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How to Get a Boyfriend if You're Very Shy

Shyness can keep you from sampling some of life's most delicious offerings. Worrying about outside perceptions and interactions often hinders your social advancement and your options when it comes to the love department. If this is the case for you, don't fret: You can still find a boyfriend if you're shy.

  1. Step 1

    Narrow your scope of options. Before you get to the highly stressful parts of interacting with potential boyfriends, use your shy demeanor to work to your advantage. Use the time you don't spend talking to observe how people you may like act and what they like to do. This will give you an opportunity to exclude guys you have no real interest in.

  2. Step 2

    Play to your strengths. Being active in your own personal interests will give you a greater probability of coming into contact with boys or men who share your interests. This will give you a common point of reference that will make it easier for you to communicate when you're approached or when you want to break the ice. You should also involve yourself in areas that you are proven, so you can draw positive attention from guys with your proficiency without having to speak.

  3. Step 3

    Bring the boys to you. Don't allow your shyness to hinder you from properly "baiting the hook" that is your body to "catch" the right boy. Dressing your best may seem overrated and overstated, but the truth is that this practice can express self-confidence that men love to see in a woman. Nicely put together outfits can go a long way toward enticing a potential boyfriend.

  4. Step 4

    Make eye contact. Sending the right signals when you are shy is important. Body language makes for the majority of communication between human beings. Muster up some courage to look the guys you like in the eyes or to flash a quick smile to give them the green light to approach you. This will transfer the pressure to approach on his shoulders, while opening a window of opportunity.

  5. Step 5

    Step outside of your comfort zone. Healthy relationships are built on communication. This does not exclude you because you are shy. Stepping out of your comfort zone to talk to potential boyfriends is eventually a prospect you will have to face. The payoff will far outweigh the risks if a boyfriend is what you truly seek.

Tips & Warnings
  • Using internet dating sites can be helpful in your search for a boyfriend as a shy girl. Many guys will often make the first move if you specify that you are shy in your profile.
  • If a boy or man likes you and he is also shy, it may be difficult for him to approach you as well. Spending some time sitting by yourself (without your friends around you) will give him an opportunity to approach uninterrupted.

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How to Break Up with a Possessive Boyfriend

If you are involved with a jealous/possesive person it is time for you to reconsider your relationship. This is abuse. Learn to recognize the signs of abuse. Then take the next step and decide to put a stop to this controlling relationship.


  1. Everyone has problems in life. First you need to make sure if this possessiveness is really the kind of person he is, or if situations in life have turned him into this person.
  2. If you care at all for this person beyond the possessiveness, tell him honestly and openly that you are your own person and he can either drop the possessiveness and treat you like a human being, or you will be forced to move on.
  3. If needed, take some time apart to recollect your thoughts and determine if this person is fundamentally someone you want to spend your life with or if you are only a slave to the possessiveness.
  4. Make yourself aware that this controlling behavior is a sign of an abusive relationship. Learn to recognize these signs.
  5. Decide to end the relationship. As you become aware of the harm being caused to you, decide to get more information on what help is available to you to change your situation. This is your decision.
  6. Gather information and seek support about who can help you with your different needs.
  7. Plan your exit. Create a safety plan and choose a place to go if needed.
  8. Take action. Just leave. Cut off all lines of communication. You owe this person nothing. Actively engage your support networks and seek any help you need.
  9. Prepare for your future. Allow yourself to dream of how your life will come together and make a plan to achieve these goals.
  10. Take some time for yourself. A time to heal. Now that you are settled into your new life, it is time to think about how this ordeal has affected you and heal. When you are happy within, when you learn to love yourself and enjoy life - only then will you be able to find meaningful lasting relationships.


  • Open up to people who are expressing concern for you like your friend, family member, your doctor, your neighbor, or your minister. Reach out.
  • Do not lose sight of yourself. It may seem overwhelming at times. Your future begins with you.
  • Only you can restore happiness, peace, and balance in your life. You are a valued and necessary member of your family, community, and society. Don't be afraid to believe in yourself!


  • Jealousy and possesiveness are signs of an abusive relationship. Abuse is abuse whether it is mental or physical. This controlling behavior only gets worse as the relationship progresses.

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How to Ask for a Hug or Kiss

Alright, you are about to read some steps of how to ask for a hug or a kiss. Make sure you read the steps rely carefully. If you don't then you might not learn what you need to know.


