Sunday, 9 May 2010

50 Things Women Like in Men

Sometimes it’s very hard to understand many parts women’s psychic. Especially the way they act and what they are thinking is even a mystery for them too. Still, despite how weird and inexplicable a woman can be, it is not so hard to convey a list of the treats in men that they could easily like. All those little things that summed up make you the “perfect man”, the man of her dreams. It’s in no special order.

A perfect man is…

1- Romantic & Sensible – You can be the toughest guy, but you got to be like this too
2- Confident in himself
3- Tough & Strong – It is not only about muscles, but also the way you speak and move
4- Trains and is good at sports
5- Adventurous – Never stops planning something new, always a bit crazy
6- Knows how to dress – Always looking good and has guts to dress dodgy
7- Very sociable – Everyone likes him and has many friends
8- Cooks – Italian, French, American… Not many men know how to
9- Cooks desserts – It’s actually much more important and what women like the most
10- Good Dancer – Salsa, Tango, Ballroom… It is the easiest way of getting girls
11- Has cool abilities – Never thought about Magic, Origami?
12- Successful economically
13- Makes her laugh

14- Plays music – Guitar is a classic, but can be many other instruments
15- Looks amazing – I know this is in the genes, but we can help it a bit!
16- Likes and understands Art – Paintings, literature, cinema, so on
17- Knows how to tell a story or anecdote
18- Gives her flowers – It’s not outdated AT ALL, just don’t overdo it.
19- Has modals – Etiquette is always important!
20- Always in good mood – Hard but you can appear in!
21- Inspires – Women never forget their first man. But they will never forget who inspire them to change their lives either
22- Can withstand social pressure
23- A man of the world – Speaks languages and traveled, has experiences to talk for a lifetime
24- Utterly ambitious
25- Good in bed
26- A good listener – Always willing to hear what her problems are and what she has to say
27- Makes her feel the one and only – Because if you are with someone, she has to be
28- Writes her letters
29- Is perseverant and never gives up
30- Is the leader of the tribe – Everyone loves and respects him
31- Sticks to his values
32- Accepts when he is wrong and learns from his mistakes
33- Can speak about everything – Be interesting and not boring
34- Knows how to move his body – The way you walk, the way you move your hands has to be sensual
35- Surprises her and does crazy things
36- Has presence – The moment you walk in, the world has to stop
37- Health oriented – Doesn’t have a beer belly and has nice muscles
38- Doesn’t make promises he can’t keep – If you give your word, keep it
39- Never blames others for his misfortunes – If you did something wrong, assume your fault
40- Is loved and admired by kids – You have to look like a great future papa
41- Cuddles
42- Rather speak about football than gossip
43- Makes her feel protected
44- Knows poetry – And writes her poems
45- Makes love – Makes sex something much more deep and romantic
46- Is clean
47- Has a nice car – All girls love to be picked up by a fancy, expensive car
48- Has a deep and commanding voice
49- Uses a nice cologne – Women just love it
50- Is a MAN – Doesn’t stay one hour in the mirror and puts thousands of creams on

Think about which of these you can become. I am sure every man can become the whole list. It would take a lot of time – but focus on the ones you enjoy the most and show it off.

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