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6 Things Every Girl Secretly Wishes Her Boyfriend Would Do
Girls are known for nagging. It’s not something we’re proud of, but, honestly, do we really have a choice? If we didn’t pester our boyfriends we would never get them out of their man cave and into a civilized restaurant. But despite the fact that guys don’t whine and give us puppy dog eyes when they want us to do something, it turns out that they their own list of secret wishes when it comes to our behavior.

Our boyfriends are wonderful; we love them more than anything. But if they did some (or preferably all) of the following, we’d be sending a mass text for a girls night ASAP to brag to all of our girlfriends about how absolutely amazing our guy is (and chances are they’ll be getting a little luckier then usual come bedtime…).

1. Buys Us Flower for No Reason
We’re not saying to show up once a week with a dozen roses, but a surprise bouquet every once in a while wouldn’t hurt. It isn’t even really about the flowers (although we love having them in a vase on our desk…it really brightens up our brick cell). It’s the thought that we’re after. Getting them for no reason is you saying, “I thought about you because I love and miss you, not just because I got belligerently drunk and didn’t call you last weekend and am now sucking up.”
2. Make Plans or Surprise
We love being in control. We like to pick the restaurant where we know the atmosphere is romantic. We like picking the movie that will have us sobbing tears of joy when the couple gets married at the end. But what we would love more than the power of planning the entire night to our liking, is for our guy to take the initiative and just plan it. There is something extremely sexy about a man that takes control. So sexy in fact, that it won’t even matter if we end up eating Wendy’s takeout on the floor of your dorm room with a DVD and a cheap bottle of wine.

3. Shop with Us
The whole “let’s meet back up in an hour” thing is not really okay with us, but we go along with it so we don’t have you sulking in the corner of Macy’s bringing down our department store high. We like to help you decide which pair of jeans makes your butt look better, and we’d also like your opinion on which dress will be better for New Year’s Eve. We will save you the pain and take our girlfriends the majority of the time, but every once in a while a little couples shopping would be appreciated. Yes, we think it’s cute and romantic, and, no, Best Buy does not count.

4. Don't be "That Guy" At the Bar
We love that you’re fun and up for anything. We love that we can go out with a group as a couple and do our own thing, not grossing everyone out with baby talk and severe PDA. But we don’t love that we catch a glimpse of you from across the bar downing Red Bull vodkas and having beer chugging contests. Is this a problem? No. But the belligerent-I-am-going-to-kick-every-guy’s-ass-in-this-bar attitude is. We want you to be able to walk us home and offer your jacket if we get cold on the trek back to campus, not take a piss in every bush we see and yell threats at guys passing who look at you the wrong way.
5. Be Generous in Bed
We love knowing that we can satisfy you sexually. But once in a while it would be really great to get some pleasure of our own without feeling like we have to return the favor. After a week full of classes and work, a little visit down under (or perhaps an extended stay…) would be amazing, especially if we can take a night off from our duties. Please and thank you.

6. Come Out of the Man Cave on Your Own Free Will
Begging you to put down the Xbox controller gets really old. We know you’ll never give up the video games, and we accept that four nights out of five we will wake up to the sound of you screaming to your virtual teammates through that headset. But if you decided to emerge from your pile of pizza boxes and beer cans without the nagging on our part, you will be rewarded handsomely.

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Doni Punya Blog on 29 March 2012 at 21:16 said...

yap nice post now I understand what she want :D

Anonymous said...

Seems to me all those six are very good advices for a men. Dwijayasblog.

Good Filipino on 27 May 2012 at 22:24 said...

very like... thanks for this advised...

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