Thursday, 4 February 2010

An “I LOVE YOU” to remember

 An 'I LOVE YOU' to remember
Are you experiencing Valentine’s Day jitters, wondering how to make this one the most memorable of your life so far? Here are some tips guaranteed to get you some wonderfully high scores with your lady love – and your pockets need not groan with the effort either!

Coming up with a plan to make Valentine’s Day extra special needs some extra special inspiration, so first check out what you’d rather not end up doing. Is your list looking somewhat like this?

* Roses and Chocolates – Done before / Not sure
* Surprising her with Champagne – Did last year / Too expensive
* More options? – Mind the wallet!

For starters, how to watch what you spend while planning your day to be an exciting challenge and not a dampener. Remember love does not come with price tags and having to impress your partner with expensive gifts must definitely not be considered “par for the course”. Here’s a list of easy-to-do things; mix and match them according to your preferences and you have your own Valentine’s Day plan!

* Delve back into your conversations and think of the one joint activity that you have been planning together, but never found the time for. Try heading back to the place where you first met your partner, choosing little things as gifts like you first did for her when you began dating. Very often, your first presents to each other are high on sentiments, and not the most expensive purchase that you made.
* Choose ten of your favourite love songs and burn them into an album. But remember to pepper the songs with some personal messages and memories that make the songs special for the two of you! Recording personal messages means that the CD becomes your “personal collector’s item”
* In the day and age of digital photos, take some time out to sort through your “couple shots”. Choose a colourful background, some dexterity with a pair of scissors and some good glue – make a photo collage. Turn it into a poster or just laminate it and put it into a Valentine’s frame. Let your imagination run riot!
* With the temperatures dipping, make the effort to dish out your partner’s favourite meal. Some strategically placed scented candles and your own personal CD of songs could set the ambience. And remember to dress up! Don’t sit down for the dinner in your comfy PJs.

When there have been shared years and millions of fond memories to choose from, your task will be easier. But if this is your first Valentine’s Day together, your advantage everything done on your first Valentine’s Day becomes instantly catalogued as one of your most cherished memories. Don’t hesitate to seek relationship advice , make wise words from any corner work in your favour!

And now for the final tip… The mantra that can make any night seem the most magical one – think of the 3 Ls – Love, Laughter and some Liquor. Choose them well and wisely and the magic unfolds before you chant, “abracadabra!”

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