  1. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to ask him/her for a hug or kiss then you need to go somewhere private. If you like to show off and brag then go into a crowded place together.
  2. When you are about to leave ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to come to you. Then you can just wrap your arms around him/her.
  3. If your boyfriend/girlfriend walks you home then you get to the door you can go close to them and shouldn't even ask. You should just do it.
  4. You need to be the brave one. If you are going for a hug then you could just wrap your arms around them and say goodnight. Or if your going for a kiss then you could stare into each others eyes and tilt your head and go close to that special person and touch lips.
  5. Then you would really know that the person actually likes you.
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How to Get Happy when You're Sad


Everyone can feel a bit down and sad sometimes, and it totally stinks. Here are some ways to cheer up.

Remember that sadness will eventually go away if you think positively.

1. Call up a friend to talk about it (or to get your mind off it).
2. Watch a funny movie, preferably one that you've already seen and liked.
3. Exercise! Go for a walk, a jog, or a bike ride. Doing this will make your body release endorphins and adrenaline through your body which will make you feel better physically and emotionally.
4. Be spontaneous. Sometimes a consistent and boring routine can make you feel bad. Do something out of the blue, but don't make any rash decisions.
5. Paint a picture. Express your feelings with color and shapes.
6. Think about good memories. If you've lived through them once, than you can definitely have them again. Just because things may seem bad right now doesn't mean that tomorrow they will be.
7. Take a shower. You will feel happier and refreshed.
8. Get out of the house! The fresh air will make you feel better. Go somewhere with a friend, a family member, or even by yourself. See a movie, shop, go on a picnic, etc. Staying inside is like trapping yourself inside your depression.
9. Listen to music. Don't listen to sad music–try listening to energetic tunes or a song that inspires you or reminds you of good times.
10. Have a good cry. Sometimes the sadness stays inside your head if you try to force yourself to be happy. Try to let the tears out at the most appropriate time, mainly the best time when you are alone. Do this, and you might feel more relieved of your sad feelings, as if it "got off your chest".
11. Put your feelings into perspective. Is what you're upset about really as important as you think? Did it seem to heavily affect more on yourself than those around you? If you sulk about little problems, like not receiving a perfect grade or spilled milk, then you're going to feel sad a lot more easily. Not all of your problems require you to use your head, especially not ones that are very serious like the loss of a loved one. If you use reason to cheer yourself up, chances are you'll feel a lot less stressed.
12. Sometimes taking a nap might make you feel better! Try it and have a good, long nap!!!
13. Journal - Stop dwelling on past hurts, and look to the future ... each day is a new day just because you were sad yesterday doesnt mean you have to be sad today.... you have a fresh slate.... get out there and become a person !!! you know who you are no show other people who you are..... Each person has a good side to them .... SHOW YOURS ..... :P ... and remember dont compare yourself to other people... you will always lose that way.... be greatful for what you have dont worry about what you dont have... :P
3ae39cbc14d8835587370a32b369e686.jpg Dont be sad Me love U image by spoiledbratm

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How to Say I Love You


Although many people use this powerful phrase loosely, there are times when you want to say "I love you" in a meaningful way. Whether you're professing your love to a romantic partner or expressing it to a relative or friend, it can be difficult to convey how much they really mean to you. But by keeping the following suggestions in mind, hopefully your love will not only be understood, but it will also be welcomed and returned.

Steps :

1. Define love. The sincerity of the phrase is strengthened by knowing what love is, and what loving someone means to you. Determine the difference between love, infatuation and lust, and make sure it's genuine love that you feel for this person.

2. Make it special. For many people, dropping the "I" allows the sentiment to be expressed casually, such as before separating (e.g. "Time to go. Bye!"). Using the full phrase, however, can be reserved for more intimate moments, especially during a special event, such as when a child is just born, or even to reassure someone when bad news has been received or during moments of cherished silence, like after a kiss

3. Make eye contact. If you love this person, hopefully you feel comfortable enough to gaze into their eyes when you express your feelings. Making eye contact shows sincerity and communicates trust. Even though there are probably a few inches between your faces, it should feel like there is nothing between yourselves, not even air. The amount you can say "I love you"
with your eyes is astonishing.

4. Say it at an appropriate tone. If you're at home and there's not much background noise, keep your volume low; don't whisper unless you bring your lips to their ear, which can also be a very intimate way to express your love. If you want to tell them how you feel in public, it's up to you whether you want to pull the person aside, or say it in front of friends or even strangers. It depends on your loved one's personality, and your own personality. Some will find it terribly romantic to be told they're loved across a room full of people; others may find it mortifying.

