Saturday, 12 February 2011

How to Make an Origami Pocket Heart

 Flip over.
This origami heart fits in your pocket, and has a pocket in it! You can put a little note in it, or a little trinket (perhaps a piece of candy or jewelry) and give it to someone to show that you care.

Steps :
1. Start with a a square piece of paper. You could choose a shade of red or pink, but any color will work. You can buy origami paper at a store or online. Or, you can get a regular 8in. by 11in. sheet of paper cut into a square.

 Fold in half to find the center.
2. Fold the square in half diagonally both ways, and along the center. Unfold.

 Fold two corners to the center.
3. Fold two of the opposite corners to the center of the paper. The horizontal and vertical folds can help guide through this process. The two unfolded corners should be facing "up" and "down."

Fold in half... get a "house".
4. Fold the square in half horizontally so that you get a "house" shape.

 Fold the bottom left corner up to the crease.
5. Find the left diagonal crease, and fold that bottom left corner so that crease lines up with the middle crease.

Fold along the green line, sending the left half backwards. The result.
6. Fold the left half back, taking the triangle flap with it.

 Open to the left.
7. Let go of the front triangle and let it open to the left.

Fold the top point straight down, creasing as shown. The result. The green highlight shows where to make the new crease.
8. Pull the top corner straight down to the bottom center. The top will adjust itself as you pull it. Push the flap that forms toward the left and crease it down.

 Fold the sides in toward the center.
9. Fold the extending flaps at the left and right to the edges of the formed "v" shape.

 Fold the top tips down.
10. Fold the top tips down a little bit, add more creases for a rounder edge.

 Flip over.
11. Flip the form over.

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