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Simple Make-Up

Easy make-up that can be done with a minimum of special supplies


First-degree: Mild causes redness. Sometimes a small blistering.

Second-degree: Severe blistering . Always surround second degree burn with a first degree burn.

Third-degree: Flesh charred and black Surround with second-degree burn and surround that with first degree burns.

Third Degree Burn

  1. Tear tissue into desired shape. Apply with liquid latex. When dry apply another coat over the tissue.

  2. To get a charred effect add cotton wool and cover in latex. When dry spray with black hair coloring. When dry peel some areas back.

  3. Mix knox gelatin and warm water. Use this to form droplets like blisters.

  4. Cover in glycerin to give an oozy fresh look.


  1. Decide how many stitches you need. Take black thread and tie knots about every 25mm along thread.

  2. Cut between knots .

  3. Apply scar plastic in a line to create a gather of a skin. Press stitches into plastic quickly. If needed, spirit gum can be used to attach stitches. Knots should be stuck every 12mm along a wound.

  4. Make the area appear sore by applying red. Then take an eyebrow pencil and draw lines along either side of knot.


Materials: Orange stick, liquid latex, powder, derma wax, flat brush, spirit gum.

  1. Dip an orange stick into latex, remove and let dry.

  2. Start at top of latex (do not powder yet) remove by rolling down top to bottom .

  3. When removed squeeze into a lump. To flatten the wart on the bottom cut with scissors.

  4. Dab spirit gum (no smaller than bottom of wart) onto skin. Tap gum lightly until tacky.

  5. Press wart firmly into spirit gum.

  6. When dry use derma wax to blend into skin with a flat brush.

  7. Powder carefully and brush off excess.


  1. Put 90 grams schram foam latex in a 8 ounce paper cup.

  2. In another cup mix 10 grams talk u.s.p , 6 grams pulverized cake makeup (whatever color you want stipple to be) and 1 tsp plain knox gelatin.

  3. Stir 3 tbs hot water into powder until dissolved.

  4. Slowly stir solution into latex then pour into glass jars .

  5. Place open jars in hot water for 10 min stir occasionally.

  6. Cap jars and store in refrigerator until needed.

  7. To use mixture heat jars by placing in hot water until liquified.

  8. Then folow old age stippling directions.

Old Age Stippling

Use an orange sponge to apply old age stipple (regular latex can be used instead) onto streched skin. Let dry and powder before releasing. Do this to all showing areas, be sure to block any hairy parts with wax that will be covered with stipple to prevent pulling hair out upon removal. Repeat the stippling process several times add tissue dipped in latex for sagging skin . After finishing add a paler than normal foundation. Lip color should be pale too and blues & yellows should be used for shading wrinkles. If the Dick Smith makeup was used no foundation is needed.


Materials: Derma wax, Plaster of paris, Vaseline, Slush latex, Paint brush, Popsicle stick, Glass dish with sides, Disposable bowl, Mixer stick, Cotton

  1. Take derma wax and mold scar welt etc.. in dish as it would look as if put directly on skin the popsicle stick can be used to shape wax in tight spaces. Use soft brush to feather out edges of scar and to smooth any surfaces you wish .

  2. Use vaseline to coat all areas in dish and putty this will prevent plaster from sticking.

  3. Estimate amount of plaster to be used (remember it is better to mix too much than to little) in bowl add as little water as possible . Plaster should be thick, mix until lumps are gone.

  4. Pour plaster over derma wax. Use popsicle stick to press lightly over plaster and even it out. Let dry over night.

  5. When dry carefully remove plaster by moving side to side, it should come out easily. Scrape out any derma wax that is caught in mold.

  6. Pour slush latex into mold let sit until desired thickness is reached (this varies depending on what your making several tries may be required to get it right). Take cotten and absorb excess latex. Let dry overnight or use a hair dryer to speed drying.

    7. Powder scar while still in mold carefully . Peel scar out of mold powder ing as you go along, this will prevent it from sticking to itself.

  7. To apply use spirit gum.


  1. Take a coarse stipple sponge with gray-brown grease. Draw it quickly across skin.

  2. Use a fine brush to paint blood on different parts of the scratch. Then add tiny dots of congealed blood sporadically along scratch.

  3. Dot coffee granules occasionally, be subtle.

QUICK SCARS & SLASHES: Courtesy of FXMills

Materials:Hot glue gun, wax paper, and other accesories you decide to use.
(wax paper can be replaced with tissue if nessesary)


  1. Make a line across wax paper with glue gun and let cool.

  2. Cut around the glue scar, making sure to leave some wax paper around scar to later be used as base for prostetic.

  3. Apply to face, neck, etc., using either Spirit Gum or Liquid Latex. (I prefer to use latex since spirit gum is somewhat hard to work with on wax paper.)

  4. Then, carefully use make-up to conceal.


Same materials and steps as above, fifth step being to simply add blood.


  1. Take some old nails, break them in half, and file tips til edges are smooth.

  2. Lay out a sheet of wax paper, drip hot glue on surface of wax paper, and dip nails in glue before it cools.

  3. When cooled, cut out around prosthetic, again leaving some to be used as base.

  4. Apply to face, neck, etc., using either Spirit Gum or Liquid Latex.

  5. Apply blood as you see fit.

You can really go wild with this simple effect if you have a little imagination. Besides nails, yaou could also try the same effect with glass, old drill bits, bolts, screws, kitchen utensils, etc. Just fool around and see what you can come up with.

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