Wednesday, 19 January 2011

9 Steps to Dress Formal to Look Like a Gentleman Want to impress colleagues around you? Then, dress sharp. Follow these steps to dress formally.


1. Make sure your shirt is tidy and well creased

2. Wear a light shirt and dark pants or the converse of it.

3. Wear a tie that is contrasting with your shirt. (e.g. light tie for dark shirts or dark ties for light shirts)

4. Make sure your shoes and belt match.

5. Shoes must be well polished.

6. Wear a good quality tie. It adds to your grace.

7. Always keep a clean handkerchief.

8. Always wear dark coloured socks

9. Make sure your hair is neat and tidy.


    * Have a pleasant smile
    * Wear nice perfume; it will have magnetic effect.
    * Always get dressed in front of a mirror.
    * Make sure your nails are clean and cut neatly
    * Take time when shaving

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