Friday, 27 May 2011

Payment From EMSBUX $0.53 No Need Investment

***EMSBUX - pastikan reff anda ptclovers ***
Earn $0.0100 per click untuk standard, pro $0.02
Earn $0.0005 per referral click untuk pro
Instant payment for all members.
No investment needed!
No payout maximums (min $0.01)
Payment Method : Paypal & Alertpay
Ini PTC mirip dengan mauibux, lagi hangat2nya di dunia ptc, jadi ayo buruan mumpung masih baru. Saya sih upgrade ke pro karena murah cuma $2.5, iklan pro saya dapat 1hari 25ads (tidak saya sarankan ya, bagi yang mw aja). Sudah membayar, bukti lihat di bawah, thanks

Payment Proof :

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pembayaran dari ZonaClix PTC Terpercaya dengan Script Zeus


Untuk lebih semangat sebelum membaca review yang saya buat tentang zonaclix, silakan dilihat bukti pembayaran yang saya peroleh dari klik iklan di zonaclix

Review :

ZonaClix merupakan PTC baru Indonesia yang Launching sejak tanggal 24 April 2011. PTC ini menggunakan Script Zeus dan merupakan PTC dengan Rate Klik tertinggi di Indonesia saat ini yang mencapai Rp.250,- per Klik Iklannya. Walaupun terbilang masih baru saya yakin PTC ini bisa bertahan lama karena dikelola oleh Admin yang memiliki dedikasi tinggi dan juga tentunya Amanah. Dengan Mottonya "Inovasi Investasi Terpercaya" maka ZonaClix telah memberikan warna baru bagi bisnis per-PTC an Indonesia dan juga siap menjadi salah satu sumber tempat berinvestasi terpercaya. Dengan Semakin banyaknya PTC Lokal yang bermunculan maka ZonaClix pun siap bersaing untuk mendapatkan kepercayaan dari para pebisnis PTC INDONESIA dengan berusaha memberikan kenyamanan Berinvestasi buat member-membernya dan tentunya memberikan Profit kedua belah pihak.

Di ZonaCLix ada 5 macam Tipe Keanggotaan, yakni Member Standar, Pioneer, Premium, Investor dan Business. Yang unik adalah 5000 member pertama akan menjadi Member Pioneer yang mana ini merupakan yang pertama kali di Indonesia. Member Pioneer tentunya memiliki beberapa kelebihan dari Member Standar. Saat ini ZonaClix terus melakukan beberapa Inovasi agar lebih meningkatkan kepercayaan dan kenyamanan member-membernya.

Berdasarkan perhitungan harga Membershipnya maka ZonaClix saya yakin bisa bersaing dengan PTC pendahulunya. Untuk lebih jelasnya maka berikut ini bisa dilihat Tabel Harga Membership ZonaClix :
Bila melihat tabel diatas maka ZonaCLix bisa kita bandingkan dengan DBCLIX yang merupakan PTC INDONESIA paling Profit saat Ini. Semoga saja ZonaClix bisa mengikuti jejak DBCLIX yang telah diakui sebagai salah satu PTC terpercaya Indonesia.

Perlu juga diketahui bahwa di ZonaClix ini tidak ada jadwal Sewa Referral atau Renting Hour sehingga anda bisa menyewa referral kapanpun anda mau sesuai waktu sewa yang ditentukan (lihat tabel). Bila anda ingin serius berinvestasi maka saya anjurkan modal awal minimal adalah 500rb rupiah dengan Upgrade ke Premium dan sewa 100 referral pertama anda. Menurut pantauan saya selama ini AVG nya cukup bagus yaitu antara 1,3 - 1,7. dan tentunya itu sudah memberikan Profit besar untuk kita.

Cara Daftar
1. Buka LINK INI (Klik disini)
2. Akan muncul tampilan web zonaclix 
3. Klik menu register, maka akan muncul halaman pengisian data diri sperti dibawah ini :
4. Setelah selesai mengisi data diri tekan tombol register, maka akun anda berhasil dibuat sekarang saatnya anda masuk (Login) ke akun anda untuk meng-klik iklan

Cara login & klik iklan ke akun anda :
1. Buka link ini (klik disini untuk ke web zonaclix)
2. Pilih Menu Login diatas, akan muncul gambar seperti dibawah ini:

