Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plan a Scenic Road Trip for Weekend What better way to spend a weekend then by getting away from everything and journeying on a scenic road trip with a friend or loved one. Pick a few places to visit, stay at a bed and breakfast, hike and enjoy the hidden spots of nature. Whether it is a romantic getaway or an exciting, fun adventure, a scenic road trip can be an excellent way to relax and unwind.

Instructions :

1. Make your road-trip plan. Select the roads and highways you will take. Select the sites you want to see. Maybe you will want to stop by a national park with hiking trails, a back-road local winery, a scenic overlook or maybe a small town in the middle of nowhere with fun places to eat or shop. Plan out the details of your trip.

Also, calculate how much gas you will use, costs of accommodations, food, entry fees to parks, and other things you are likely to spend your money on during the trip. Split up the fees with your friends taking the trip with you. Prepare a packing list of things to bring. Try to book any accommodations in advance.

2. Get your vehicle checked out. A fresh oil change and a tire service are greatly encouraged. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order before departing. It would not be good to break down on a desolate country road with the nearest town miles away. Prepare your vehicle for the road. Find the cheapest gas in your area and fill up your tank. A good tank of gas should last you a couple of days. It's always best to fill up before departing.

3. Buy food and pack all necessary items for the trip. In addition to food, bring extra cash for souvenirs and meals along the way. Establish a meeting time and place to begin the trip.

4. Create a road-trip binder or folder. You can use it to hold all of your accommodation reservations, parks and attractions information, maps and any other information you might need on your trip.

5. Start your journey. Be sure to designate someone as navigator to follow maps and lead you from each destination to the next.

Things You'll Need:

* Vehicle
* Maps
* List of destinations
* Camera
* Cash
* Itinerary
* Cellular phone (for emergency calls)
* Camping gear (if camping)

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