Friday, 30 October 2009

How to Ask for a Hug or Kiss
Alright, you are about to read some steps of how to ask for a hug or a kiss. Make sure you read the steps rely carefully. If you don't then you might not learn what you need to know.


  1. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to ask him/her for a hug or kiss then you need to go somewhere private. If you like to show off and brag then go into a crowded place together.
  2. When you are about to leave ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to come to you. Then you can just wrap your arms around him/her.
  3. If your boyfriend/girlfriend walks you home then you get to the door you can go close to them and shouldn't even ask. You should just do it.
  4. You need to be the brave one. If you are going for a hug then you could just wrap your arms around them and say goodnight. Or if your going for a kiss then you could stare into each others eyes and tilt your head and go close to that special person and touch lips.
  5. Then you would really know that the person actually likes you.

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