3. Isikan username  anda dan password serta kode verifikasi, kemudian klik LOGIN
4. Setelah itu anda akan dibawa ke halaman akun anda, pilih VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS pada bagian atas halaman akan muncul kumpulan iklan yang siap diklik, seperti gambar dibawah ini :
< '252525'; var AdBrite_Border_Color = '252525'; var AdBrite_URL_Color = '252525'; try{var" width="400" />
Tampil halaman iklan yang siap untuk diklik :
5. Tunggu iklan hingga terbuka (load) dengan sempurna kurang lebih 30detik, terakhir klik menu "CLICK HERE FOR CREDIT" untuk mendapatkan uang hasil iklan (seperti gambar dibawah ini)

Jadi tunggu apalagi kawan2, buat anda yang belum bergabung maka PTC ini saya rekomendasikan untuk menambah pundi-pundi rupiah anda. Silahkan Join/Bergabung dengan cara Klik Banner ZonaCLix dibawah ini:

Mumpung saat ini masih terbuka lebar untuk mendapatkan Direct Referral/Referral Cari maka segeralah bergabung dan Promosi agar anda bisa mendapatkan profit yang besar dari PTC ini. Bila masih ada yang ingin ditanyakan silahkan tinggalkan komen di blog saya

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Any type of relationship, whether it is between family members, people we work with, friends, or customers we serve, takes a lot of work to maintain and build upon. And much of the cement that improves our relationships is developing trust, compassion, and acceptance of the other. As well, differences must be taken into account – no two people are alike or have the same interests, and while you will naturally seek commonalities to share, accommodating both differences and compatibilities is essential for long-lasting connection.

Steps :

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1. Know thyself. 
Long stated by many people, this simple adage is essential for good relationship building. If you don't know your own needs, wants, preferences, and limits, you risk using relationships as a source of your own validation, which can easily lead to co-dependency, clingy behavior, aggressive possessiveness, manipulation, or other unhealthy reasons for wanting to be with others. Knowing yourself enables you to be a creative, uplifting force rather than a destructive, Debbie Downer one, and you will find yourself able to revel in other's successes, achievements, and strengths rather than resenting them. We are always attracted to people who make us feel good about ourselves and ultimately, this is the number one skill in improving our relationships with others.

2. Know the other person. 
It isn't easy learning all you can about a wide range of people but it makes so much of a difference that it is definitely worth it; even people who cross our paths once in life can touch us deeply just by being interested in us as a person. For example, think of the salesperson who engages you in a conversation about your life rather than acting like they couldn't care less whether you were there or not and only going on about the product. A successful sale is often brought about simply because the salesperson acknowledges that they're in a relationship with the customer as a human being, not as a consumer. Take time to build rapport, no matter how brief a connection with another person, and you will be greatly impressed by how much easier your interactions with others become.
  • Ask simple questions about big things. Get to know other people's values and beliefs by asking them. For those people you're intimately connected with, what do you know about their views on the world, other people, laws, sin, marriage, faith, spiritual fulfillment, etc.?
  • Share your views and values too. However, be prepared to be challenged by what others think and believe without being negative, confrontational, or hating in response. You don't have to give up what you believe in but you may just learn something by truly being open to learning what others think.
  • Feel comfortable in asking questions about other people's values; many people love the opportunity to open up some more. However, don't probe or twist their responses and be particularly caring about those people who are still working out their values, who seem confused, or who simply find this sort of conversation overwhelming. Not everyone feels comfortable opening up about values but most people do appreciate compassionate guidance.
3. Avoid pinning your worth on being part of a couple or even a family. 
At times, many of us come across as needy precisely because we feel we're not whole unless we're part of a couple. Being single is not always a choice but it is important to make the most of it when we are in this situation and to continue to reach out to others as a friend and as a fellow human being rather than constantly seeming needy and lost. Learn to spend time with yourself in positive ways, seeing being alone as healthy rather than lonely, and as simply another spectrum of your complete self.

  • For those who come from broken-down family situations, there can be a deep yearning to recreate a family that "works". There is nothing wrong with this desire provided you do not let it cause you to abandon enjoying the life you have until that is achieved; do not put your life's fulfillment on hold because of a contingency you haven't yet met (and remember that the idea of what "works" is very abstract). In addition, continue to be part of the lives of those family members whom you still relate to and care about from your broken family. They are still your family, and they can be a source of strength and grounding. For those whose former family situation was so bad that they cannot return to any family members for support or love, find other people in whom you can rely upon for love and support, such as good friends, extended family members, or people who have meant a great deal to you through life. We're all one human family after all.

