Saturday, 16 January 2010

Payment from Paid to Promote

Screenshot :

Yeah, i got payment from paid to promote. Well, not bad $5.29
A month ago, I joined this site called Paid-To-Promote (Read my article at here). Its a very simple site (don't have much information on the site) but I read about this site from another blog. So, I decided to join. What does this site provide/does?

Basically, it gives you a banner, which you can put on any site/blogs. Each impression will generate money for you! Its just exactly like a ptp site! I was kinda skeptical - sounds quite difficult to earn anything from it... But still, I gave it a try. It has automated payout every 15th & 30th of the month. No requesting for payout..And best of all, payout is at $0.10 with webmoney or paypal!!

Click the banner, if you want to join the site!
Get paid To Promote at any Location

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