5. Smile. It can be nerve-wracking to tell someone that you love him or her, only to wait anxiously for their response--especially if it's the first time either of you have verbally expressed love. The best way to overcome this fear is to not expect the phrase in return. Your intention can be to tell the person how you feel, with the hope of making them happy and showing them that they are valued. Remember that unconditional love means not demanding anything in return. So smile, and perhaps give your loved one a hug. If they love you, too, they'll say it in their own way and in their own time.

6. Be creative. Say it in different languages. Write it into a poem or even a haiku. If you want to be romantic, spell it out with rose petals on his or her bedroom floor. Write it in code, like a Vigènere cipher. Say it in little ways, like post-it notes in unexpected places, and express it in every way you can. Do something personal like make her a clipgenerator clip or photoshop a pic from your last vacation.

7. Know what love is. This idea of love being a feeling is just wrong. Infatuation is a feeling. The idea of love being a feeling comes from people who say they love others, but suddenly don't when the going gets tough. After all, if it's a feeling, it's not their fault. Love is an action and a commitment. When you tell someone "I love you", what you're actually saying is "I care about you and your well-being, more than my own. I want you to be happy, regardless of what it means for me , and I am willing to make sacrifices for that goal. No sacrifice is too great."

8. Love. Don't just say it, do it. Saying "I love you" without showing it is, in a way, a lie. Express your love in action as well as in words. Contrary to popular belief, love can be measured. It is measured in sacrifice.

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12 Funniest Wedding Cake Toppers


12 Funniest Wedding Cake Toppers

Wilton Now I Have You ($12.95)

The Love Pinch ($29.98)

Ball and chain ($14.99)

Still Shopping ($75.99)

Weddingstar Soccer Player Groom ($21.98)

Western "Roped" Groom ($19.98)

Comical Couple with the Bride "Having the Upper Hand" ($29.98)

Bride At the Finish Line with the Checkered Flag ($19.98)

Gone Fishing ($83.90)

Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom ($19.98)

Funny Sexy Wedding Bride and Groom ($26.94)

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22 Ways to Tell Your Child "I Love You"


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64 Ways to Say I Love You


A List of Relationship Tips for Lovers
A little relationship advice can go a long way, and so can a list of relationship tips. Specific, practical ways of showing your love for your partner, kids, and friends can increase the communication, connection, and caring in your family. Knowing how to say I love you consistently and sincerely will give you and your lover a natural high!

* Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Lovers is a great way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day.
* For more involved, practical relationship suggestions, try Healthy Ways to Say I Love You.
* If you're curious about expressing your love to your parents who have everything, read Saying I Love You to Mom & Dad - especially on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

64 Ways to Say "I Love You":

1. Don't compare them to anyone.
2. Be courteous at all times.
3. Embrace the present moments without fear or guilt.
4. Live by the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you).
5. Give your full attention when talking.
6. Become their biggest fan and cheerleader!
7. Toast each other over breakfast or dinner to say I love you.
8. Tell them how they bring love to your life.
9. Laugh about kids quotes on love or events.
10. Talk about your day during mealtimes.
11. Read books aloud together.
12. Say you're sorry.
13. Recall good and bad memories.
14. Let go of the past to say I love you.
15. Do nothing together.
16. Encourage health in all its forms.
17. Trust your partner enough to cry together.
18. Act silly together.
19. Be lavish in praise.
20. Ask questions about opinions, feelings, thoughts.

21. To say I love you, forget about labels.
22. Encourage adventures and risks!
23. Show your joy when they come home.
24. Bake cookies.
25. Leave stress at work to say I love you.
26. Use flannel sheets in the winter.
27. Solve problems together - such as crosswords or Suduku.
28. Show your gratitude for them.
29. Be a good sounding board.
30. To say I love you, take pride in them -- and show it.
31. Compliment them in front of others.
32. Spend time with them.
33. Listen.
34. Ask for hugs and kisses.
35. Take vacations together.
36. Tell the truth to say I love you.
37. Use pet names to say I love you.
38. Practice self-acceptance.
39. Hunt for treasure together.
40. Be interested in their interests.
41. To say I love you, let go of jealousy.
42. Accept their weaknesses and flaws.
43. Ditch work or responsibilities to play with them.
44. Be yourself.
45. Share chocolates, ice cream sundaes, milkshakes.
46. To say I love you, ignore slights.
47. Pray or meditate together.
48. Practice forgiveness.
49. Watch classic movies together.
50. Leave notes or send letters.
51. To say I love you, buy a "for no reason at all" gift.
52. Don't gossip or judge.
53. Give the benefit of the doubt to say I love you.
54. Give space when they're in a bad or sad mood.
55. Learn something new together.
56. Go dancing.
57. Keep your promises to say I love you.
58. Make them laugh.
59. Consider their feelings.
60. Learn ways to rekindle the romance.
61. Hide a treat in their lunch.
62. To say I love you, make home a fun place to be.
63. Let them make their own decisions.
64. Say what you mean when you say I love you. Say why.

