Thursday, 24 March 2011

5 Ways for Still Have Fun when You Lonely
Being lonely is hard, and many people can become very depressed because of it. Whether you're going to be alone for one night or one year, this article should help you not only cope with being lonely, but have fun while doing

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1. Be productive. Is there something you've always wanted to do? Maybe you wanted to learn origami, or a new language. Maybe it's time to clean your room, or try to cook. Go on a run. Not only will you feel better, but you might meet someone along the way.

2. Think of the reasons why you're lonely. Chances are that you're lonely for a reason, maybe you're grounded, or your all of your friends are on vacation! Maybe you've just moved to a new place, and are having trouble getting used to it. Either way, it's not shameful to be alone, you have a reason. Everybody gets lonely.
3. Try to talk to the people you do see. Have a conversation with your dad or your sister or brother. Try to talk to classmates or colleagues as well. Talk to your pet if you need to. Don't let yourself get used to being alone, this will make it more difficult to talk to others later.

4. Try texting someone if your friends went to a party that you couldn't go to, ask them to come over the next day and tell you all about it.

5. Don't give up. You won't be lonely forever.

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