Friday, 6 May 2011

8 Ways to Hair Become Healthy and Shiny
Some ways you have to do:

1. Castor oil for hair is helpful for healthy hair growth, to use it.
2. Warm coconut oil and massage the scalp application: Please refer to. Gentle shampoo and rinse, hot towel covered in time.
3. Mix two cups of protein 1 tsp glycerin, Castor oil and massage the hair and rinse after 30 minutes gently.

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4. before the blood circulation of scalp shampoo brush.
5. Water is healthy and hair tonic. The problem may be using water. Soft water, some toxic metals, and even that is better known as your water, thank you to the region’s water sector issues.
6. To prevent split ends, your hair please, unless it is removed and the root. Pruning on a regular basis, in order to prevent damage to the hair salon after your last visit can be 4-8 weeks.
7. Our hair, as a result of food every two weeks in a deep air, water and requires. It has branches to strengthen hair. It is also the best shampoo to keep hair healthy but moderate.
8. Finally, we come down to a balanced diet suitable combination of everything. Vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc and iron-rich hair play, play a more important role in the strong growth and healthy glossy.

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