Sunday, 12 June 2011

5 Signs You May Not Be His One And Only

Infidelity is unbelievably common these days. It also requires a lot of energy and attention to detail but ultimately leaves somebody hurt and the process leads many to deeper problems. If your having doubts that your man is being unfaithful and his behaviour is not what you are used to, pay attention. Here are a few signs that you may not be his one and only.

1. Not being clear with where and with who.
If your man is always vague about the places and people he is with, most you don’t know about and when you ask him he still not clear about it, then alarm bells should start to ring.
You will notice he hardly ever gives names of people or places that he is hanging out. Now its always ‘going up central with the guys’ and ‘ went for a drink with work colleagues’

2. He starts to become Secretive.
When somebody is playing away they will start to be secretive about their cheating ways so you will not find out. Look for signs such as his mobile being switched off or if he frequently refuses to answer it. He never volunteers to tell you how his day went and when you ask he answers with one word answers.
He always has his phone near him, now its on lock. When on the computer he is quick to clear desktop and email as if somebody could be watching him i.e You!

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3. Distant with you
A new relationship can be exciting so when your boyfriends comes back from a secret date with a new girl he tends to be bored with the existing relationship with you. His mind always seems to be pondering on things, conversation with you he is not fully engaged and his body language is quite restless. Chances are he’s thinking where/who else he may want to be with.

4. Lack of intimacy
Public displays of affection are now becoming a problem, cuddles, pecks on the lips, playful touching of the hair (all initiated by you) are replaced with brisk pull aways and the lack of striking up a decent conversation any more is hard for him. These are signs that something is not right!!
5. Defensive arguments
You start questioning little things like him working late so often or coming to bed in the early hours of the morning and he goes into one about why you want to know everything. You have the right to ask if you feel something is not right but he goes into overdrive with the arguments when you do. This tells you he has something to hide.

Its never good when you suspect that your man could be playing around and all you want is that reassurance that everything is all good. After all if your man suspected you im sure he would pull you up about it in a shot. But Remember ladies don’t jump to conclusions just yet, there could be a perfect explanation to his sudden change in character but its your job to find out why this is. Being cheating on in a relationship and ending it is a very hurtful feeling and can take time to heal, but knowing or having an idea he is cheating and doing nothing about it will eat you up inside making you bitter and stressed and you don’t want that.

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