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10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2011

As Valentine's Day approaches there are invisible pressures to purchase inspired gifts that are beautiful and tug directly at the heartstrings. Buying the usual assortments of chocolates and flowers are lovely gestures but are predictable and repeated on a yearly basis. Here are ten Valentine's Day gifts that will leave the recipient seeing you as the uniquely romantic partner they always wanted.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Some romantic people believe that love is born amongst the stars. Enforce this view by treating your better half to a hot air balloon ride of a lifetime. A balloon ride can be booked in advance and does operate during the winter. Champagne and a flight certificate is given as part of the flight package. Toast each other while taking in breathtaking scenery is a gift that will surely never be forgotten.

2. Valentine's Day Dinner Cruise
Dinner is the perfect way to end Valentine's Day. The only downside is that the scenery never changes. Fix this by booking a dinner cruise along the River Thames in London. A four course meal is offered as well as live entertainment, dancing and a red rose per couple. Truly the perfect Valentine's Day dinner.

3. Bungee Jump

This is a gift for the adrenaline junkie. Most people wish to experience the feeling of free falling at least once in a lifetime but rarely pluck up the courage to try this sport. This gift can be bought and reclaimed at any number of famous locations across the United Kingdom.

4. Skydive

Another gift that is all about the thrill is skydiving. This gift need not cost a single penny either. Part of the appeal is that you can skydive for free in the name of charity. Get filmed with your better half jumping out of a plane while helping those in need. Fun and conscience in one fantastic package.

5. iPhone Leather Case

The iPhone is the must have gadget for 2011. Half of everyone has one, while the other half desperately want the phone. If your better half has this sleek chic phone then buy this beautiful leather case by designer Paul Smith. This case is blue with red piping and really is a decadent way of storing an iPhone.

6. Jewellery
Jewellery as a gift can be bought for either men or women. Beautifully crafted jewellery that is bought for Valentine's Day will last a lifetime. This makes this choice a gift that will keep on giving. Tiffany & Co have been America's premier jeweller since 1837 making them the first choice when wishing to purchase jewellery as a gift.

7. Swarovski

Swarovski crystal is by far the world's most well known crystal maker. The elegant design of every single piece of jewellery literally takes the breathe away. Whatever the style of gift Swarovski has an elegant piece to match the requirement. Gifts such as pedants, picture frames, necklaces and watches are just some of the gifts that can be bought in this stunning crystal.

8. Cinema

If your partner is an avid film buff then buying them a yearly cinema ticket is the perfect Valentine's gift. Buy an unlimited cinema card for your loved one and they can watch each and every film that catches their eye for the entire year. When Valentine's Day has long since passed this gift will keep on giving.

9. Eden Project

The Eden Project is a conservation project located in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Featuring the world's largest greenhouse, the Eden Project is as much about education as it is conservation. The world's largest rain forest in captivity has steamy jungles and waterfalls all residing under one roof. Year round garden displays are on offer to all visitors. This present will not be wasted if your partner has an interest in nature and the environment in general.

10. iPad
The iPad is perhaps the most desirable technological device currently available. The iPad is Apple's first computer tablet. Touch screen technology combines with a fast mobile Internet to give the user style and function. The iPad is perfect for reading, surfing the Internet, drawing or designing a work application. Apple is offering a free laser engraved message for free with any iPad that is purchased from them. An iPad with a personal Valentine's Day message is a modern present in a digital world.

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My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!
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