4. Remember that the best relationships are based on living, loving, and sharing

5. Grasp the other person's perspective. 
Another important relationship improvement technique is wearing the other person's moccasins. It is impossible to truly know another person's motivations, reasons, and actions until we look with care and listen with an open heart. It is easy to dismiss a person because they have done or said things we're not in agreement with or because we feel hurt on a superficial level and prefer to lick our own wounds instead of looking at the real motivations underlying their intent. Is it possible that your own reactions are causing another person to react to you in a way that makes things harder between you? For example, if you keep pushing someone who is a reluctant talker to expose their feelings about you, and they end up saying even less, consider that you having been so pushy may be the cause of the other person clamming up totally. Or, if this person did finally open up but you jumped down their throat with your annoyance or anger at the things they've said, you may simply have confirmed for them that keeping quiet is the best option around you. Instead, try the following whenever you are in a relationship situation where you feel confrontation, unease, or misunderstandings arising between the two of you

6. Believe, trust, and assume good faith. 
Believing in people and trusting them is not always easy. Certainly, there are people who will abuse your trust and won't live up to your belief in them. However, it is always far better to assume that others will do the right thing and that they will seek to live up to your belief in them than to view the world through fearful or angry lenses. By all means use your wits and common sense about what doesn't feel right when interacting with other people – you don't want to end up physically harmed or emotionally abused – but try to be a source of encouragement and enlightenment for other people in your life by giving them an indication that you do believe and trust in them above all. It is far harder for people to break trust and to let another person down when they are fully aware of that trust and belief and that to break it they must make active choices that bring about harm. In many situations where coercion is absent, assuming good faith about a fellow human being will bring you the reward of a much improved relationship, and could even result in a lifelong commitment to one another as friends or trusted partners.
7. Nurture your relationships.
Any living being and any living relationship needs nurturing to flourish; left alone, left untended, left uncared for, and the survival rate is not good. This means setting aside time, however brief, to spend with this person. In intimate relationships, the time needed together will be far greater than the time for a boss with an employee or a retailer with a customer, but in every single case, the time spent must be dedicated, focused, and of quality, in order to nurture the relationship. Give your full attention, show that you care and that you're interested, and be mentally and emotionally available when you spend time with another. 

8. Be willing to take full responsibility for your own words and actions if you want your relationships to work
After childhood, you are expected to be responsible for what you say and do; unfortunately, there are many adults unable to grasp this simple notion and who feel safer, for one reason or another, in placing blame for their own inadequacies and actions onto others. After a time, this causes relationships to falter because nobody wants to be at the receiving end of being blamed for things all the time, and it is both boring and exhausting to be around someone who constantly blames others but never takes personal responsibility. One very fast way to improve many relationships is to remove blame from the equation, to accept responsibility where it's due, and to find solutions instead of complaining.

9. Be ready to face difficulties and problems within your relationships as they come up
Letting problems in a relationship fester is a recipe for fueling misunderstanding and anger, which can ultimately lead to a rupture in your relationship. Talk to one another openly about feelings, issues you have, and concerns about things you've heard or being told. Avoid prejudging by gossip but do seek to clear the air when someone you interact with seems to have said or done something that reverberates negatively on you.

10. Grow together
Expecting someone to remain the same person they were 5, 10, or 20 years ago is both unrealistic and unfair. Do you want to be remembered as the same person you were 20 years ago, or have you grown and changed in that time? Good relationships make space for growth and both parties accept this growth in each other. In fact, not only allow this space but nurture it; help the person to become more and more the person they feel best as, and help them to grow their strengths and rely upon those. Bringing out the best in others is one of the greatest experiences of being part of relationships, whether it's family, lovers, students, staff, coworkers, friends, customers, whoever!
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bonus dari saya Via Paypal apabila Anda Mendaftar

Di sinisaya  memberi kesempatan bagi Anda untuk mendapatkan uang ekstra online. Tidak perlu keahlian khusus. Yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah mendaftar dan aktif menjadi referral sayadalam satu PTC atau lebih, pekerjaan mudah. Kami akan memberikan Anda TRIPLE BONUS: Bonus Signup (SUB), Referral Cash Back (RCB) dan Scam Guaranteed Bonus (SGB).

