Thursday, 6 January 2011

How to Keep a Friend for Life

Keeping a friend by your side for life is what every girl is hoping. Follow these steps and maybe that could happen!

Steps :
1. Be nice to your friend
  • No person wants their feelings hurt. It also would be rude not to be nice anyway.
2.  When she/he is at your house, make them feel comfortable..

3. Tell her often that, 'You're my best friend!' or 'I'm glad to have you as my friend'. It will make her feel like a good person.
Tips :
  • Invite your friend to your house often, it will make her feel like, that you like her as a friend.
  • Don't get caught up spending too much time with a boyfriend, it will make your friend feel left out. Also a friend is much more important than a boyfriend.

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