Friday, 1 May 2009

Portable Network Assistant 4.5 beta 1 Build 2660

Portable Network Assistant 4.5 beta 1 Build 2660

Portable Network Assistant 4.5 beta 1 Build 2660 | 3.99 MB

A new version of Network Assistant 4.5 beta 1. With the new version you can insert pictures into the chat channels to update the contents of the board, use the message board without a public folder ...

What's new in this version:
* Registration Nassi now applies to all users of the station, not only on the current.
* Images in the chat channels (including animated GIF).
* Ability to insert emoticons are not in the form of code, but in the form of images.
* New option in the setup: Disable images (setup -> Chat).
* New work board "Distributed Data Warehouse." In this mode (it is by default) there is no need to use common rassharennoy folders for storing a database of ads.
* Ability to synchronize the boards (to paint). Classified synchronized (loaded) with a suitable board user. This user is selected by time or by Nassi Ping.
* Increased the size of the board to draw (from 1000x700 to 1400x850).
* In the icon in the tray added to the logo of the state (switched off in the setup option).

If, in brief, basic and major changes in Nassi - the rejection of the concept of public rassharennoy folder, which was necessary to insert images on a blackboard to draw and to work bulletin board. The new Nassi 4.5 has developed an embedded TCP-server, which has now assumed this functionality, but also helped to implement new features.

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