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Suicide - A Taboo Subject for a Taboo Society

Depression leading to suicide

Depression can strike anyone, anytime.

Suicide - An Introduction

What is suicide? Who does it? How much is it done? Why is it done? These are all questions worth looking into, because suicide was the 11th ranking cause of death in the U.S., says a 2006 study. Why do people commit suicide? What exactly is suicide? Suicide is defined as: 1a) the act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind. In normal words, suicide is when you kill yourself. If it doesn’t strike you as such a violent act, think about it this way: when someone kills someone else, it’s called murder. And suicide is when you kill yourself.

Suicide - The Why

Suicide. If this is an everyday word used in society, why is it such a taboo subject? Many people cringe at the mention of such a word. But why? Maybe because it can happen to everyone. That’s right, it can happen to you, or to me, maybe even them. Which leads us to this question: What causes suicide? Suicide is most commonly associated with depression, but other factors can also cause suicide. The other most notable factors are mental illness and substance abuse.
To truly understand what suicide is, and how dangerous it can be, we must understand what the causes of suicide are. Suicide is most commonly committed by depressed people, of all ages. There is no gender, no age group, no race that is safe from depression. Although research has concluded that depression can pass genetically, through mental illnesses, depression is most commonly caused by external factors, such as:
  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce, separation, or break up in a relationship
  • Serious loss of material property
  • Mental/physical illness
  • Intense emotional pain
  • Verbal/physical/sexual abuse
  • Felling helpless or "trapped"
  • Not feeling accepted
  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • Bullying
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to deal with various situations

    Depression can strike anyone at any given time for any reason. A study stated that in one year, nearly 13 – 14 million people experience some type of depressive disorder. This statistic includes children, men and women, and elderly people. Depression is also linked to chemical imbalances in the brain, but this is still a hypothesis at an early stage.

    Suicide - The Who

    Simple. Anyone. And that’s what makes it all that more deadly. Suicide can spread through talk, like a virus can spread through air. If your not convinced, here are some links to statistics compiled in 2006 by the American Association of Suicidology.
    Depression can happen to anyone. Even you.

    Suicide - What Is It?

    I have explained to you why suicide is committed, what suicide is, and who commits suicide. But how exactly is suicide committed? I’m sure we can all think of many ways, but the ways are actually quite shocking. Exsanguination, also known as “bleeding out” is a very common method of suicide. Other methods utilized are over dosage of medication, hanging, car collisions, drowning, gunshot wounds, poisoning, electrocution, and even drowning. There have even been reports of people cutting themselves in half with band saws. I will not go into detail about how to commit suicide using these methods, as I do not commend suicide or any type of self-injury.

    Suicide - Who It Effects

    You would be very mistaken if you thought that suicide only affected the victim. In 2006, the family and friends of 32,637 people mourned the death of their loved one. Imagine for a second. All your friends and family. Even your lab partner in chemistry, or the people you carpool with. Those are all people who would be affected by a suicide. Suicide is a very selfish option. Sometimes, the person who is considering it does feel trapped, and feels like they may have no other option. But many times than not, he/she ends up scarring his friends and family for the rest of their lives. Just think for a second, what would happen to your loved ones if you weren’t there anymore. How would they feel? Chances are, they would probably feel shocked, betrayed, and would probably feel survivor’s guilt for not being able to help and support you. So think, is suicide really the best option?
    Do not hesitate to seek help, it may be the best option.

    Seeking Help

    Fortunately, there are many ways to seek help, especially if you are suffering from depression. When depression is apparent in an individual, please do not avoid the person, or agitate him/her further. We all need help sometimes, and to be helped, we must help others first. Confiding in a friend or a family member is the simplest way to vent your feelings to another individual. You can also meet new people online, even though it is not recommended. Toll free help lines are also available to help you whenever you need it. Please, seek help if you are suffering from depression. If someone around you is suffering from depression, please urge the person to get help.

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