Saying I love you takes work and making your relationship stronger does take work. It's hard to be honest, and it's hard to accept the consequences of your honesty and authenticity. It takes time, energy, and commitment to stay connected through all the problems that life and people bring. It can be painful, aggravating, and scary to stick it out through all the ups and downs....but the alternative is worse.
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How to Live Life More Simply


    How many of us have spent the majority of our lives worrying about something that we probably didn't have any control over? How many of us have thought to ourselves "what happens if..." or "what if I can't make it?" or any other of the millions of "what if's" that we have encountered over the years. And how many of us have discovered that all that worrying that we did didn't change the outcome of anything, that life just goes on as it was meant to, and the only thing all that worrying did was to give us grey hair and frown lines? So, my new goal in life is to once and for all quit worrying about all these things that I can't possibly fix, change or wish away. Why shouldn't we all do this?

    Hopefully, most of us have gained wisdom over the course of our life, and it's something that we all have tried to teach to our children. One of the most important bits of wisdom I've learned is to decide what really matters and what is just a bump in the road. Ask yourself everytime something or someone annoys you, "is this really a crisis or can I just let it go" and chalk it up to someone having a really bad day. Their bad day shouldn't become my bad day.

    For those of us who know we are always right: well, I may be right but if something is so important to someone else that a discussion turns into a argument, then o.k., let them learn for themselves that I may know best but that I'm willing to let them learn on their own. And who knows, maybe I just don't always have to be right, I do know that I don't want to be narrow-minded.

    Have you ever known anyone who was always so serious that they never smiled, laughed till they cried or was just so miserable that they tried to make you that way? There are always times to be serious but the majority of our day should be spent making every effort to making ourselves and those around us as happy and carefree as possible. Why not, it's certainly better than being unhappy.

    Have you ever made a decision to do something, and maybe that something was difficult and might have taken years to accomplish, but you did do it, and when it was done you thought to yourself, "I can't believe I actually got through all that"? That is the power of one's will, and it should never be taken lightly because if you really want to do something bad enough, you find a way to do it. And hopefully, someone told you they knew all along that you could do it, you just have to believe in yourself.

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How to Wake up Happy Everyday

  1. As soon as you wake up smile. This is a whole new day with many new possibilities. Today you will do new things and meet new people. But in order to receive all these blessings you have to be open to it. Believe that good things will today.

  2. Believe that you deserve good things. Open your mind to the possibility of great blessings. You are meant to be happy. The universe wants you to be happy and share that joy with everyone.
  3. Whenever you meet someone treat them with love and kindness. You would want someone to do that to you. Use people as a reflection of yourself. Treat them how you want to be treated.
  4. Do what you feel is right. Don't worry about being shy or showing your emotions. Let people know how you feel. Be true to yourself and your feelings. Remember - Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbor. Catch the trade winds."
    -Mark Twain

  5. Live for the moment. Each part of your day is a new place you've never been before. So cherish every moment. Enjoy reading the morning paper and that quiet time with your loved one. Small acts of random kindness change the world. Make an effort to be nice to that coworker you don't like the best.

  6. At the end of everyday remember what you have to be thankful for. Think of all the great things that happened to you and the wonderful people around you that make it possible.

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How to Fall in Love With Your Mate Again: Ten Hot Secrets


The grass is always greener on the other side. And many of us think of how we would be happier with that special someone…else. I have another take on this. Are you still married to the one you love…loved. Before you pack up and move out, before you wipe the slate clean, consider this, you can not run from you.

Whoever your new mate will be will not change who you will be...well, not by much. The doubts, the fears, the guilt, the strengths, the weaknesses that make or break your current relationship will be the baggage you take into a new relationship. Now I am not claiming to be a relationship guru, but having been married to the same woman for over 25 years, and with many opportunities on both sides to move on, I have arrived at the conclusion that you can be happier with a new mate, but the best decision is to try to be happier with the present mate.

