Sunday, 20 March 2011

10 Ways to Cheer Up Your Sad Friends
Everyone goes through down times occasionally. Sometimes our friends can go through sad spells and these are the times we need to be friends the most. How do you cheer up a sad friend? Here are some tips!

Tips :

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1. Send them a care package filled with candy, scented candles, brownie mix, magazines, and delicious tea bags. Don't forget to include a little love note.

2. Be available for your friend at all times. It's very important to let them know you are there for them. Make sure they are aware of the fact that they can get a hold of you at any time, night or day

3. Have patience. Sometimes it takes people awhile to get out of their sad moods. Everyone is different. Learn to understand and throw out impatience.
4. Pay them a genuine compliment. Remember that the more detailed the praise the better, for example:  "I love how your bangs frame your face." or  "You have a contagious laugh."
5. Call them often. Don't bombard them with phone calls if they do not want to talk, but at least call once a day just to check up and let them know you care. The same goes for email.
6. Give them a mixed CD filled with upbeat music or songs that you have listened to together and have a special meaning. Most computers these days will even let you record personal greetings at the beginning of each track. 

7. Offer hugs. Sometimes a person just needs you to be there and a hug is the most generous of offers.

8. Tell them how much you appreciate them. This small gesture can really make someone's day
9. Reminisce about your friendship, how you met, and the fun times you've had together. And then make more fun plans for the future.
10. Involve other friends. The more friends you involve, the more likely the person will come out of their mood.

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