Wednesday, 8 June 2011

3 Good And 3 Bad Weight Loss Tips
When it comes to losing weight it seems everyone claims to have the best tips for losing weight and often beg you to try them. Unfortunately most of these weight loss tips are nothing more then worthless advice that can do more harm then good. Below you will find three tips that work and are recommended and three tips that are bad advice and can actually hurt you and slow your progress!

Three BAD Weight loss Tips
1. Use laxatives
This is a dangerous way to drop weight. Although you do drop ponds fast from your frame it is all water weight and will come back quickly. You can also dehydrate yourself if you are not careful and there are serious medical problems that can develop from dehydration.

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2. Starve Yourself
Just because less food means less weight you should not take it to the extreme and try to starve yourself thin. While you may have a drop in weight within the first few days your metabolism will slow down to compensate for less calories. This means that once you start eating again you will gain the weight back quickly.

3. Avoid All Carbs
This commonly given tip is actually a dangerous one. Your body needs carbohydrates to function properly. The new fad of low carb diets works just like starving yourself does, by depraving your body of something it needs!

Three GOOD Weight Loss Tips :

1. Eat Right
Nothing is more important and will help you get to your goal weight faster then changing your diet. By eliminating excess sugars and fats and replacing those foods with lean meat, fruits and vegetables you will find it easier to drop the pounds.

2. Workout
Go to the gym and workout strenuously 3-4 times a week. Alternate what you do and what equipment you use to do it. A good routine usually alternates cardiovascular workouts with strength training workouts. This will help you develop your lean muscle mass and burn off excess fat.

3. Develop a Plan And Stick To It
You can not go head first into losing weight without a plan to follow and guide you. You can either sit down and develop your diet and exercise plan from scratch. Or you can buy a proven system or plan that will guide you along your journey. Whatever choice yo make you have to stick to the plan in order to see success. 

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