Yes I am proposing that you can find love again…in the marriage. OK you have done the counselling bit, you have kissed and made up countless times, but somehow you have grown away from each other, you have no tender affections for each other anymore; plain truth you now resent each other. In fact you have been calling divorce lawyers and quietly making housing and job searches to facilitate a new life…with a new mate.

You want to experience the thrill of sexual desire with the one you love…again. You want to look forward to coming home to hug and kiss your mate…again. You want to find love…again.

Photo by Sharron Goodyear courtesy of

1. Remember how it all started. What drew you together? Revisit the roots of the relationship to look for possible solutions to the problems pushing you apart.

2. Love, that special affection for another whereby you hold him or her dear, is more than a feeling; it is both a duty and a blessing. So you need to seek the Source of love in order to strengthen your love for each other. God is love, so the nearer you both draw to God the closer you will become to your mate.

3. First be a friend before you become a lover. The secret lover thing is for story books. The lifelong thing is with a deep friend. Your mate should be your friend. Friendship requires shared values, hobbies, interests. To deepen friendship you need time together, play together, and yes, pray together. I am shocked at how many marriages survive with partners living separate social lives. People go out alone, and take separate vacations. Then they complain when they find distance between them. I mean, you don’t have to stick together like glue, but how are you going to keep a marriage going with separate lives.

4. Communication involves disclosure and feedback. As friendship deepens you will want to state your expectations, you disappointments, your fears, you hopes. You will also want to express yourself on the kind of social activities you believe are best for the marriage.

5. Yes, I had to talk directly about sex sooner or later. Spice up the sex. When I was younger I used to hear nearly every pastor preaching about how wives could improve a marriage by putting on perfume and wearing lovely nightie, and thought it so trite. Well now that I am nearer to 50 I will give an overwhelming standing ovation to that idea (pun intended). It does wonders for me. Sexy lingerie is great. The satin smooth feel plus the fragrance of perfume, wow, wow, very stimulating. And getting away from home to hotel or cruise will do wonders. No money for both, wait till kids are out of house and you have your home hotel!

6. Make an effort to date your mate. Treat him or her the way you would if you had a new person to impress. Flowers, kind deeds, little romantic things. Just like you were courting someone new.

7. Accept the fact that over a life cycle, you will experience changing physical and emotional needs. Read up on the needs of the different stages for male and female in order to understand yourself and you mate. You may discover that nothing is wrong with either of you; you are just not coping with the life cycle stages of each other very well.

8. Do a personality profile. Sounds cliché, and even too metaphysical if taken too far. But there is a little truth in the four windows into the way people behave: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholy.

9. Attend a marriage enrichment seminar at you local church. Ask your pastor to organise one for the couples.

10. A change of scene can do a lot of good. Run away together! Instead of running away from each other to someone else. Do something major like… sell the house and move to another state…together.

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12 ways to know that you love someone!!


These are the twelve things i notice among the people who loved someone in their life.

Twelve :

you talked with her or him late night and when you go to bed your still thinking of that person.

Eleven :

You walk really slow when you are with her/him.


You don't feel OK when she/he is far away.

Nine :

You smile when you hear him/her voice.

Eight :

when you look at him or her .You don't see other people around you.

Six :

he/she is everything you want to talk.

Five :

You realise that you smile everytime you look at him.her.

Four :

You will do anything to see him/her.

Three :

while you been reading this, there was a person in your mind all the time.

Two :

you have been so busy in thinking him/her that ,you did't notice that number 7 is missing above.

One :

you are going to check above if thats true and now your silently laughing to yourself.


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How do you know when you love someone?


You see your world inside their eyes,

You see your world inside their eyes,

They stand by you in good times and bad,

Falling in love is hard to do,
But once you do there’s no turning back,

For their soul lock deep into your heart
Love is powerful,
Love is strong,
Love gives meaning to our lives,
And happiness throughout our souls,
You face begins to glow and your energy builds more and more each day
Don’t be afraid to love,
Don't say you don't know how

The true secret to learn how to love someone is to walk side by side with no walls around.

Let down your shield and let that person become a part of you.

Then look into their eyes and if you see your world inside their eyes then my friend you've discovered love.

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Resep Membuat Black Forest

Si Klasik yang Selalu Jadi Favorite

Klasik dan mewah, selalu jadi favorite dalam setiap kesempatan perayaan apapun. Bikinnya gak susah kok. Yuk mari..

