Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to Prepare for the Perfect Date

So there is a person in your mind that makes your heart beats really fast???....you're going on date and you wanna impress that person???

In this article I'll talk about my first idea of perfect dates :

" a picnic under the moonlight"

1. Cook for that person and prepare meals for him/her...

2. Bring candles with you because candles + moonlight = The ultimate romance.

3. For the location... try to go to a park or a beach or anywhere near a lake or a sea...but remember there should be NO people with you ... in the end ..you wanna be with that person alone!

4. Try to make that date when the sky is clear because you will enjoy starring at stars and the moon together...

5. Don't forget to bring a jacket with you because it might get cold and it would be so romantic to put it on her...

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