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Give Unique Valentine's Day Gifts That Say What You Mean 
To most men, Valentine's Day is the day you're supposed to buy flowers or candy for your wife or girlfriend. But to most women, Valentine's Day is about expressing your innermost feelings about someone. It's about saying how much you really value someone -- through the purchase of a material object, of course. Here's how to give Valentine's Day gifts she's bound to love.

Steps :
1. Think about the message you want to convey to her. Is it, "I think you're special", "You're so beautiful", or "I want to keep you guessing"? Whatever the message, there's an easy way to communicate it through your gift.

2. Match your gift to the message. This may sound easier said than done, but checking the Tips section might give you some ideas.

3. Get help from others. If you're just not sure how to express your feelings, get some advice from friends, parents or whomever you trust, but don't have some other person go gift shopping for your girl.

4. Consider the risk of getting your "hidden message" wrong. If anything about your idea could be misleading, don't go through with it. Take the safe route and keep it simple

5. Just say it. More often than not, the whole "saying it through the grapevine"-thing backfires. In many cases the lady would have preferred some heartfelt kind words to a gift.

Tips :
  1. If your message is "I spent big bucks on you", you can buy her jewelry or go one step better than that by giving her the whole store -- well, buying her Tiffany stock. It's like owning the store, isn't it? (See the external links for more info on how to get a framed share of Tiffany stock for around $120.)(Be careful, many women won't see Stock in any store as romantic.)
  2. To convey that the lady is special to you, you could get her a customized poem (although maybe a self-written one is more personal). Both Personal Creations and 1-800-flowers sell giant fortune cookies that can be personalized, free of charge.
  3. If you are in an intimate relationship and want to compliment her looks, you may want to think about getting her lingerie. It is advised to find out nonchalantly if she would appreciate that as a gift, as some women feel objectified by this type of behaviour.
  4. If you're unsure about your message or your relationship, try to set up an unusual date. Try something your girl might like. If she's an outdoorsy person, pack a picnic to share at sunset and spend some time on the blanket looking at the stars. This is especially romantic if you have a beach in the proximity.
  5. If your girl is into arts, take her to an exhibition. Once there you can buy her the catalogue or a nice poster if she likes a piece very much. If she likes a certain band, get tickets to a concert near you.
  6. If you don't know anything about a girl's hobbies or preferences, make sure you find out about them before Valentine's Day so you have some clues you can build your idea on.
  7. Make a romantic scavenger hunt. Have romantic clues set up all over the house (or city), and make them search from place to place until they find the final prize (make sure the final prize is something extra special),

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