Black Forest


8 bt telur (ukuran sedang)
60 gr coklat bubuk
40 gr maizena
100 gr terigu protein rendah/sedang
1 sdm emulsifier (=15 gr)
100 gr mentega, lelehkan
200 gr gula pasir
1/4 sdt vanili

500 gr krim kocok/butter cream
100 gr Dark Cooking Chocolate (DCC)
10 buah cherry merah
1 kaleng cherry hitam, saring, pisahkan airnya

Cara membuat:

  1. Campur terigu, coklat bubuk dan maizena, aduk rata.
  2. Kocok telur, gula dan emulsifier hingga mengembang dan kental (10-15 menit, sampai jambul petruk).
  3. Masukkan campuran tepung sambil diayak, aduk hingga tercampur rata. Masukkan mentega leleh, aduk rata.
  4. Tuang dalam 3 buah loyang ukuran 22x22x4cm, oven hingga matang (180 C, 20¡V25 menit).
  5. Dinginkan, basahi dengan air cherry hitam. Letakkan satu lapis cake, oles dengan krim kocok atau butter cream, lalu atur belahan cherry hitam di atasnya. Tumpuk diatasnya lapisan kedua, oles dan beri cherry hitam lagi, tumpuk lagi dengan lapisan teratas. Setiap lapisan jangan lupa dibasahi dengan air cherry hitam.
  6. Rapikan, oles seluruh cake dengan krim kocok atau butter cream, hias dengan DCC serut/pagar/arabesque hingga tertutup semua. Semprotkan butter cream, hias dengan cherry merah.

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10 Cara Mencegah Bau Mulut


Penampilan memang bukan segalanya.
Kita juga wajib memperhatikan kesehatan mulut. Kan nggak lucu banget, wajah cantik dan outfit sudah mix and match, tapi tak satu pun orang ngerasa happy saat ngobrol sama kita. Apa masalahnya? Dragon breath atau bau mulut!

Siapapun orangnya, pasti pernah mengalami problem bau mulut atau halitosis. Hampir 90% penyebab bau mulut adalah bakteri penghasil sulfur yang tinggal di bagian belakang dalam mulut. Itu lantaran kita kita kurang menjaga kebersihan mulut, gigi berlubang, infeksi gusi, dan masih banyak lagi.

Penyebab lainnya seperti perubahan hormon, gangguan pencernaan, sinusitis, infeksi amandel, kanker, diabetes, bronchitis kronis, gangguan hati serta ginjal.

Agak nakutin, memang. Namun nggak ada kata terlambat untuk menjadi sehat. Ikuti tips sederhana ini supaya mulut kita lebih sehat dan napas segar:

1. Keep your mouth clean. Disarankan
menyikat gigi dua kali sehari, pagi dan malam hari sebelum tidur. Namun banyak juga yang menyikat gigi usai makan siang. Bersihkan juga lidah menggunakan alat khusus untuk mencegah penimbunan bakteri.

2. Pemakai behel atau kawat gigi, harusnya lebih ekstra perhatian pada kesehatan dan kebersihan mulut. Jangan pernah bosen membersihkan makanan yang menempel pada kawat. Pastikan, kawat gigi juga terawat dengan baik karena ada kalanya bakteri menempel di kawat tersebut.

3. Jika ada sela atau jarak antar gigi yang kerap menimbulkan luka saat penyikatan hingga terjadinya infeksi pada gusi, sebaiknya gunakan sikat gigi interdental, yang bisa mencegah terjadinya luka.

4. Jika memungkinkan atau di saat-saat tertentu, stay away from foods yang bisa memicu bau mulut seperti ikan, daging produk susu, makanan pedas, bawang merah, bawang putih, kopi dan makanan manis. Kalau yang ini sih, harusnya dihindari… makanan yang menimbulkan bau tak sedap seperti pete dan ikan asin. Perbanyak makan buah dan sayuran segar.

5. Drinks lots of water karena air dalam jumlah yang cukup mampu menekan berlebihnya asam lambung. Lagian tahu sendiri kan, air putih sangat baik untuk kesehatan dan kesegaran tubuh secara keseluruhan.

6. Produksi air ludah bisa lancar jika kita sarapan dan makan secara teratur. Sekali-kali, kunyah deh permen karet tanpa gula untuk meningkatkan saliva.

