Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Best Way to Start Conversation With a Girl


First Dating Have you ever been confused about the way you should start a conversation with a girl?

--> In most cases your chance of having a girl fall for you ends with a bad first conversation. Mostly it happens because guys listen to what their friends have to say and ends up freaking out the girl. You should know a few things that I am going to share with you and you might impress girl with the very first conversation.

--> The first thing that I am going to suggest you is never to use a pick up line at the beginning of the conversation. It would mean an instant rejection without any hesitation. So if you are interested in getting rejected then go ahead with some stupid pick up lines but if you are serious then keep on reading.

--> The trick is to use an opener. An opener is a light way to start a conversation. The line may concern something that the girl is interested in and it might make her take you seriously. This will make it easier for both of you to carry on the conversation for a long time. But if you directly opt to start with a pick up line then it indicates you are just a jerk who wants only one thing. So it is far better to start a conversation with an opener.

So try this out and who knows the conversation might make your life.

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