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Create A Small Gift To Cheer Someone Who Is Sad or Lonely
This gift is perfect to lift someone's spirits who is feeling lonely, forgotten or blue or even not feeling well. Anyone who is able to wrap a present will be able to make this remembrance to help cheer up a friend, acquaintance or loved one. The recipient will be grateful for your sentiments. In addition, you most likely will most not have to purchase any supplies.

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1. This remembrance is not about the wrapped gift but rather about the sentiments expressed in the poem that is attached to the package, so you may use an empty container if you wish. Otherwise you may wrap a small remembrance, such as the picture frame mentioned above.

2. Whatever form you decide upon, wrap it in paper to suit the occasion, such as something cheery with flowers for a sick person. Tie ribbon and a bow around the package to match the wrapping paper. We also added tulle cut and tied into a bow for extra decoration.

3. On a piece of white or colored paper, either print on the computer or hand print the poem.
Just for You
"This is a special gift,
That you cannot see,
The reason that it's special,
Is it's just for you from me!
So, whenever you are lonely,
Or even feeling blue,
You only have to hold this
To know I think of you!
You can never unwrap this,
Please leave the ribbons tied,
Just hold it to your heart,
It's filled with love inside."

4. Punch a hole in the upper corner and attach the poem to the ribbon with ether a twist tie or another piece of ribbon. If you used white paper, you may back the poem with a colored piece of construction paper. Use your imagination and embellish the gift in other ways, such as with stickers or a small silk flower. Since the poem mentions never opening the present, you can definitely use an empty form receptical if you choose.

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Lina Gustina on 20 March 2011 at 11:43 said...

It can be a perfect gift!
Just added your link in Blog Lists. Add mine :)

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