  7. Find out things about him. That's kind of a no brainer, talk to him about his interests, his family, music tastes (which is the most fun for me to talk about.) LISTEN! And when you bring it up again he'll know you were listening. Try to find things in common. Do you both play guitar, or love the same bands?
  8. Don't make yourself look too socially active because he might think he cant keep up with you, and that's not good. If he feels he can't keep up with you, he might get too nervous and think that you're out of his league. If you are very socially active, invite him to come along one day with you and some of your friends. This will give him a chance to be around you outside of school and in your natural state.
  9. Don't wear a lot of make-up to impress him. Honestly, when I see girls like that, I tend to lean towards inappropriate.

  10. When flirting with a guy, try and make subtle physical contact, such as stepping on his feet (nicely, most guys are bigger than girls anyway), poking him, and squeezing his arm.

  11. Be "flirty" smile at him sweetly, joke around but don't be mean then he'll start flirting back. But don't be over obsessive.

  12. If your friend likes this guy too you should discuss it and just both leave him alone.

  13. Do not say another guy is "hot" or don't drag on about someone. He might think you like them and not him.

  14. Show him you want him but don't need him. Guys tend to like girls that can do things by herself, so if someone asks you for help say no unless you like the boy that asks. Or, to add a little mystery (or hard to get), say "NO" to him occasionally, but not meanly.
  15. Laugh at his jokes even if they are not funny. This makes him feel appreciated.

  16. If you're going to ask him out, don't have someone else do it for you. That makes him feel that you don't want to be around him. So if he has a phone, ask him for his number. Asking a guy out on the phone is easier than in person and not as embarrassing if he says no.

  17. Be mature.

  18. If you don't get the person you like don't get sad, it's only the beginning.

  19. If you're friends with him, great! You need to get an idea of what he's really like before you can determine if you really truly like him for a reason or if it's just because he's cute.

  20. Show your style. Dress up really cute. For example skinny jeans make sure they show your figure and a tight shirt with some flats or sandals if its a hot day. Make sure he looks at you; those are signs of flirting. Be yourself. Wear a necklace, or your favorite earrings etc. Wear what makes you happy! Pick things that are your favorite color, shape or pattern. Make sure it radiates you.

  21. What does he do? Sports? Chess? Go to his games or tournaments or something and cheer him on. (This is optional; you wouldn't want to seem creepy)

  22. Never take your friends ex it will cause trouble

  23. Do things for him. Help him out with things and he will appreciate it

  24. Find out who his past girlfriends were. if it was a good relationhip, then see if the girl was screamish and dressed big, or can take care of herself and dressed casual. start acting like that, but don't change too much

  25. Don't change yourself for anyone. Not just simply a guy.

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