Monday, 4 April 2011

4 Steps to Fall in Love and Stay in Love

Falling in love is a wonderful thing and it does not seem to take any effort when you fall in love with the right person. However, staying in love does take some effort from both partners because each individual is different. The majority of couples blame each other when something goes missing in their relationship, but they seem to forget that it takes two to form a couple. In order for two people to fall in love and stay in love they have to be able to understand that love is not always happiness and that sadness is a small part of love. When we truly love a person, we will experience both feelings, and it is the real proof of the sincerity and closeness of our relashionship.

Steps :

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1. Always put your partner's needs in the same line with yours. In other words keep a balance so both needs are met. If you make your relationship only about you, your partner will feel neglected, so try to put yourself in their shoes.
2. There is a right person for everybody waiting to be found. Most of the time a person will know when they meet their half right away but that is not always the case for everybody. When you have a good relationship focus only on the good things, do not look for flaws in your partner because nobody is perfect. Once you will do this, your patner will love you even more.
3. Plan things together. Make sure that you spend a lot of time with your partner and get to share your thoughts and problems with them. Become best friends because close friendships are long-lasting in contrast to just being friends and sharing your secrets with somebody else. Remember that the secrets bond people forever.
4. Make sure you take a romantic trip once in a while to keep the romance alive and flowing. A romantic getaway is always a perfect surprise and experience for both parties and of course it does not need to be expensive. Everytime couples take trips together they find new and exciting things about each other.

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