Saturday, 16 May 2009

Finding your love

Finding your love

Women say that most good men are taken and the others are gay, while men say that women are all looking for rich men. Both are wrong. Finding your half depends surely on you, not on others.

Experts say that both men and women make the same mistakes every time when looking their half. One of the most common mistakes is that they are looking for the impossible, the man of their dreams, who is very hard to find nowadays.

As older as they become, women tend to be more and more exigent regarding the man of their dreams, which is a normal thing actually. The problem comes when reality runs too far and they are waiting for someone who doesn’t exist.

There are also people who succeed in finding their half, but some consider these people as being lucky ones, and the cases are rare.

In order to find the perfect guy, you need to be emotionally mature, to stop attracting men who have problems, to have a positive attitude, to develop future projects and not to have an obsession from finding your partner.

Before getting involved in a relationship remember these things you must never do:

  • Don’t move away those people that seem perfect;
  • Don’t stay all day long waiting for someone to appear from the sky;
  • Don’t go to inconvenient places for socializing;
  • Don’t consider that you can fulfill your life only with a lover’s help;
  • Don’t live in fear of fail;
  • Don’t hope that a relationship will last forever when you meet someone;
  • Communicate directly so that you make sure that everything is perfectly understood;
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO.

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