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Blue Advertise Review and Payment

Blue Advertise is a new advertising network just for publishers. It was launched at the end of August, 2007. This advertising network is run by a company or a group of individuals located in Slovakia (Central Europe). Its introduction at the gate page is all written in English. But once you log in, you will be shocked because some pages are all written in Slovak. In fact, after registering an account, I logged in. And I landed at their Terms page, which is all written in Slovak. They seem to have removed this page. But if you go to your account page, which they call Workbench, again, it's all written in Slovak.
So who is actually running this advertising network? If you browse the entire website, you won't see a company name, address, phone number or any corporate or personal information. In fact, we asked by e-mail twice where we could find their office information. But we have been ignored. Furthermore, before signing up, we asked several questions like what is their share of revenue, minimum CPMs, payment options and so forth. But we haven't received a reply.

Naturally, we have become very suspicious about this advertising network. They say they support websites with adult content. They also say that websites built at free web services like Yahoo's GeoCities and Google's blogspot will be accepted. We were curious as to what kind of ads they are going to run. So we tested an ad code for 728 x 90 pixels from Blue Advertise. And what we saw appeared to be a legitimate ad. (See the 5th screenshot.)
# Ad types: banners (468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, 180x150, 300 x 600), affiliate
# Earning basis: CPM only
# Application acceptance: Application must be accepted by Blue Advertise
# Default (in-house) ads: Supported
# Payment options: PayPal, wire
# Payment terms: A minimum of $30

By the way, once you log in your account page, you can see Blue Advertise's expected CPMs. According to this CPM chart, all banner sizes but 180 x 150 Small Rectangle generate at least US$0.12. The highest CPM is US$0.90 for 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper. Just for you to know that Blue Adv only offers CPM-based banners for publishers. They have no cost-per-click (CPC) banners or sponsored pop-up windows.

It sounds like there are many negative aspects about Blue Advertise. Actually, there is one advantage in using Blue Advertise's ad codes. Many advertising networks don't guarantee that there is an advertiser that stands ready for your banner. No matter what the promised CPM is, you may not earn a penny, depending on the geographical location of a visitor to your website. Blue Advertise's system is simple in such a way that as long as you place an ad code, an ad will run on your website. And you are promised at least US$0.04 per 1,000 impressions.

This is my 1st payment proof :

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