7. Memang, permen mint bisa membantu aroma mulut agar lebih baik. Tapi sifatnya hanya sementara. Beberapa penelitian membuktikan, permen dengan kandungan minyak cinnamon akan membantu menghilangkan bakteri mulut yang merugikan.

8. Avoid being stressed. Yep, stress terbukti bisa memicu panas dalam tubuh yang bisa menyebabkan terjadi dragon breath.

9. Jangan pernah merokok dan hindari minuman beralkohol. Bukan cuma napas yang jadi nggak sedap… tapi merusak tubuh kita karena racun-racunnya!

10. Bau sedap pada mulut juga bisa dibantu dengan kumur-kumur dengan obat kumur usai menyikat gigi. Bisa juga dengan menggunakan breath spray yang banyak tersedia di apotik, agar napas segar the whole day.

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Resep Membuat Khamir


Khamir adalah resep khas kue Keluarga Arab. Membuatnya mudah, seperti kue Apem. Diperlukan kesabaran menunggu proses fermentasi alami selama 9 jam bila menggunakan tape singkong. Kalau mau potong kompas, gunakan ragi instant sehingga waktu fermentasi cukup 3 jam saja, tapi awas hati-hati, over fermentasi akan menyebabkan kue ini berasa asam. Menggunakan tape singkong lebih aman dengan rasa legit dan aroma ragi tape yang terjaga.
Kunci suksesnya: jangan pernah meremas dan mengepal adonan, uleni dengan tangan terbuka!

500 gr tepung terigu protein tinggi
250 gr gula pasir
250 gr tape singkong
100 gr margarin leleh
1 btr telur
½ sdm soda kue
½ sdt garam
Air matang secukupnya.

Cara membuat:

  1. Bersihkan tape dari seratnya, campur dengan gula pasir, remas-remas. Sisihkan.
  2. Cairkan soda kue dengan sedikit air, sisihkan.
  3. Dalam wadah tuang tepung terigu dan bahan lainnya, uleni perlahan dengan telapak tangan terbuka.
  4. Tambahkan air sedikit demi sedikit hingga menjadi adonan kental dan lembek. Diamkan selama 9 jam.
  5. Panaskan cetakan Khamir, poles dengan mentega, tuangi 1 sendok sayur adonan.
  6. Biarkan hingga terlihat bersarang dan matang bagian bawah, balik, teruskan masak hingga matang. Tes tusuk bila perlu. Angkat.

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Resep Membuat Pudding SiHitam Putih


Penampilan pudding ini membuat siapapun yang melihat ingin meraihnya. Perlu sedikit ketelitian untuk memadukan dua warna pudding ini. Tapi hasilnya??? Luar biasa membanggakan. sediakan cetakan dua set untuk hasil berselang seling.
Bila ingin Pudding yang lebih lembut, tambahkan 250 ml susu segar lagi pada setiap resep berikut.

Pudding Hitam
1 bks agar-agar bubuk (7 gr)
500 ml susu segar
50 gr coklat bubuk african black
2 btr kuning telur
200 gr gula pasir

Cara membuatnya:

  1. Cairkan coklat bubuk dengan sedikit air panas, sisihkan.
  2. Kocok lepas kuning telur, sisihkan.
  3. Masak susu, gula pasir, dan agar-agar sambil diaduk-aduk, hingga mendidih.
  4. Masukkan coklat cair, aduk rata. Matikan api.
  5. Ambil 2 sendok sayur adonan agar-agar, tuang kedalam kuning telur, aduk rata, lalu tuangkan kedalam adonan agar-agar kembali.
  6. Didihkan sekali lagi, angkat. Tuang kedalam cetakan pudding berlekuk-lekuk. Bekukan.
  7. Keluarkan dari cetakan, potong sesuai kelopak lekukan. Lalu pasang lagi kedalam cetakan dengan selingan kosong. Sisihkan.

Pudding Putih
1 bks agar-agar bubuk
500 ml susu segar
150 gr gula pasir
1 sdt vanilli

Cara membuat:

  1. Masak susu, gula pasir dan agar-agar hingga mendidih. Kecilkan api. Beri vanilli, aduk rata. Angkat.
  2. Tuangkan pudding ini kedalam cetakan yang sudah berisi pudding coklat pada selingan yang kosong.
  3. Bekukan.

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Resep Pinky Pudding Bavarois


Pudding Bavarois ini lembuuut sekali, cocok untuk sajian dessert yang ringan. Selain dicetak dalam gelas-gelas mungil cantik, pudding ini juga bisa dibuat dalam loyang tulban atau loyang bentuk lainnya yang Anda suka. Perlu sedikit ketelitian saat mencampur adonan agar-agar dengan putih telur kocok. Tapi jadinya sungguh membanggakan.