Keuntungan yang Anda dapatkan:

* Earn SUB up to $0,02 (2 cents).
* Earn RCB up to $0,05 (5 cents) tiap 50 klik.
* Earn SGB up to $0,02 (2 cents) bila PTC menjadi scam.
* Special Events with rewards.
* Fast payment (24 hours)

***Min00Bux - pastikan reff anda ptclovers *** TIDAK DIREKOMENDASIKAN KARENA BELUM MEMBAYAR SAYA

Daftar sekarang langsung jadi premium member sampai 10.000member saja
Klik : $0.01 :: $0.02
PO :: harus 100 klik untuk standard member, sedangkan kalo premium kagak ada
Bonus $0.10/100 klik
Reset Ads : 06:00 WIB
*** Incrasebux - pastikan reff anda detailz ***
$0.007 :: $0.003
PO $2 :: PP & AP
Refback $0.15/75klik
Reset Ads : 06:00 WIB
Bukti pembayaran :
Klik gambar dibawah ini klo mo liat penampakan di paypal ane
Standar 4 iklan/hari, 0.01$/ klik,  0.005$/reff klik, PO instan

Klik gambar dibawah ini klo mo liat penampakan di paypal ane
Standar 5 iklan/hari, 0.01$/ klik,  0.0025$/reff klik, PO instan

Klik gambar dibawah ini klo mo liat penampakan di paypal ane
Standar 5 iklan/hari, 0.01$/ klik,  0.0025$/reff klik, PO instan

Klik gambar dibawah ini klo mo liat penampakan di paypal ane
Standar 5 iklan/hari, 0.01$/ klik,  0.0002$/reff klik, PO instan

Silahkan Dipilih Gan....... Semuanya terbukti membayar ^^

Setelah agan join di PTC tersebut lakukanlah konfirmasi agar segera saya cek, dengan format;
namaPTC#username agan saat join#email paypal agan
konfirmasi di kirim ke atau tinggalin pesan di CBox blog ane
Catatan :
Setelah daftar (Registrasi) dan selesai mengklik seluruh iklan yang ada, diusahakan untuk sering masuk ke dalam FORUM PTC yang agan ikuti. Alasannya untuk mengetahui berita terbaru dari PTC. Didalam FORUM tersimpan banyak Informasi dan Pengetahuan tentang cara bagaimana meraih sukses dalam sebuah bisnis PTC. (Semoga informasi ini berguna untuk kita semua).

Sukses selalu untuk orang yang selalu ingin berusaha ^^.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

PTC Indonesia DBClix Terbukti Membayar

DbClix ini adalah PTC Lokal yang memberikan Rupiah terbesar diantara PTC lainnya, dan terbukti membayar, bukan SCAM. Dalam DbClix tampilannya hampir mirip PTC Lokal IDR-CLICKIT. Iklan di DbClix rata rata dalam sehari menampilkan 9 iklan, yang terdiri dari Iklan Utama dan Iklan Mini.

Oya untuk Cara Daftar Dbclix anda harus mempunyai salah satu alat pembayaran berikut
  1. Bank Mandiri
  2. Bank BCA
  3. Bank BNI

Bank ini berguna untuk mengirim Komisi dari anda klik Iklan. Jika anda tidak punya, saya sarankan anda buat sekarang juga, atau pinjem ke tetangga, Ortu atau Pacar anda

Berikut adalah Cara Daftar Dbclix

Silakan mendaftar
Akan tampil kolom seperti ini, Lalu klik Tombol Registrasi

Masukkan data anda dengan benar. Setelah selesai, klik tombol “Register

Berikutnya, silakan cek email anda. Klik pada “BOX AKTIFASI” lalu masukan code
Selanjutnya loginlah ke member area dengan mengklik tulisan “Login” yang teletak di pojok kanan atas
Masukkan username dan password anda
Untuk Mempermudah Pengiriman BONUS , Klik “Data Pribadi” di Kiri Atas dan Rubah beberapa setting seperti gambar berikut

Tugas selanjutnya adalah mengklik iklan.
Klik tulisan “KLIK IKLAN“. Disana juga terdapat berapa jumlah iklan aktif yang bisa kita klik.

Lalu munculah iklan yang siap diklik. Klik salah satu iklan yang ada, lalu berikutnya adalah mengklik tombol kuning yang muncul setelahnya. Maka akan muncul halaman baru. Lihat gambar berikut

Tunggu sampai timer selesai bekerja sampai ada tulisan bahwa Rpxxx telah dimasukkan dalam saldo anda.
Lalu klik tombol “KLIK DISINI” sampe Rpxx muncul

Nah, itulah yang anda lakukan setiap hari. Cukup 10 menit perhari.
Iklan Cuma bisa di klik sekali dalam 24 jam, Waktu Reset Jam 00.00 pagi


Klik banner diatas untuk mendaftar

  1. Carilah referral sebanyak-banyaknya. Dengan cara klik Tombol banner dan pasang link anda di blog/forum
  2. Setelah bergabung aktiflah di forum, Lihat bukti pembayaran dan jangan takut berkonsultasi jika ada

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