Friday, 1 October 2010

Ultimate Anti-Virus Toolkit AIO [20.09.2010]

Ultimate Anti-Virus Toolkit AIO [20.09.2010]

Ultimate Anti-Virus Toolkit AIO [20.09.2010] | 169.4 MB

Here is a very handy little AIO I created. It features many anti-virus/anti-malware tools in one easy to use application

Included are the following:

*Norton Technicians Toolkit (used by Staples Techs, lol) (Features some great tools and apps)
*Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (needs no keys or serials and can be run on demand)
*MalwareBytes Portable (great malware scanner/remover made portable in case you cannot install anything)
*Ultimate Process Killer 2.02 (far better at killing processes than task manager)
*McAffe Stinger (nice trojan remover)
*FileAssasin Portable (allows you to delete ANY folder or file that malware is protecting)
*Conflicker Removal Tool
*McAffee Bugbear Removal Tool
*F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit Remover
*Smitfraud Fix
*Symnatec Vundo Removal Tool
*Symnatec Sasser Removal Tool
*Symnatec Blaster Remover
*Symnatec MyDo0m Removal Tool
*Symnatec DownandUp Removal Tool
*Symnatec Ramvicrype Removal Tool
*Trend Micro HiJack This Registry Analyzer
*Ninja USB/Thumbdrive Disinfector (nice little app to fix USB autorun virus)

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