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Rohos Logon Key 2.8 Preactivated (+Portable)

Rohos Logon Key 2.8 ML Preactivated (+Portable)
Rohos Logon Key 2.8 Preactivated (+Portable) | 5.88 Mb

Rohos Logon key - proposes the convenient method to protect access to the computer with the use USB of key instead of the usual password. This is convenient access is carried out rapidly and automatically although Windows it is as before protected by strong password.

Advantages of protection with the aid of USB of the key:
* the replacement of weak password authorization to physical USB key. Usual password [login] can be forbidden
* the increased safety Windows by means of the more complex password than usually you use
* password automatically is transferred to the system with USB of the key
* the convenient automatic block system of computer - with turning off USB of [flesh] of disk. They returned - connected USB disk, and you in without being again the work distracted to the passwords
* the two-factor authorization: Physical USB the key + OF PIN the code
* use one USB key for the access to the domestic and working computer
* the prohibition of access to the computer on the basis USB of the key/of time factor
* Windows is protected even in safe mode
* awarding the password of your stock-taking record makes it possible to establish the stronger protection of computer in the latent regime

List of the possibilities:
Rohos logon key is stored on USB accumulator (key) to 64 login of [profaylov] for the authorization to any personal computer or net PK (where is established program).

Program is integrated into any configuration Windows Of logon:
Entrance to the domestic computer;
Entrance to the working station, which is been the part Of active Of directory (domain Windows) or of services Of novell Of netware;
Access to the remote working table on the terminal server Windows.
Computer under control Windows Of vista;
Computer can be blocked, or the session of the work of user can be finished (logs off), as soon as USB key will be opened from USB of port.
Protection works even in Safe Of mode.
Work without USB of key - makes it possible on several minutes to open USB key without blocking of computer. For example, if computer has only accessible USB port, and user wants to put any another device, and USB key to the period to open. The computer is blocked after this time (you look option USB_REMOVAL).
Complete replacement of password authorization. This possibility makes possible to enter into stock-taking record only on USB for key.
USB key can be disposed in such a way as to store password in the encoded form instead of the present password Windows. To this USB to key is not required the protection PIN of the code.
The utility of control USB of key makes it possible rapidly and to easy dispose USB keys for hundreds of users.
Program does not substitute msgina.dll, this brings no additional problems with the compatability;
The policy of the renovation of passwords is supported; USB key is synchronized with the new password;
Intensive protection USB of the key
USB key cannot be counterfeited. Program prevents the production of the duplicates of keys;
Each logon-[profayl] is attached to the series number of its USB of accumulator;
Protection of the password: On silence on USB key is not contained the password from Windows in the open form;
Two-factor authorization with the aid of PIN of the code. USB key can be protected BY PIN by the code; PIN the code as on the cell phone - 3 incorrect attempts and key is blocked. This makes WITH PIN the code by a good substitute of long password.
USB the key, which was created in the company, cannot be modified on the domestic computer.

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