2 bks agar-agar bubuk
1 ltr susu segar
300 gr gula pasir
5 btr kuning telur
5 btr putih telur, kocok kaku.

Bahan Vla:
500 ml susu segar
150 gr gula pasir
2 sdt tepung maizena
1 sdt vanilla ekstrak
2 btr kuning telur.

Cara membuatnya:

  1. Kocok asal lepas kuning telur dalam mangkuk, sisihkan.
  2. Aduk rata susu, gula pasir, dan agar-agar, masak hingga mendidih.
  3. Ambil 2 sendok Sayur, tuang dalam kuning telur, aduk rata, tuang lagi adonan kuning telur ni kedalam agar-agar, aduk rata dan didihkan sekali lagi, angkat. Aduk-aduk perlahan hingga uap hilang.
  4. Tuang sedikit demi sedikit adonan agar-agar kedalam putih telur kaku sambil dikocok perlahan dengan mikser kecepatan rendah, hingga tercampur rata.
  5. Ambil 5 sendok sayur adonan, beri pasta strawberry, aduk rata. Tuang kedalam loyang atau gelas pudding. Biarkan permukaannya beku, lalu tuang lai adonan putih. Bekukan dalam kulkas.
  6. Vla: cairkan tepung maizena dengan sebagian susu, campur dengan kuning telur, aduk rata sisihkan.
  7. Masak susu dan gula hingga mendidih, tuang campuran tepung maizena, aduk rata biarkan mendidih sekali lagi. Angkat. Beri vanilli, aduk rata.
  8. Sajikan Vla bersama pudding.

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Resep Membuat Agar-agar Merah Putih


Berhubung hari kemerdekaan kita sudah lewat, tapi karena belum ada bahan postingan yang semenarik ini jadi saya mempostingnya, Tahun Depan saat ikut merayakan hari ulang tahun Kemerdekaan RI, bagaimana caranya ya? Bikin pudding merah putih saja?MERDEKA!!!.

Bahan A:
1 bks agar-agar warna putih
600 ml susu cair
100 gr gula pasir
1 sdt vanilli

Bahan B:
1 bks agar-agar warna merah
600 ml air
100 gr gula pasir
2 tetes pewarna merah

Cara membuatnya:

  1. Siapkan cetakan agar-agar bentuk tabung, basahi air, sisihkan.
  2. Masak bahan A hingga mendidih, sisihkan.
  3. Masak bahan B hingga mendidih, sisihkan.
  4. Tuang 1 sendok sayur adonan B kedalam cetakan, biarkan beku tapi belum kencang, lalu tuang diatasnya adonan A.
  5. Bila menghendaki banyak lapisan, lakukan pengisian adonan berselang-seling hingga adonan habis.
    Bekukan dalam lemari es.

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Cara Make Up untuk Wajah Berminyak

Make Up Wajah Berminyak

Make Up Wajah Berminyak

Untuk yang memiliki jenis kulit berminyak memang sangat rentan terhadap serangan jerawat, ada beberapa tips yang bisa dipraktekkan.

Usahakan untuk membersihkan wajahmu minimal dua kali dalam sehari dengan sabun wajah yang cocok untuk jenis kulit berminyak seperti Purifying Gel Cleanser atau Balancing Soap dari Biokos.

Jika kamu merasa perlu membasuh wajah lebih dari dua kali sehari, bilas saja tanpa sabun dengan menggunakan air dingin.

Langkah penting yang harus dilakukan setelah memakai sabun wajah adalah penggunaan toner (purifying astringent) yang bisa menutup kembali pori-pori wajah dan mencegahnya dari penumpukan debu dan polusi. Penggunaan masker wajah juga bisa mengurangi kadar minyak di wajah.

Coba oil control mask dari Biokos yang sekaligus untuk menjaga kekencangan kulit wajah kamu. Oleskan masker ke wajah dengan gerakan dari atas ke bawah dan biarkan hingga mengering selama lebih kurang 20 menit, baru dibilas dengan air dingin.

Setelah rutin melakukan perawatan untuk mengatasi kondisi kulit berminyak, pastikan kosmetik yang kamu gunakan sehari-hari mengandung formula water based yang ringan seperti rangkaian kosmetik dari Caring Colours.

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