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How to have a quiet sleep

How to have a quiet sleep

A quiet sleep prepares you for the next day, energizes you and permits you to be more efficient in everything you do. Sleep is the most important for our body because when we sleep the body regenerates.

If you drink coffee the rest of the day, it won’t help unless you slept enough. It just energizes you for the moment, and eventually, it won’t let you sleep either the next night. Our advice is to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and to exclude the one you used to drink in the afternoon.

Avoid eating spicy or greasy food. If you escaped scot-free once, it doesn’t mean it will happen the same thing next time.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Although you may feel dizzy and sleepy after drinking alcohol, the chemical reactions of your body will stop you from having a quiet sleep.

Eat cherry. These fruits contain many vitamins and a special substance called melatonin, which we can find also in the human body and which are responsible for regulating the sleepiness. If you eat cherry before going to bed you will see that you’ll have a more quiet sleep.

Before going to bed you can also drink a glass of milk sweeten with honey. Both products contain a substance called tryptophan which will help you have a profound sleep.

Those who don’t sleep enough have the tendency to eat in excess in order to supply the lack of energy. All extra calories can easily lead to fatness. Also, the culinary choices depend on how rested you are. Follow these tips and you will surely make the right choices.

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