Saturday, 7 May 2011

Make Mother's Day Coupons

Every mom would love a break from everyday worries and chores. Spread some love and show it on paper with a collection of coupons that can help her, even make her day more worry-free.

Steps :
1. Gather about 3-4 different paper colors. They can be white or colored (pink, yellow, purple, red, etc).
2. Measure and cut out uniform pieces; rectangular (shown), or shapes your mom likes~hearts, butterflies, etc.

3. Present the gift to your mom in two ways:
Method One:
a. Decorate the pieces of paper by writing what the coupons are good for and draw pictures. (See below for ideas of what to include in the coupon.)
Make a container to put the coupons in. You can use an envelope, a basket, or anything else you can think of.
b. Wrap everything up in tissue, a box, or a bag. It is now ready for presenting.

Method Two:
a. Organize the papers in a color pattern to make the coupon booklet more presentable.
b. Staple everything together about 1/4 inch (0.635cm) from the edge.
c. Write a title on the first paper.
d. Use the other papers to write down what the coupons are for. See suggestions in the next section.

  • Be creative about what the coupons are for. Some ideas include: free dish-washing, free hug, free laundry-doing, free dog walking, free massage, free hair styling, free gardening-for-an-afternoon, etc. You could also offer to cook certain meals for a specified time, or to bake treats.
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