Wednesday, 25 November 2009

How to Greet a Girl

Are you stuttering when you try to say a simple "hello" to a girl? Or do not know how to greet the girl who is your friend? If you want to seem confident and normal, read on.


  1. Decide which female you are approaching.
  2. Hug her. If she is close enough to you as a best friend perhaps, give her a warm hug as a greeting following with a "good morning" or "hello". If she is a classmate or someone you are not very close to, start with a regular "hello". Look at her in the eye and smile. Don't overdo it and practically yell "hello" in her face.
  3. Don't let people get the wrong message.
    • If the female friend (In step one) is not your best buddy or anything similar, it's best not to give her a hug. Her friends might think in an another way. Instead, give her a warm "hello" and give her a grin. She will respond by offering a "hello" in return with a smile. If this is the classmate girl or someone else, do not give her a over happy grin. Really over happy grins are scary. Also fake smiles. If you dislike this girl, don't be a jerk and start grunting and stop making eye contact.
  4. If you truly can not get along with her, just make a polite hello and get it over with.


  • Don't be a over friendly person saying hello to every girl. They'll think you're a player or a pervert. Just smile and say hello. Simple.
  • Don't start blabbering to the classmate after a hello.
  • If your close female friend hugs you, it can mean two things: She likes you, or she wants a hug back. Usually a hug back will be nice, just hope her friends aren't near by and they don't know if she has a crush on you or not.


  • If you keep meeting new girls, it's fine, but if you get over friendly and start hugging all the girls, your time is up.

Things You'll Need

  • Confidence
  • A smile
  • Manners

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