Thursday, 6 January 2011

Choose Between Two Best Friends 

Do you have a problem with two friends? Sometimes, jealousy can cause difficulties in friendships, so if you have to choose between best friends, here are some things to consider. 

Steps :

Look at common interests you have with each friend. This will help determine which you may want to develop more loyalty to.

2. Think about how close you are to each. If one is farther away, they may be less available for you when you really need them.

3.  Consider their character. Greedy, selfish, or dishonest people are often not the best choice for best friend.

4. Give thought to how competitive each is. When you are working toward a goal, is one more likely to compete against you than help you to achieve it?

5. Consider ways each one complements you personally. Can you be a better team with one person than the other?

6. Decide who you trust the most. Trusting a person is a high priority in a friendship.

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