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6 tips to kill flu

6 tips to kill flu

Until a real treatment against flu is invented, why not use these tips?

Don’t blow your nose
As weird as it may seem, by doing this it generates the inflammation of a sinus. The best solution to solve the bottomed nose problem is to easily blow each nostril or to use a special product from the drugstore.

Don’t postpone the fitness session
A study revealed the fact that cold doesn’t affect the capacity to physical activity. It seems that all those that choose to continue doing this, recover faster than those that interrupt any fitness activity. The symptoms are alleviated.

Avoid dry air
Studies reveal that cold spreads better in dry air. When the quantity of water in the air is low, the virus survives more time. If air in your house is too dry, buy a humidity maker device.

Go to sauna
Sauna reduces the cold symptoms. A six months study reveals the fact that persons who go to sauna regularly catch a cold rarely, than those who don’t go to such a place.

Avoid coldness
Your grandmother was right when she said that you should wear one blouse more not to catch a cold. Another study demonstrated that if you are cold most of the time, you tend to catch a cold faster.

Sleep more!
People that sleep less than 7 hours/ night are third times more exposed to catching a cold than those who sleep 8 hours or more. So draw the curtains, turn off the light and make the bed, and take a nap.

Try following these tips and hopefully you will be healthier most of the time.

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