Thursday, 4 August 2011

What to Do After a Fight with Boyfriend

Did you have another fight with your boyfriend? Is it something shallow that can be resolved logically or something deep like if you caught him with another woman?

Things To do :

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1. Differentiate what kind of fight you guys have. If it something that can be resolved quickly like if he was late again for your date, then you need to understand his reason why he was late, but if it’s something deeper like he cheated on you or he stole money from you then you need to break the relationship. Getting into a fight with your boyfriend is normal. Both of you have different personality and sometimes you tend to disagree on some things so it’s okay if you guys fight from time to time.
On the other hand, if he is physically hurting you as well as mentally like doing something you don’t want to do, then it’s time to end the relationship. He may have some issues that even you can’t fix. Besides, if he is hurting you, you are not helping him to be better if you stayed on the relationship.
Getting into a fight with your boyfriend is very unpleasant and if you let it escalate into something more, he may end the relationship with you. So what do you do if you have a fight with your boyfriend?

2.  Let things simmer down. Go for a walk or take a shower. You both need to calm down first. There’s no use to talk things out when the both of you are upset. Don’t talk for a while just let each other be calm. 

3. Ponder about your fight with your boyfriend. Where you unreasonable? Is this an issue that has been brewing for a long time? Do you think that it was a mistake for your part? What’s important is that you understand his side of the story too. Maybe you made a mistake or judge him too quickly. Do this when you are calm. 

4. Talk to him calmly. Let him talk first and try to understand his side of the story and then you tell your side. After that, try to think of a solution to the problem. Do you think he could wear a watch so that he’ll remember your date or maybe you can call him an hour before you guys meet to remind him about the date? Remember that nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes sometimes. There is no problem that cannot be resolved so find the solution to your problem.
Now that you guys find the solution to your problem, it’s time that the both of you forgive each other and have some fun. Do something together that is happy and fun. There’s nothing wrong if you guys fight from time to time but remember that in a relationship, it’s not the only thing you guys have.
Remember that finding solution when you have a fight with your boyfriend can strengthen your relationship. The important thing is that both of you learn from that fight and learn to forgive each other.

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